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‘Galluping’ Catholics

Where do you stand on the burning question?

June 13, 2016  0


For the past 15 years, the respected Gallup polling organization has been conducting one of the most sweeping and detailed surveys of religious views in the United States. They sample five major groups: Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons and non-religious. They have been asking essentially the exact same series of questions for the past 15 years so they can measure changes of opinion as measured in various religious faiths, or non-faiths.

Buckle up! The Catholic Church in America is beyond crumbling; it is near totally disintegrated. Look at some of these responses.

When the question was asked if each of the following practices was morally acceptable, here is the percentage of Catholics who said yes.

  • Abortion: 38%
  • Doctor-assisted suicide: 47%
  • Out of wedlock childbirth: 59%
  • Homosexual relationships: 62%

In each of those categories, Catholics came in worse than Protestants. Catholics are actually more immoral in their moral views than Protestants. Are you listening, shepherds of the flock?

This is beyond deplorable. This is a near-complete and total collapse of the Church in the United States. That noise you hear is the flesh being torn from your sheep by ravenous wolves. You are allowing this.

You do nothing in the face of this horrendous evil. Do you not know, do you not understand, that you will share in the punishment for all of this? You will not only have to account for your own sins but this spiritual disaster as well. Their blood will be on your hands.

In one part of the survey which asked about the moral acceptability of cloning animals, more Catholics found this more morally objectionable than abortion, doctor-assisted suicide, out-of-wedlock births or gay relationships. Consider that stupefying statistic for a moment: More Catholics think it is morally acceptable to kill a child than clone an animal.

How do leaders — bishops and priests and their chancery rats — think they are not going to be held to account for this? And for those who like charging the messengers of this news — like Church Militant and others — with being accusatory and being divisive and uncharitable and all that rot, get a clue. The Church is in a conflagration, an inferno — and your concern is faithful Catholics broadcasting it? Get real.

And for those attributing other motives to us and others calling out the disaster, schedule an appointment for professional counseling, because you are out of touch with reality. To point the finger at those pointing out the disintegration is an incredibly selfish act; you do not want to face the music because you are afraid of losing your privilege or access within ecclesiastical circles. In short, you are careerists — self-centered, myopic, back-stabbing, self-absorbed clerics or their allies who are scrambling to gain control of the last open deck chair on the Titanic.

You know the truth and you say nothing, wanting to not rock the boat and disturb your own plans and agendas. If you say something, the bishop may retaliate against what you want. You will not step out for Christ and defend Him in the face of fear of retribution, real or imagined (mostly real), from your bishop or pastor or national conference of bishops. You are precisely the type men that Our Blessed Lord instructed His Apostles not to be like when He told them to not lord things over the people.

Each year, these numbers get worse and worse. And every single poll — poll after poll, study after study — carries the exact same data: The Faith is nearly dead, on life support in the United States, and leaders dither around as souls perish. Most bishops of any significant influence only have about 10 years or so of life left, if even that much, and then they must step into eternity. What will that eternity be like for them? How do they imagine their eternities are going to be spent?

The prevailing state of affairs in the Church these days dictate that no one say these sorts of things, that many bishops are going to be damned for lack of charity toward the faithful — for that is what it is. But for the good of their own souls as well as the sheep, these things need to be said.

More Catholics object to cloning animals than killing a baby. More Catholics object to cloning an animal than homosexual relationships. And what do the bishops do? What do their formation teams teach seminarians? What do their pastors appointed by them in the ever-shrinking list of parishes do? What do the religious education directors approved by them do? What does their entire fetid, rotting bureaucracy do? 

They all continue to keep silence, to say nothing lest people's feelings be hurt, other religions feel offended, and the culture openly rebuke them. The day is coming for many of these types if they do not change course that they will pray for a rebuke from the culture because they will have suffered the rebuke of Almighty God for their painful and destructive lack of fidelity. 

Is this said too impolitely? Is this too offensive? Is it too strong? Then you have not begun to imagine the everlasting torments which await those who are never disturbed by this overwhelming rejection of the Faith among Catholics. On the Last Day, or at your particular judgment, picture yourself saying to Jesus Christ — not me or Church Militant or other faithful Catholics — imagine yourself saying to the King and Judge of the universe, "I didn't say anything because it wasn't proper or respectful or in keeping with company policies to say to people directly — most especially to leaders — that souls will be plunging into Hell because of our silence."

Does anyone who condemns or is uneasy with this kind of direct talk really think that is going to fly? Do you really think it will be an acceptable defense to say we didn't want to be impolite or appear divisive? Why can't religious or priests approach their bishop or superiors and say, "The house is on fire, Excellency, and we all — you most of all — share in this. We need to change course dramatically and start yesterday"?

The reason why, in the final analysis, is fear. The bishops need to hear that what they are doing is wrong. They need to be told point blank that they are completely out of touch. They are steering the Church over the cliff, that they are being unfaithful and disobedient, that their "managing the decline" approach to evangelization is ridiculous, that substituting watered-down "hugs and kisses" catechesis for actual doctrine will cost them dearly when they die and approach their Lord and Master.

They fear man more than they fear God.

Catholics are galloping away from the Faith, and that stampede is confirmed not just by Gallup, but by every single piece of data, information and analysis available to any man, woman or child in the Church. It is a loathsome thing to fear man more than God. And it's doubling down on that weak-minded approach by killing the messenger.

Where would you rather be on your last day, having to defend your actions in managing the decline and upholding the status quo, or having been sounding the alarm and warning about the fires of Hell as Our Blessed Lord did? We know exactly where we stand. Again, the burning question: How about you?

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