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Michael Coren

May 5, 2015  0

I'm Michael voris coming to you from London, England, home of the Anglican church which Canadian broadcaster Michael Coren has joined as a result of his renouncing of the One True Church established by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.

Allow us first to say that this Vortex episode is produced in great sadness to the news confirmed by Michael Coren that he has placed his immortal soul in deep jeopardy by renouncing the Catholic Church and joining a church founded by a man based on divorce and murder. Cut it up and make it attractive in whatever way you want, but that is what has happened here. 

Since this has all happened so publicly, it warrants a public response. 

Coren recently gave an interview to Canada's national post explaining why he abandoned the One True Faith, so we are going to examine his explanation.

His explanation is loaded full of internal contradictions and inconsistencies. He says he didn't want to be a part of a Church that excluded gays from being in loving relationships. 

The Church doesn't do that. It teaches that sex is for procreation or to be open to proceation inside marriage and always within marriage, and any other use is sinful. The Church doesn't single out same-sex-attracted people. It calls all people to this reality. 

But Coren went on to then go after more of the Church's sexual teaching when he said that contraception and even life issues were now troublesome for him. He felt the fool, he said, belonging to a Church that teaches what it teaches, and then emphasized "especially when Jesus never said a word about them" — meaning contraception.

If that is his standard — that a person can only belong to a church Jesus said something specifically about — then how, pray tell, does he sign up for a church founded on divorce? Jesus most definitely did say something about that directly. 

The truth is Coren just doesn't agree with the Church's teaching on sexual morality and wants to look for an excuse to leave it.

Be a man, Michael. Just say it plain and simple. You don't like the teachings. Don't try to get all theological on us by presenting a false picture. The Anglican church is a false religion, and you joined it because you didn't like the hard teachings of the true Church. Fine. You aren't the first and won't be the last. To try and play this off as some theological inconsistency on the part of Rome is pure hypocrisy. 

And speaking of hypocrisy, Coren admits that because of his apostasy, or near apostasy, he has lost three columns and seven speeches in the past 48 hours. These were speeches and columns he had owing to his supposed Catholicism. Yet he also says he's been attending Anglican services for the past year and half. So, isn't it just a bit hypocritical to be accepting paying jobs on the basis of being a Catholic when in fact you were no longer practicing the Faith and had already switched over to Anglicanism?

Talk about destroying your credibility. You posed as a Catholic, presented yourself as a Catholic, accepted Catholic gigs, all the while fake-worshipping as an Anglican. And the so-called worship offered up by King Henry's church based on divorce and murder is fake worship because there is no Eucharist in that man-made religion.

He later adds he began reading Anglican theologians. No such thing. There are no theologians outside of the Catholic Church — not legitimate ones, because they do not have the necessary graces to study in Catholic faith the things of God. They have nothing to offer because anything they offer begins with the supposition that the Catholic Church is not established by the Son of God.

And besides, has he never read Cardinal John Henry Newman? Coren has just cherrypicked a bunch of Anglican writers who happen to delve into their heretical teachings and come up with excuses to disobey the laws of God.

And then he drops the real bomb, the high point of his  position. He says it doesn't really matter what religion you belong to as long as you have a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

And there it is, perfectly summed up — the whole stinking rotten filth of Protestantism: that the person decides for himself.

If it doesn't matter what religion you belong to, then why switch, Michael? Have you not run into people in the Catholic Church who have a relationship with Jesus?

But again, none of this matters. Michael Coren rejects the hard truths and then goes on to elaborate an entire litany to excuse his rejection. None of that holds water. He wrote a book a few years back called Why Catholics Are Right. All of a sudden we are wrong.

This reminds us of the founder of his new ecclesial communion, the murderous Henry VIII. He too once wrote a book saying the Church was right. Then there came a time when the Church's teaching was too much for him, and he deserted Rome. Michael Coren has joined the religion that certainly seems to suit him best.

Pray for his return and for his conscience to be troubled. He has deserted and denounced the 2000-year-old faith with the Body and Blood of Our Lord. Does he think that the Church was wrong until Henry came along?

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