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The Vortex—Fur-Flying Free-for-All

May 13, 2015  0
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I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Rome.

The anti-Catholic, anti-Christ filth flowing out of the German Bishops' Conference is truly something to behold.

They recently released another warm-up document for the upcoming Synod on the Family in October, and well, frankly, it could have been written by German Protestants.

It is nothing more than appeal to the current societal trends of sex with whomever you want, whenever you want, being blessed by the Church, and then you being admitted to Holy Communion.

More blather from the Land of Luther. What is wrong with these men? The document drones on and on for 17 pages quoting practically everything you can imagine and commenting on it along the way.

From Scriptures to Church documents to social studies to the questionnaire sent out to German Catholics — which, as a quick aside, in at least one diocese, not even two dozen responses were received.

They take all of these things, throw 'em in a blender, push puree and produce a Church of Now mush which bears little resemblance at all to the Catholic Faith.

When theologians and bishops who deny core elements of the Faith start writing and talking, they dress their thoughts up in high-sounding goals and platitudes and lofty ecclesial language to make themselves sound very superior to you.

In the end, they present their treachery as questions or thoughts they pose for mere consideration, which means in reality they are saying,"Here's what needs to be done."

So what are the "considerations they pose"?

That divorced and re-married — those living in adultery — be admitted to Holy Communion. That the adulterous relationships be actually blessed by the Church. That Holy Communion be administered to non-Catholic spouses and that the goodness and beauty of relationships based around sodomy be valued.

This is nothing less than evil, dressed up in Church-speak.

I mean, what are we talking about at the end of the day here? We aren't talking about love or evangelization or family values or the passing on of the Faith or anything of the kind.

That language is referenced certainly, but it's referenced not for its own worth but to be used to make an excuse for having sex with whom you want.

That's what all this is about, and it's ALL its about. A little honesty from the traitors would be nice for a change. They want to conform to the world that you should be able to have sex under whatever circumstances you want. Can't we have a little honesty here, for once?

Enough with the liberal blather wrapped in lofty vocabulary. Come out and say what you mean, precisely. You want people who have sinful sex to be able to stay in or come into the Church.

The German bishops completely dismiss the idea that people who want to have illicit sex simply shouldn't have sex. And that is the crux of this whole situation. Among all their "considerations," nowhere do they propose that people simply control their urges and live lives of chastity, continence or celibacy — in other words, obedience to Almighty God.

There are numerous situations where this is required. It is difficult at times — sure it is. What in Hades do the German traitorous bishops think Almighty God meant when he said, "Pick up your cross daily and follow me"? Where is the call to live by supernatural faith, by grace that God surely provides to live a life of holiness?

Many of the divorced and remarried are in the situation precisely because one or both spouses simply cheated on the other. Is that to be rewarded?

Others have cheated by resorting to pornography and their spouse no longer rises to the level of the fantasy sex partners in online videos. Is that to be rewarded?

What about the couples who are separated — sometimes for long stretches, as was the case with my own parents — owing to military assignments overseas?

What about the young couple dating or engaged? Should we simply say it's too heroic for them to be expected to remain virtuous until their wedding night?

The list of examples of those called to chastity for life or prolonged periods could go on and on, but the traitorous crowd never wants to talk about this. They paint the laity as victims of their sexual appetites who should be accommodated, however reluctantly, all for the sake of recognizing their love and the goodness of their situation.

Hey, Berlin: There is no love or goodness in relationships based on immorality. Since when do people have to have sex to be good friends or loving companions to each other?

This approach to human love is insulting to people who do live according to the Church's teaching.Aand don't spew out your garbage that that's fine for those who are capable, but we have to find theological avenues for those who can't.

Hey, traitors: It's all possible with God. But we know you don't really believe that because frankly, you don't believe the Faith. And this document confirms that truth. It doesn't matter if you're  bishops or cardinals or whatever. You may have the office and authority until you die — but you don't have the Faith.

And when you die, you will have to account for your Judas-like treachery. At least Judas didn't try to lead others in the apostolic college into his sin with him. He was just greedy. This rises to a whole different type of betrayal.

This is what's coming this October, folks, at the Synod. You need to stay plugged into this with us here at Don't expect that the Synod is going to be anything else than a fur-flying free-for-all. These bishops and others from around the world who think just like them — like Cardinal Wuerl from Washington, D.C. — are going to comprise a large block of the bishops here advocating for change.

They will say they don't want to change doctrine, just the practice — to which the only faithful Catholic response can be, "Well, what is practice other than the doctrine lived out?"

Reporting to you from Rome here in St. Peter's Square, this is Michael Voris for

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