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Catholic Political Suicide

August 18, 2015  0


With the first major round of debates among Republican presidential candidates now in the history books, one thing is jumping out as clear as can be again: If you are a faithful Catholic and registered voter, get ready for the same old tired choice of the lesser of two evils.

No matter who the eventual GOP nominee is, even if he is Catholic, it won't be a fully committed Catholic — in terms of being fully committed to all the teachings of the Faith as applied in the public arena. That's easy to say because, on the issue of contraception, every one of them falls short. And yes, the entire Catholic Republican constellation of Bush, Santorum, Jindal, Rubio and Christie. We don't even bother counting supposedly Republican George Pataki because he supports child-killing below 20 weeks, and current Ohio governor John Kasich doesn't really count himself as Catholic anymore — and besides, he admitted attending a gay friend's wedding.

So of the remaining five, Rubio and Christie are both on record as scoffing at the the idea of saying contraception is wrong. Christie even publicly admits to using birth control during the relevant years of his married life. Rubio makes the rather telling claim that no one has ever said contraception is wrong.

Uh, Senator, yeah, they did. Every Christian religion up until 80 years ago and the Catholic Church still does, and always will.

Senator Santorum, in a  sort of "personally opposed but" kind of demonstration, has offered the very curious position that he believes contraception is wrong, yet he would continue the federal government's policy of funding the Title X program, which gives hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood each year for birth control (a program set up, by the way, by Republican president Richard Nixon). Jindal and Bush are likewise nowhere near prepared to come out and publicly badmouth contraception and not call for its defunding on moral grounds.

And so there you have it: Out of seven Catholic politicos running for president, not one will touch the real third rail — contraception. Yet as Catholics in their positions, they have a moral duty to. They have the media surrounding them broadcasting their each and every hiccup. If one of them had the intestinal fortitude to throw himself on his political sword and sacrifice his career, a whole new discussion could begin in American political circles.

Imagine the headlines and talking head explosions that would be engendered by a comment like: "Contraception is wrong and is destroying the society, and I will not support a cultural suicide if I were President of these United States."

But that's what we need: a Catholic willing to commit political suicide for the sake of saying the truth. Heck, seven Catholics would be fantastic. And it's not really that big a move anyway. When the Clinton Leviathan gets done with the eventual GOP nominee, well, let's just say Obama won't look all that bad in retrospect.

Even if somehow one of the GOP contenders defeats the dragon, and the one who does it is Catholic, it will still be a compromised Catholic. Better, of course, than the Hilary Dragon Machine gaining power, but still not a Catholic victory, which is what is needed. Why? Because whichever one wins will come to the office already with a compromised mindset.

What happens when the next Supreme Court opening occurs and he has the Republican party leadership whispering in his ear: "Stay middle of the road; don't damage our mid-term election hopes; don't nominate a 'radical.'" He'll fold like a house of cards and give us another Anthony Kennedy or Sandra Day O'Connor or David Souter.

This whole political theater is becoming nothing else than that: theater. It's like the dice are rigged. No matter how you throw them, they are rigged to never produce the perfect combination, the number you need to win big. And the reason for that is simple: Faithful Catholics have and continue to put too much trust in princes. We have been conditioned for too long — like blacks by the Democrats — to accept our lot and be happy that the other guy didn't win because it would be worse for us.

That is not an acceptable model anymore. It took the forces of darkness well over a hundred years to complete their revolution in the political scene. They were willing to suffer defeat after defeat in the beginning, but knew that if they stuck to their guns and did not compromise their goal, they would one day wear down conservatives and prevail.

And now they have. The only recourse for us — if we ever hope to change — is to follow their same tactic and do the heavy lifting starting now, up front, in a move to change the culture in every one of its institutions, including politics. It's time for a full-throated discussion on Catholic involvement in politics: What will it look like in 20 years?

And to get things going, imagine what the culture might look like now if in the 1960s Catholics would have stood up to appeasement-loving politicians and said, "No, we will not go along; this will end badly."

Well, they didn't stand up, they went along, and now, it's achieved a level of bad that not even the enemies of Christ might have imagined 50 years ago.

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