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What Kind of America?

September 28, 2015  0


Hey, Catholics! What kind of America do you want? One polluted with the filth of dead babies and their pieces being sold and sodomite marriage and contraception taught to children and no-fault divorce and single-parent households and fatherless children and ... shall we go on?

Then wake up. The famous Catholic author and thinker Hilaire Belloc once said, "You will not remedy the world until you have converted the world." And that about sums up the whole issue at present.

The question we have to consider is no less than this: Do we want to convert the culture to the Holy Catholic Faith, or do we want to fight a series of losing battles dying on the hills of abortion, gay marriage, sex ed in the schools and so forth? The Catholic argument in those areas cannot be made because it cannot be heard. It cannot be heard because those we are making it are already — willfully or not — prejudiced against it.

They (and this sadly but really includes many former Catholics) have been swept up in a Protestant-minded culture of thousands of denominations of which just about the only thing they could all agree on was their animosity toward the Church of Rome. That Protestantism of yesteryear has predictably devolved into a mish-mash of indifferentism and secularism. Never forget, it was Protestantism that first, back in 1930, accepted and promoted contraception — and contraception was the key to unlocking a culture built on sexual gratification.

The stinking heresy of Protestantism enjoys the second most abundant portion of blame for the tailspin into evil the world finds itself. But it is Catholics who have not opposed this filthy heresy that will be judged the most harshly — and among them, the clergy themselves who have coddled this theological leviathan.

It all boils down to this: The Church is not like any other of these false religions. They are man-made. The Church is God-made. So those in the Church of God must distinguish themselves from the churches of man. Even on those spotty occasions where we might find some temporary common cause, it is always only temporary.

So Church leaders keep trying to find common ground with fellow Christians on admittedly shared issues of morality, like abortion and sodomy, but in the end, these efforts keep being subsumed into a maelstrom of political activity: Wote for the GOP, back this candidate. But Catholics, unlike their Protestant pals, can never make politics the first course of action. Protestants are at home in that arena because their fight has always been about winning the culture, and politics is a means to do that. But authentic Catholics have always understood, as Belloc said: You fix the world by converting it to Catholicism.

Think for a moment about the millions upon tens of millions of hours over the years that well-meaning but nonetheless protestant-influenced Catholics have spent on the abortion crusade. What would be the case today if, instead, or alongside of, an equal number of hours would have been spent trying to convert otherwise well-meaning allies to the One True Church?

This isn't to say not to try and save the lives of babies from wicked abortionists, but to raise the question (which needs raising): How many spiritual compromises have been made along theological lines to end abortion? How many Catholic leaders have side-stepped those delicate questions about theology to advance the cause of the pro-life movement? When that happens, the truth is not served. Truth denied is truth murdered.

Catholics cannot confuse the mission, the mandate of the Church, with any other movement, cause or allegiance, no matter how noble. Same with the issue of same-sex "marriage." Same with the death penalty. Same with social justice, etc., on and on. The only thing the Church can be concerned with is saving souls by converting them.

Back in the 1960s and 70s, American Catholics had a choice to either fight for the Faith or fight for cultural causes, noble causes. They chose to fight for causes, failing to see that if they had fought for the Faith, they would have won over all the causes as a result. This happened for two major reasons. One, the horror of children being murdered was blatantly obvious that it was easy to rally around. But two, American Catholics had been taught, as a result of growing up in Protestant America, to muffle their Catholic identity, to shut up and fit in. In the world of political conservatism, this meant leaving your overt Catholicism at the door when engaging on cultural issues.

That's why even right now, the bishops of the United States fight a ridiculous battle over the question of religious liberty — another losing proposition right out of the gate because the goal of it is not to convert, but to have the courts declare that we Catholics have the right to be left alone in our little isolated, shrinking world. The reason bishops were happy to fight this way was to get as many people as possible together, united behind one cause so as to change the culture. But what many, many Catholics failed to see was you cannot fight these single-issue battles and hope to win. You don't chnage the culture by fighting one battle at a time. You fight the culture by converting it.

You must fight huge-scale war in a huge-scale fashion, along a broad, sweeping front — not one little set-piece battle at a time. All we have done, been reduced to after nearly 50 years of culture wars is one major defeat after another: no-fault divorce, rampant promiscuity, contraception, co-habitation, abortion, homosexual marriage ...

Every single one of these used to be illegal. Why? Because most of America, without realizing it, did accept Catholic morality. Then was the moment for the Church to strike a preliminary blow against the Culture of Death, to abort it, so to speak, before it could see the light of day. But American Catholics were too afraid: of their own identity, of upsetting the much-longed for "place at the table" with the Protestant majority. They failed to understand, to recognize that they needed at that moment to push for a Great Evangelization — then was the moment for the New Evangelization.

Because Protestant America was already half-listening to Catholic teachings, and even living them, they might very well have been open to hearing, accepting and converting to the other half, as demonstrated by Abp. Fulton Sheen's great push in 1950s television. But two generations later, that is no longer possible. Now the Church faces an impossible task, humanly speaking. What it could not do with its words and actions in the 1950s, it must now do with its blood in the 2020s.

What kind of america do you want, my fellow Catholics? A never-ending set of skirmishes being lost on a cultural level, or a converted Catholic America? You can rest assured which one Heaven wants.

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