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The Vortex—Strength and Honor

July 17, 2015  0


Register for Strength and Honor.

We'd like to ask you to take a look at these photos from a recent Washington Post article detailing some of the latest fashions for young men. Yes, you are seeing right — these are males carrying purses, wearing women's blouses, etc. This is what the culture wants men to be — to be fashioned into: sissified, effeminate girl-men.

The reason the culture wants this is because the culture is at the service of its master, the diabolical. The diabolical wants the notion of manhood destroyed because it wants the notion of paternity, fatherhood destroyed so that humanity will be unable to connect with our Heavenly Father. Once the idea of fatherhood is erased from any understanding of the Trinity, the whole structure of faith and belief collapses. There is nowhere to "plug in," so to speak, to the Divine.

All of these attacks on the masculine that come from all sorts of places have this as their goal: the destruction of the ability to relate in an authentic way to the Divine. So masculinity is attacked through myriad means: radical feminism, mockery in media, constant drumbeating for over-emphasis on emotions, degrading of critical thinking, the stigmatizing of competition, the promotion of sex through pornography and masturbation, the appeal to violence, the encouragement to remain the eternal teenager, the advancement of homosexuality, which obliterates any self-notion of authentic masculinity. The list is so long there appears to be no end.

All of this evil must be fought against with anything we have. Men, young men, boys must be taught or reminded that they are men, and that places a special destiny on them: the destiny to die to protect the community — sometimes actual death, but always death to self. The mastery of the passions is the mark of a man, a true man, but the mastery cannot be just for the sake of self-mastery. It must be oriented toward the good — as in the good, the true and the beautiful. These transcendental qualities are attained or perfected by and through sacrifice. So to be a man is to be at the service of the greater good, to be willing to die if needs be. 

These are just a few of the themes we will be touching on in detail at our first men's gathering: The Strength and Honor Conference, this one to be held near Cedar Point Amusement Park on the weekend of August 7–8. Please click on the link for more detail; all the info is right there.

Manhood is being attacked, and now the attacks are increasing in not only number but also type of attack. Men need allies, a sense of brotherhood in opposing a foe, an enemy threatening their loved ones. Lib Fems can stamp their feet and whine in baritone voices as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day, men must stand up to this lesbian-inspired, anti-Catholic attack on men and on manhood.

Please click on the link and book now for this conference, just three weeks from now.

Men: We are fighting for our identities as men. If you won't defend your strength and honor, who do you think is going to?

Register for Strength and Honor.

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