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The New Normal

It must be resisted and defeated.

August 26, 2019  0


It's now been one year to the day — yesterday, to be precise — that the first of a series of bombs were exploded by Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò over the Catholic world.

Recall the context: The Pennsylvania grand jury report had been released roughly a week before and was a prevalent topic in the secular press.

The Establishment's crooked cardinals were somewhat on the defensive, playing the spin game and lying about everything they knew. The news about McCarrick had come out two months earlier and had become something of established fact.

Various Catholics, who up to that point had been pretty sleepy about all this evil, were starting to become red-pilled as the expression goes, meaning having their eyes opened up.

The Vatican had managed to deftly avoid any meaningful on the record comments about what was unfolding in the United States. And then, just as the Pope was on a plane coming back from a trip to Ireland, the news broke like a giant thunderclap.

The former Vatican ambassador to the United States, the papal nuncio, a very highly regarded man was coming public, revealing that not only everything reported about McCarrick was true, but much more importantly, the Pope himself knew, a large contingent of U.S. bishops were involved in the mafia-style cover-up, many of them were active homosexuals and the Pope should resign.

To add to the seriousness of his testimony, he confessed that he was going into hiding for perhaps the rest of his life, for fear of lethal retaliation.

Viganò's testimony forced the entire issue back onto the front pages and became the topic in the Catholic media world.

It caught everyone, in particular what Viganò would later term the corrupt gay mafia running the Church, completely off guard.

Indeed, the days leading up to the release of his testimony had seen a shift in momentum back to the Establishment; they had trotted out liars like Donald Wuerl and Kevin Farrell to deny the cover-up part of the story surrounding McCarrick.

Wuerl took center stage, which made sense since he was the man who had replaced McCarrick in D.C. and covered up his crimes for him.

He did various interviews where he flat-out lied. Other cardinals rushed to the microphones to lie and deny.

McCarrick may be guilty, they said, but as to the climate in which such an evil monster could climb the ranks, they were all "shocked"

Wuerl, speaking to the lying, cheating, now-disgraced priest Fr. Thomas Rosica, said Catholics have nothing to worry about, the Church was moving along just fine.

The Establishment was re-gaining control of the messaging, which is somewhat easy to do when you are completely unaccountable and non-transparent.

This was the backdrop, a sleepy summer morning, when the Viganò truth bombs exploded over Pope Francis and corrupt gay mafia.

The homosexuals in the hierarchy were sent into a scramble, no one knew how to respond and they didn't know how to respond because they knew it was the truth. Liars and cheats always melt when confronted with truth; it's that "deer in the headlights" moment.

Even Pope Francis was caught completely off-guard as reporters fired questions at him. It was in that instant that he gave the response which this papacy will be most remembered for: "I will not say a single word."

That phrase — not "who am I to judge?" — will be the phrase which encapsulates this pontificate in years to come.

In the ensuing year, Viganò kept issuing new testimonies which kept causing subsequent explosions. He named names, talked about specific instances of corruption and called fellow bishops liars.

Eventually, he gave a name to what he had first termed a "homosexual current" in the hierarchy: "a corrupt gay mafia."

His relentless testimonies forced the agenda of U.S. bishops in their November meeting in Baltimore.

That it turn forced the Pope's hand as he directly intervened and ordered the U.S. hierarchy to drop the subject immediately, that he was convening a special sex summit the coming February in Rome.

The implication was that all would be set right at this Roman summit scheduled for three days.

It was not to be the case. It was a sham, designed to cover up and ignore the thrust of Viganò's claim, that the evil was due to the corrupt gay mafia.

Together, the Pope and the lying Cdls. Blase Cupich and Donald Wuerl, who eventually had to step down in disgrace, developed the PR message that it was not a "corrupt gay mafia," but rather "clericalism" that was to blame for the crime.

Cupich who had been dispatched by the Pope to put out the blaze, forbid any mention of homosexuality at the summit, or any talk of homopredator clergy abusing anyone other than minors.

The specific subject of seminarians being sexually abused and assaulted by homosexual faculty and staff was strictly off-limits.

The Rome summit in February was where the corrupt gay mafia re-gained control of the narrative. In the popular mind of Catholics who care, a new normal has been established. 

Homosexuality within the clerical ranks is now exposed, and Rome doesn't care. The lack of accountability in this life, and the concentration of power, has allowed the corrupt gay mafia to return to business as usual.

Men like homosexualist James Martin are in one sense even more free now than before to be bold.

The issue now out of the closet, is now able to be lied about and spun tirelessly, and the faithful are now able to be denigrated and mocked by various clergy in heightened political terms like bigot and hater.

What is now blindingly clear is this: The rot and filth of the corrupt gay mafia is deeper and more widespread than anyone who loves the Church could ever have imagined.

This rot and filth has been covered up for, excused and deliberately overlooked by the entire Establishment who rely on their connections and relationships with these evil men to keep bread on their table.

This is a long, long battle that needs to be engaged. It will not go away for years. In fact, until all these wicked prelates are rotting and smoldering in their graves, only then will there be any hope, in a temporal sense, of change — and even then, not a thing is guaranteed.

The climate in religious orders, in the hierarchy, in dioceses and chanceries all over the West is one which embraces the world, does not seek to convert it.

Even among various Catholics who may not necessarily agree with the corrupt gay mafia, there is still a spirit of acquiescence and softness, an emasculation, a lack of willingness to confront evil head-on and call out wickedness in high places in the Church. Ultimately, this is why Viganò is still in hiding for fear of his life. 

The major contribution Abp. Viganò made was not to expose the evil, but to show the battle lines, to bring them into the Catholic consciousness.

Now, it is up to the faithful to decide to fight for the soul of the Church. That is going to require high personal sacrifice on every level, mostly reputation and relationships.

There is a corrupt gay mafia with a stranglehold on the Church. Loyal sons and daughters of the Church must now fight in any and every way their individual circumstances allow.

The "new normal" must be resisted and defeated.

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