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Fatherhood Model

June 16, 2015  0


What the hedonistic world does not understand when it comes to manhood is that it is designed specifically to be oriented toward fatherhood. The fatherhood can be an actual biological fatherhood, or a spiritual fatherhood. But at the end of the day, the model for fatherhood is God the Father. 

This is one reason the stupid call for so-called inclusive language is so messed up. It ultimately denies or greatly downplays that God is Father — that all masculinity takes its cue from God. The crazy habit- and veil-burning nuns of the 1960s and following were so desperate to be men that they set about to redefine it so they could be. They centered on the bad aspects of masculinity, just as they ignored the good aspects of femininity, and turned the theological world on its head.

All of a sudden, being a man was bad: We were evil, mean, oppressive, destroyers of women. Our part of the race had to be exposed for the lugs that we were. It went from a case of there being some bad men to "men are bad" to "the masculine is bad" to "fatherhood, the object of masculinity, is bad, unneeded." And the dark side of the masculinity (and there is one, just as there is with femininity) sat up and paid attention.

When bad women got to define what manhood is, the wheels came off. The dark side of the masculine was more than willing to allow manhood to be classified as a bundle of sex and violence and laziness. And it wasn't soon after that that is how manhood was being portrayed for all the world to see: a mish mash of self-indulgence and dim intellect.

Men, the world has been told, are just a step above brutes, and all they are interested in is sexual release, self-absorption and self-indulgence. Such a person can be roundly ignored, the logic goes.

Of course, this projection is made onto God as well. He is a self-absorbed male — the feminist thinking goes — a personality that can be ignored and dismissed who is too self-centered to be of any real significance in my life. Once that construct is in place, it can now be projected throughout the universe. Colleges can begin Feminine Studies departments; the move to ordain women as priests can gain momentum; men's college athletics departments can have their budgets savaged by Title IX rules which demand equal funding for women's sports programs; women (as actress Jennifer Anniston likes to point out) don't need a man to have a child, and children don't need a father.

And that is the brass ring right there: Children don't need a father because fatherhood is unimportant. And because fatherhood is unimportant, so is God. God has ordered His creation in such a way that the result of attacking or disfiguring a part of it results in a disfiguring of our perception of Him, the Creator. When fatherhood is maligned and short-changed, so is the image of God in us because the very nature of God is attacked.

God as Father defines the first order, the first place, the first dynamic of the life of the Trinity. There can be no Son without the Father. The entire mission of our Blessed Lord was to lead us to His Father. No one comes to the Father except through Me. No one comes to Me unless the Father draws him. You are My Son; today I have begotten You.

All over the Old Testament the relationship between God and His Chosen people is frequently described as that of a father to his children. But the hedonist world — and that includes the various theological hedonists inside the Church — fail to grasp the fundamental reality: God is Father. They mouth the words — that is, when they aren't trying to change them — but they ignore their actual import: how the whole order of creation is based on the Fatherhood of God.

The destruction of the notion of fatherhood is ultimately an attack aimed at God, at the divine order created by Him. That is why the whole world has spun out of control — that homosexuality is so rampant, that men are surgically altering themselves to be woman-like, that families are in disarray, that so many men have lost almost all concept of the authentic masculine and so forth.

It all boils down to failing to understand that God is the model of all fatherhood. When a man gets that, he will be well on the road to getting his children to Heaven — which is, of course, the entire reason God has shared His own paternity with him in the first place.

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