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Personality Problem

Whatever it is, something is wrong.

June 10, 2016  0


In the past couple of years, we've had the pleasure of speaking personally and privately with a number of solid bishops, good orthodox men. Inevitably, the topic comes up of why there is so little resistance put forward to slow down liberals and modernists in the Church. We see the same thing happening in the culture, in the political arena. It's always liberals pushing and shoving their agenda down everyone's throats — just think same-sex marriage and transgender insanity. They are constantly pushing their causes and rabble-rousing.

And in the face of their continual stream of invective and foot-stomping, conservatives just back down or give way. It is the conservatives who are always retreating and compromising, looking for a middle way or common ground. This is why Donald Trump has captured the initiative in the GOP primaries. He called the bluff of the wimpy establishment types because he knew that the rank and file have had it. And he's right.

We see the same phenomenon in the Church. In our interview a few months ago with the highly respected Bp. Rene Gracida, he told us that most conservative-minded bishops also happen to be introverts and are seldom the ones grabbing the microphone at the U.S. Bishops' twice-annual national meetings. Is it the case that within the DNA of most conservative-minded people, there is a personality problem, a reluctance to confront wrongdoing? 

Sure seems that way. Might it also be the case that conservative-minded people are more indifferent — or they care, but don't care enough Whatever it is, something is wrong.

It's abundantly clear why liberals and modernists of every stripe would be aggressive by their psychological DNA. First, they are guilt-ridden. They know right and wrong, and they know what they are pushing is wrong — evil, in fact. So they must enlist as much of the culture as possible in their evil so they can fool themselves into thinking "See, I'm not wrong. All these other people agree. It's you rotten conservatives and orthodox who are wrong."

But their consciences don't really buy that. That's why they have big gay parades and are so oftentimes flamboyant and over the top and aggressive in pursuing their goals. All that activity has the effect of never having to be still and alone with their consciences. The reason they are so energetic and aggressive in their work is that they only have this life to succeed, to accomplish what they want, because when this life comes to an end, there is nothing else — at least, that's what they think.

Even modernist, progressive liberals who do believe in some kind of fictitious deity of their imaginings don't think in terms of reward or punishment for themselves. Whatever any next life might hold, it isn't significant enough to care about. Consequently, all the energy gets poured into this life with much vigor because they sense the ticking clock.

Think of the evil giants who have dedicated every waking moment of their lives to racing against the clock to get their filthy immoral agendas approved before they die: Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, Harry Hay and so forth. Faithful have to step up and match their efforts, meet them in zeal. It isn't enough to sit back and say, "Oh, God will take care of it."

God Himself doesn't say that to us. How can we adopt that attitude? He wants us involved in spreading the truth, intimately involved, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. We must give an all-out effort every day.  Bringing the A game is not an option; it's a requirement.

Saints are made, forged day by day, not in a blinding moment. And they must bring as much zeal and passion every day as those they are warring against.

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