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The Vortex—Catholic Protestors and Satanists

July 28, 2015  0


A strange flip has occurred in society over the past five centuries.

Granted, it's been a slow flip, but it's been steady and is now complete. Catholics have now become "protestants" with a small "P." And they've become protestors (which is where the designation protestant comes from) in two distinct ways.

Because so many fundamental tenets of the  protestant heresy have been accepted by clergy and leaders — in practice if not in principle — many Catholics simply could not be called Catholics today in any meaningful manner beyond the fact of their baptisms. But more to the point of this Vortex episode, faithful Catholics today (the few that are left) now find ourselves in the rather strange world of being protestors — protestors against abuses in the Church by leaders and lackeys alike, and protestors in the culture — against the world and its lasciviousness.

In short, we are battling Satan on different fronts. He rules supreme in the world — of this there is no doubt. His reign will of course end for eternity, but we are only partially in eternity right now. For the moment, we also occupy the temporal, and while we are in the temporal, it is clear that he is scoring huge victories — such huge victories, in fact, that statues to his demons are now being unveiled, as happened in Detroit this past Saturday night, where Church Militant and our sister apostolate St. Michael's Media were present to both record and report as well as pray.

In a nation on the road to Hell — which America is — how could anyone be surprised that statues to demons would be begin appearing before celebrating crowds of partiers? The citizens of a nation put up statues to those they esteem and hold up for public emulation. The ideals and morals precede the statues. Once the statues start appearing, the genie is already of out the bottle — or in this case, the demon is already set loose.

But this same phenomenon is already appearing in the Church as well. The demon of confusion has been set loose, and ideological statues are being raised to this one in the form of one prelate after another distorting and perverting Church teaching in the area of sexual morality.

When the sheet came off the statue to the demon Baphomet in a Detroit warehouse last Saturday, it's worth noting that it was taken off by two men dressed in the gear of the homosexual leather fashion, who then engaged in various actions expressing their homosexuality. They were quickly followed by pairs of lesbians equally enthusiastic.

This rebellion against God — both inside and outside the Church — is intimately related to human sexuality, because our sexuality is a defining gift from God of the divine image we are created in. Even the angels cannot procreate, share in creation with God. We have a share in the divine power that even the angelic beings do not possess.

Among the fallen angels, this "power" we have is an object of much scorn and derision and a constant target of their assaults. They can corrupt this gift in the world by means of the body as they corrupt this gift among those in the Church by means of the spirit — the faculties of the will and the intellect. With so many in the Church constantly assaulting the teaching (and the assaults come in many many forms), they have given themselves over to the demonic, and many of them simply do not recognize it.

There is a parallel between this and those hundreds of self-described satanists who gathered in Detroit for the demonic statue unveiling. Many of them insist, even their leaders, that they don't even believe in the devil — or God, for that fact. What they describe as their "worship" of the demonic is actually just a symbol of their rejection of a worldview proposed by the Catholic Church. They say they are atheists, unbelieving of any spiritual beings, be it God or Satan.

Even if all that's true, so what? The point is they reject Catholic truth. Who cares what the motive is? And as such, they are still children of Satan — whether they recognize it or not.

The same is true for those in the Church who also reject Catholic truth. Who cares what the motive is? It may be that those in the Church have to clear a couple more hurdles up front — have a little more to rationalize than, say, the poor soul who never was properly instructed in the Faith — but at the end of the day, they still clear that final bar and refuse to accept the glory of Catholic truth in all its blinding clarity. They trick themselves by claiming it's all in the name of mercy or charity or compassion — but those attributes exist only within the sphere of the truth.  Apart from the truth, they are PR slogans and nothing else.

God help the satanists — those who accept the label, either explicitly or implicitly, whether they are outside the Church or inside. It's a very small step from devil worshippers to bad prelates and clergy.

There is much in the Church these days in need of persecution.

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