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The Vortex—Worth Fighting For? You Bet!

July 23, 2015  0


There is no way to be a good Catholic without being a passionate Catholic. The very label Catholic carries with it the joy of the Good News. The opposite of a passionate Catholic is a lukewarm Catholic, and Our Lord Himself tells us their fate: to be vomited out of His mouth.

Our gratitude to the Church is so overflowing that there can be no other reaction than joy, the joy at having been offered salvation, of having been rescued from the pit — of having been pulled from the depths of the ocean. As David says in the Psalms, "How can I repay the Lord for His goodness to me?"

For those who have been forgiven much, their love is greater. That reality is confirmed by Our Lord Himself personally. And when you love someone intensely, you defend him ferociously. It wounds you so deeply, so profoundly when you see your beloved attacked, belittled, betrayed, love compels you to spring into action, to defend and protect with all your mind, heart, soul and strength.

But when the attack is one of betrayal from within, the sense of outrage is multiplied manifold. It's one thing to have the world attack Holy Mother Church; it is something of an entirely different magnitude to have enemies within tear Her apart.

This is why we here at Church Militant will defend the truth and glory and majesty of Holy Mother Church until our dying breath. We will not be silent about the horrors of corruption in their varied forms — from the pollution of homosexuality among the ranks of the clergy, including those who simply go along with it, to the soft heresy of not preaching the hard truths, to the continuing malforming of candidates to the priesthood, to the insane reactions to the Latin Mass on the part of clerics and on and on. Too many leaders today are intent on reshaping the Church — in short, attacking whom we love — and we are simply not going to sit by and let that happen.

They either won't preach about or deny or downplay Hell. They distort the beautiful truths about marriage and family. They abuse the sacraments, profane the Scriptures, misuse their authority and will not stand up in boldness and defend the sacred glory of Holy Mother Church.

If they won't, we will — and we invite you, encourage you, plead with you to show your deep love for the Church, your deep longing for Her, and do the same. As David said, "If I forget you Jerusalem, may my right hand wither." Jerusalem is always a sign for the Church. Do you love Her? She is the Bride of Christ. You cannot love Him without loving Her. He has become one flesh with Her. It is unacceptable — in the name of love — to not beat back Her attackers.

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