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The Real ‘Hate’

The real "hate" is too intense to understand.

June 20, 2016  0


The Catholic Church will always be the only object of Satan's hate because only it has the power to free people from his grip.

Catholics always need to understand everything — events in their own lives as well as the big macro-events on the world stage — from this perspective. They must view things through this prism, or everything makes no sense, appearing to be random, disconnected happenings.

There is a great spiritual war going on just behind the scenes, largely out view, but every now and then, almost from necessity, some of it becomes visible — like we saw this past weekend and now continue to see.

The diabolical does its work largely in secret, or at least away from public view. Think, for example, of the holocaust of abortion, a holocaust that far outstrips the Nazi holocaust of World War II. Abortion is a mainstay in Western democracies because of contraception. Contraception and birth control began as quiet little movements which germinated in the minds of women who hated the Church — Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes — the two women most responsible for the scourge of contraception and its resultant plague of abortion.

In a  previous "Vortex" episode we talked about how Stopes admitted that she had a supernatural "vision" that inspired her to push hard for birth control in England in the early 1900s. She wrote of it in a letter to the Anglican clergy, saying God had told her He wanted contraception. The voice was of supernatural origin, all right, but it wasn't God's voice she was hearing, but a demon's.

Unless people understand that there is a supernatural malevolent force at work in the world and that force is not just an abstract, weird thing, but an actual personal being that seeks the destruction of human souls, then nothing will ever make sense. Satan detests humanity with a force and rage that the human mind cannot comprehend this side of death. This is the real hate crime: the one perpetrated on humanity in the Garden.

The wrath is so great and the rage so furious precisely because it is not bound by the constraints of time and space, although it still operates in the material world. It is a supernatural hate, an enmity that God Himself speaks of in Genesis as He is cursing the serpent for introducing sin into the world.

This being truly hates you. He wants misery for you in this world and everlasting misery for you in the next where there will be no hope. So intense is that hatred and that rage that it can't be contained to just the supernatural realms, but bubbles over and boils out into the light of day.

The murders in Orlando have his fingerprints all over them. And even more so does the aftermath where the perverseness of homosexuality has now achieved a martyr status exalted by the liberal Left. Obama's former White House chief of staff, now current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, said a few years ago, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

He was talking about the economic crash of 2008–09, but the insight applies across the board. Satan is continually agitating for and creating crises, some internally, others externally, on the world stage — and in every one of those crises, he never misses an opportunity to advance his malice further. Every single time there is an evil, he is the author of it — directly or indirectly, he is the author.

He has been the author of Islam, the author of the homosexual rights movement, so there is no confusion or surprise that he would employ as a tactic the mingling of two evils to produce yet another larger evil. He controls the mainstream media, so much so that Fr. John Hardon, S.J. correctly labeled the whole enterprise the Luciferian Media.

And in the coming days and weeks, you can take it to the bank that they will do his bidding, if even unconsciously. The pro-homosexual narrative will be very professionally presented. The radical Islam narrative will be dutifully ignored or covered over with reports that Omar Mateen was himself gay. That point will give rise to the story line that it wasn't really his fault; he was reacting to the crush and self-loathing that develops in gay men because of society — a society that still needs to shake off the ridiculous morality imposed on it by Christianity, specifically Catholicism.

That's how the yarn will be spun, because that's the only way it can be spun to advance the satanic hate vented against the Bride of Christ. Even some Catholic bishops are in on the "messaging" of the Luciferian Media. In Chicago, Abp. Blase Cupich is expressing solidarity with the LGBT community, pledging his support for them. Never has he come out and pledged the actual support for them he is commanded to do by expressing a loving concern for their souls — that they abandon their lives of sin and stand up as sons of God.

Same thing with soon-retiring, thank Heaven, bishop of Tampa-St. Petersburg Robert Lynch, who practically broke his neck getting to his computer to type on his blog that "we" are to blame for this — our "hatred" of LGBTs. Perhaps the bishop is speaking of some kind of self-hatred over the question, because the Church doesn't teach that gays should be hated, and certainly not killed in cold blood.

Lynch, you will remember, was the bishop who did not come to the aid of Terri Schiavo as she was being starved to death by her husband and the courts. No "solidarity" letter there.

The Church calls for all people, whatever their chains of sin, to come to the Church and be freed from those chains, to be counted as children of God, even if some of Her leaders don't make that call. But funny, isn't it — you never hear these bishops and other leaders in the Church actually calling for this.

Many, you have to understand, don't have much of a voice left after yammering on about immigration and healthcare and guns, so you can understand why they don't often speak about actions that actually send people to Hell. When's the last time you heard a bishop publicly condemning in a full-throated way the sin of homosexuality or contraception? Good luck with that.

Their defenders say they are concerned with giving people offense and turning people off and losing their relevance. What relevance? They lost that with most Catholics and then the rest of the world the moment they stopped preaching the authentic Faith. Now all that's left for them is to try and appear relevant by always siding with the prevailing popular view in moments of tragedy and great notoriety.

The problem is, when they do that, they are consorting with the spirit of the age, promulgated by the Luciferian Media. No one is saying there should be joy over the deaths of same-sex attracted murder victims in Orlando — no one except Islam, of course. What is being said is the move to now promote the sin of homosexuality to some protected, exalted status, complete with its own martyrs, cannot be joined in with by Catholic clerics who betray Christ in adding their voices to the Luciferian Media's growing chorus.

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