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The Scourge

Endure the coming scourge, and don't give up.

April 28, 2016  0


"But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great fury, for he knows his time is short."

That constant reminder from the Holy Spirit ensconced in the pages of St. John's Apocalypse needs to be a kind of North Star in our spiritual journey through this valley of tears. When the Holy Spirit breathed that inspiration into the mind of John, it was a warning to us for all ages. The goal of the devil is to make war on you, on me, and make us lose heart.

Again, the breathings of the Holy Spirit: "Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God's commandments and bear witness to Jesus."

It is becoming very clear that the scourge is coming for the Church. And the paradox is that it will be serving the devil’s purpose in the short run, but God's in the long run. But the devil is fueled and filled by such rage that sometimes he can't even think straight. He reacts out of "emotion," his demonic emotion, where he just responds in a way natural to him — in a rage, without sufficient use of his angelic intelligence. He sows discord, uproar and division so that he can interrupt the peace of Christ in your soul. He moves in rage; it's all he knows.

He is quite capable of directing his rage in a way that cleverly undermines your faith and trust. But do not fall for his filth, for his poison. Even when he brings the power of the state or the influence of the world against you, stand fast. Do not waver.

The coming scourge can happen on a number of levels. On the level of the culture, it can happen economically. Consider, for example, that with legal conditions being what they are, it isn't beyond possibility that a company would refuse to hire you if you didn't sign on the bottom line that you support the pro-gay policies of the company. The state has already made quite clear through various cases that it backs the evil agenda over the moral agenda.

Many people work under contracts, and it would not be all that big a deal for a company to insert such a clause into its overall general contract. Federal government contracts already work that way. It's a high probability that the private sector will follow suit. Why wouldn't they? What do they have to lose?

The sexual libertine agenda is already dominant in government-run schools. It is so dominant, in fact, that it has become institutionalized. It's gone to almost boring, it's so routine. The military has already reached this stage. It is a given that you accept this dominant evil agenda, or you are expected to get out — or expect to get shoved out. Military chaplains are already being marginalized for challenging the dominant agenda.

The devil and his offspring are drawing a giant noose around the Church with the aim of choking Her to death. The only aim of the devil is to destroy the Church because the Church is the salvation of the world. Outside of Her, there is no salvation.

It's why for millennia She has been depicted as the ark, as it relates to Noah. The floods came and wiped away the human race, except for the very few who were preserved inside the ark. And for those with ears to hear, this is yet another scriptural reference to the sad reality that most people are damned.

The Church is the  Ark. Leave it and you drown. Do not get on board, and you drown. That's it, plain and simple. This is why Satan wants to destroy it. In his evil-minded, twisted thought, he thinks to himself that if he can destroy the only thing capable of saving humanity, then he wins everything.

This is why he launches such vicious attacks against the Catholic Church, and has for ages. He doesn't have any need to attack false religions. They already accomplish his will, intentionally or not, knowingly or not. For centuries now the devil has been preparing for these times, in a run-up to the final days of this civilization. He has so thinned the herd of faithful Catholics that from his perspective, it's now easy pickins'.

And from God's perspective, it's all being allowed to happen because from the small number of survivors God will show forth His magnificent power and glory. If you think in terms of baseball, God is allowing the home team to fall behind by 20 runs in the ninth inning. Think how fantastic it would be if in the bottom of the ninth, two outs and two strikes, that the home team finally staged a comeback and won by 30 runs. The thrashing of the opponent would be so tremendous it would never stop being talked about. Never.

And never will the heavenly thrashing that will be served on Satan. But for that powerful moment to be realized, the apparent defeat must be first realized. We will be ground into the dust, our apparent defeat so resounding that it will almost be the case that people will forget that we ever existed. We will be a curiosity from the past, much like we today view the Hittites or the Mayans — a distant historical oddity.

But those cultures did not rise from the dead like the Catholic Church will. What appeared defeated and forgotten will suddenly arise when Her Groom kisses Her and wakes Her from Her slumber. Always keep this in mind. We must think in terms of the end, never get lost in the moment of confusion, always keep looking up at that North Star.  

The scourge will come. The humiliation will be what it is. But it will be preparation for final victory.

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