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An Authentic Catholic Voice

Needed now more than ever.

December 29, 2020  0



As 2020 winds to its close, no one should be lulled into a false sense of security that, with the passing of the year, the dangers and evils exposed in this year will somehow magically pass away as well. They won't. In fact, what is waiting just around the corner has the potential to be far worse, making 2020 little else than a year of preparation.

As Church Militant has become more well known by lapsed and non-Catholics in this past year (owing to politics and our coverage of it — coverage which has been seen tens of millions of times), an opportunity has presented itself: Church Militant is increasingly being sought out as an authentic Catholic voice by politically conservative media outlets.

What this presents is the chance to speak to men of goodwill who may not be Catholic or who may just as likely be horribly catechized Catholics. Both groups may be willing to hear Catholic truth because of how it conforms to their lived reality.

More than any other Catholic apostolate, Church Militant is in a position to be that authentic Catholic voice out in the world.

That Faith is not simply an esoteric, mystical matter, but a reality that finds expression in the concrete world. 2021 is already shaping up to be a year where this looks like it will be needed more than ever before. Men of goodwill who, for whatever reason, are ignorant of the authentic Catholic faith are willing to give it a hearing. This is the very definition of a man of goodwill.

More than any other Catholic apostolate, Church Militant is in a position to be that authentic Catholic voice out in the world. This past Christmas weekend, Church Militant was once again interviewed by a secular conservative outfit and was able to lay out Catholic truth in the secular world. The occasion was Michelle Malkin's show, Sovereign Nation, on Newsmax.

As we move into 2021, we are asking for your help, both spiritually and financially, with our ever-broadening mission. Church Militant is the work of the Church — regardless of what various lame, cowardly Marxist bishops would have you believe.

The order of the world is dictated by the order of the Church. If the Church is out of whack, which it certainly is, then so too will be the world. What we do here at Church Militant is entirely dependent on your generosity. Period. Unlike the Marxists inside as well as outside the Church, we don't have massive endowments, offshore investments, hundreds of millions in government handouts for social justice or anything of the kind.

What we have is our hard work inside the walls coupled with your support outside the walls, which, combined, keep the wheels here turning. For years, we've been saying that faithful Catholics need to understand the convergence of both the natural order and the supernatural order, the world and the Faith, the State and the Church.

Church Militant is the work of the Church — regardless of what various cowardly Marxist bishops would have you believe.

That's been nowhere more obvious than in this past year, where we saw wicked men in the Church cooperate with wicked men in the State to create a phony election, the results of which will soon be felt by the faithful.

So we are asking you in these last few days of 2020 — a clear-vision year if there ever was one — to please make a donation to sustain us in our work here. Our mission is to be used to help save souls. That mission is realized across a very broad front of various engagements, both in the Church and the world, with Catholics as well as non-Catholics and ignorant Catholics.

A restoration must be fought for with more energy and aggression than ever before, and Church Militant needs your help to continue with this. So please click on the link, and make whatever donation you think is fitting.

Thank you in advance, and let's fight to make 2021 the year where the faithful made a stand and started to roll back the torrent of communism.

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