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The Vortex—The End Is Near

July 7, 2015  0


Why is it that even secular media types can see what U.S. bishops seemingly cannot see?

A couple of years ago, when same-sex "marriage" was a hot topic in the state of New York, the lackluster — no, check that — totally-missing-in-action response from the bishops of New York, as well as most importantly Cdl. Timothy Dolan of New York, came as something of a shock to secular media types. The New York Times even expressed surprise at the bishops' lack of mounting any defense for Church teaching.

Now when the same-sex "marriage" fiasco goes national, once again secular media types are saying, "Where is the Catholic Church?"

[Bill O'Reilly clip — transcript unavailable]

The Church of Nice apologists are constantly saying Church Militant is mean and not kind and sweet and lollipops because we say things like "The bishops are not doing their job and the country is going to Hell because of it, not to mention millions of Catholics as well" — not that most of the Church of Nice gives Hell a second thought anyway, but that's beside the point. And yet here we have not one but two glaring examples from not us but the secular media saying the exact same thing because they are observing the exact same thing.

And when The New York Times and Fox News agree on something — and then they both agree with us here at Church Militant — then you know the end cannot be far away.

[Bill O'Reilly clip — transcript unavailable]

What is it exactly that Fox News, The New York Times and Church Militant are all on the same page about? That the U.S. Bishops — as a collective — simply have become derelict in their duty.

Whatever the various individual motives of the various individual bishops who no longer fight for souls — be it that some are homosexual, others are careerists who don't like to rock the boat, others are simply weak men, or that others are too busy being bureaucrats to lift their heads up and see the evil all around — whatever the motives, it now must be blindingly obvious that this collective of leaders have very little in common with other men who preceded them — like, for example, archbishop of New York John Hughes, who saw things from a very Catholic point of view.

The goal of the Catholic Church is to convert all pagan nations and Protestant nations. There is no secrecy in this; it is the commission of God to his one true Church.  Everyone should know that we have for our mission to convert the world, including the inhabitants of the United States: the people of the cities, the peoples of the country, the officers of the Navy and the Marines, the commanders of the Army, the Legislature, the Senate, the Cabinet, the President and all.

Hughes was the first archbishop of New York — from 1842 until 1864. My, how times have changed! If we cannot look to present men for leadership, then we should feel very confident in looking to actual leaders from the past for direction. 

Even the secular press knows something is seriously wrong.

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