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The Plan to Destroy

May 21, 2015  0


As civilization continues to shake apart along its moral fault lines, it's clear that none of this has happened by accident.

The Master Plan is, of course, engineered by Satan, but it is executed by men who for the most part think that they are running the show and never even give a thought to the idea that they are being used by the diabolical. As far as they are concerned, they run the show.

And what these men have done is create a cultural environment through the use of money, media and marketing whereby major movements are launched which change societies for the bad. They count on the masses being stupid, unable to think critically. It's an incredibly devilish way of approaching change. Heck, Obama even used the word to get elected.

Let's look at a group responsible for corrupting the morals of Catholic Ireland and bringing about the eventual success of gay marriage in the land of St. Patrick. The name of the group is Atlantic Philanthropies, a group with the self-admitted aim of changing the culture. It poured tens of millions of dollars into the effort to get Obamacare passed by a strategy of media, messaging and marketing. It also created a movement of various liberal groups who wanted to use forced healthcare to gain more control over the culture. That movement became known as HCAN — Healthcare for America Now — 1000 groups that worked night and day to advance Obamacare by producing TV commercials, internet and publishing propaganda pieces all with an aim to create a cause.

The marketing plan worked perfectly. All of a sudden everyone was talking about healthcare and the great need for reform, when at the beginning of the journey, poll after poll revealed that 85–90 percent of Americans were more than satisfied with their existing healthcare. This created the necessary background noise to fire up the necessary political machinery to get legislation passed.

But notice the sequence: ideology, money, marketing, movement and then the desired resultant change. This has been the pattern for all societal change in the past 60 years. It is in fact why there has been such a crush of changes at such lightning speed in such a short amount of time. And it is precisely why there has been such a lag behind in the response from the faithful laity and clergy of the Catholic Church. 

The enemy plays this game way better than we do. But it doesn't have to be that way. Many in the Church have just accepted it. 

The Church has the ideology not just to save the world, but souls. What we do not have is the willingness to donate our money to advancing the ideology. Without that money, that all-in commitment that the other side has — it's almost a lost cause before we begin.

Without the dollars, the marketing savvy will never emerge. And without the marketing savvy, no movement with a message can really get off the ground. Yet for the first time in human history, regular Catholics have a chance to truly make a difference, at least among their fellow downtrodden Catholics.

That chance is the Internet — while we still have access. There is a window here, at this moment of history, to galvanize faithful Catholics committed to the cause of the Faith by means of the technology at our disposal. There is the chance to begin a real movement, a groundswell among faithful Catholics to fight back.

While it would be nice to have the giant media conglomerates on our side, that isn't going to happen. But the opportunity to do an end-run around them has emerged. The Internet needs to be seen by faithful Catholics as the moment having arrived.

Outfits like Atlantic Philanthropies — with its hundreds of millions — can buy access to the giant media outlets and twist people's intellects. We don't need hundreds of millions, as nice as it would be; we just need hundreds of thousands owing to the considerably cheaper costs of the Internet. 

Our efforts at Church Militant are living proof of this. In less than seven years, this apostolate has reached more than 50 million people with thousands upon thousands every day. True, it's not millions every day like Big Media -— but it is a targeted message reaching the desired audience of Catholics. 

We must sense the moment here, the opportunity that Our Lord is opening up to us. For the first time we can fight back. Even David had his sling shot and rock. And now so do we.

Please consider making a donation to our work here. Just click on that blue donate button. But more than that — at your barbecues this holiday weekend, talk openly and clearly about the great struggle unfolding before us. Engage your family. Engage your friends. Lay aside the junk that the culture says you should concentrate on and pick up this challenge.

Talk to people this weekend. Bring it all up, every hot button you can think of. The civilization is tumbling down all around us, and you and I need to step up and shoulder our share.

The rules have changed; they changed a couple generations ago. As long as Catholics are unwilling to sacrifice, to support efforts to fight against the culture of evil, then the culture of evil will keep advancing.

We are the ones now who need to trumpet change. Please make a donation and get involved.

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