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Catholic Betrayal

June 29, 2015  0


I’m Michael Voris coming to you from the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., where last Friday, June 26, will be seen as the day America died.

The overwhelming issue, however, is in the face of such evil, where has the Catholic Church in America been? More to the point, where have Her leaders been? This evil did not just come about overnight. It has been working its way through the culture for decades now. And where have those leaders been? They have been busy not protecting the sheep, not keeping rampant homosexuality out of the seminaries, coddling and protecting actively gay men in their own ranks. Some of them turned out to be youth rapists, but that was not the majority. The majority have been sponsoring homosexual Masses, pretending that the issue was one in need of just compassion with no instruction.

Poll after poll shows that of all the religions in America, Catholics are the one most in favor of gay marriage — and that is because they have been led by a homosexual clergy for decades. Even the men who have been ordained who are not gay themselves have sat by quietly for the most part and said nothing as active homosexuals have run wild in parishes, chanceries, seminaries and universities. And some of these wicked men were advanced and promoted into the office of bishop — successors of the Apostles — and participated in these wicked horrible acts.

Make no mistake; the demise of America that became official last week has the fingerprints of multiple U.S. bishops and priests all over it.

While Matt Pearson and I were out in the madness in front of the Court, as the decision was being handed down, we saw the penultimate sign — Catholics for Equality — being held up by a guy who said to me, "Michael, we know you."

He and I got into a brief exchange. He said, "I think you're going to be very unhappy with today's ruling."  

I said, "Not as unhappy as God."

He retorted, "God loves this. He wants people to be happy and have equality."  

I said, "No, He wants people to go to Heaven." At that I walked away.

Now, as far as either Matt Pearson or I could see, there wasn't one person — not one person — there in the massive crowd in support of the truth. There may have been, but we never saw them. What we did notice was the conspicuous absence of any contingent from the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Where was Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s presence here, defending the truth of Catholic orthodoxy? Where were his people — his staffers, etc.? The Human Rights Campaign had all their staffers out here with flags and banners and megaphones and cheers. Where was the Catholic presence?

The same place it's been for decades: missing in action.

In fact, on the way back from the decision, we noticed that the Twitter account of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. — on the most critical day in Supreme Court memory — actually tweeted out this message: "Spend time in the great outdoors! Snap a photo and share the beauty of God’s creation. #cultivatingcreation"

Later in the day, the limp-wristed, effeminate Twitter response from Cdl. Donald Wuerl's people to the evil that just engulfed the nation read: believing in the truth, we must not fail to proclaim it."

When oh when will Almighty God send us real men to stand up and fight for the people of God?

This damage to the Church has come at the hands of effeminate, sissy men who for decades kept their own homosexuality or pro-homosexual views to themselves while wreaking havoc on the souls of the faithful. Catholics have been betrayed, lied to and trod underfoot by Catholic leaders who have been the impetus in pushing this country over the cliff. This is not only a victory for the forces of Hell, it is a double victory because it was made possible by Catholic traitors, many of them wearing robes.

Pray for their souls, fellow Catholics, however difficult from a human perspective this may be. Pray for them — because many, many of these men, priests and bishops and cardinals are facing the fires of Hell for all eternity if they do not repent now.

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