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An Old Battle Lurking Below Politics

The conflict between Catholicism and evil.

August 30, 2023  0

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Here's the big picture: The world today is in a battle between the forces of Catholicism versus communism, which is to say Catholicism versus atheism. 

Communism, for all its evil and terror, is, at the end of the day, nothing more than a political system to end belief in God. Every other belief system on earth, every ideological view, is moving toward either one of those two poles.

Catholicism is of God. Atheism is out Satan. Everything else is just battles and wars and skirmishes in the great conflict. Which is not to say they are unimportant — quite the opposite. Wars are finally won by winning enough battles and seizing enough territory to plant your flag firmly atop the capitol.

But while the battles (some larger, some smaller) are being fought, you can never lose sight of the overriding war. That's what it's ultimately all about, which side gets to plant its flag.

Catholics historically just don't want to get involved.

War is exhausting. Battles wear you out. That's true of both sides. But the commies face far less opposition than the Catholic side does because Catholics and others of goodwill have simply been naive in their assessment of the reality.

Catholics historically just don't want to get involved, with the exception of the pro-life cause. And even there, it's not like enormous percentages of Catholics were involved. And when it came to voting, gigantic numbers still cast their votes for the child-killing communists.

Likewise, when it comes to charitable giving, Catholics are generally bringing up the rear compared to Protestants. Like Bp. Sheen said, "Catholics have all truth and no zeal." Why that is needs to be explored. But for the moment, let's just leave it where it is for this Vortex episode, and that is that communism has made such rapid and overpowering progress because most Catholics just don't care, or care enough.

The commies march on, with only an occasional setback. And when they do suffer that, they come back a hundred times more energized. Think what they did to Trump for four years. Yes, they got cocky and thought Hillary was the one. And when those final returns from Pennsylvania came in very late that night and Trump won, they were stunned.

For the record, Church Militant, live on the air, was the very first media outlet to call Trump the winner. What no one really knew then is that the weaponization of the nation's intelligence apparatus had already been installed by Obama. Quietly, he had replaced the heads of each department with his own Marxist types.

So instead of handing it over to Hillary to use against citizens, they had to backtrack and use it against a sitting president, making up total B.S. stories replayed in the Marxist media about collusion with Russia, leading to impeachment.

Yes, they had underestimated Trump, but they made sure it wouldn't happen again. So they dogged his presidency at every turn for four years and then installed their own executive, four years later.

Meanwhile, the hapless "Catholic" side did next to nothing, even to this day. Our natural allies still don't seem to get it, at least sufficiently.

It isn't a war over politics. That's a battle.

It isn't a war over abortion. That's a battle.

It isn't a war over sexual morality and drag shows and books in school libraries. Those are battles.

The war is spiritual; it's ideologically driven: those who accept God and authentic worship and religion versus those who do not.

The odds have never been stacked in favor of the God side. Ever. Never in human history. That's what happens when you begin with a fallen world as your starting point. From a strictly human standpoint, the war is lost before it even begins. They have all the cards.

But we have truth and the human mind is hardwired for truth. Some, many, in fact, reject it. But some will accept it and embrace it. Just as most did not get on Noah's Ark, some did. Ultimately, that's what Catholicism is. Noah's Ark, or, to update it, Peter's Ark or "Barque."

Most will perish in the floods. No doubt. That's why the ludicrous theological propaganda that we have a reasonable hope all men are saved is flat-out stupid.

Nowhere in human history has that ever been the case. And every Church Father agreed. Only heretics push that idiocy (see Protestant theologian Karl Barth, who stole it from the most condemned heretic in the history of the Church, the fourth century's Origen).

But while God brought an end to it all, as He will do again, he didn't tell Noah to do nothing — sit back, don't warn people, don't go find a hammer, nails and wood, to let the innocent animals drown.

It's completely clear from the actions of the Almighty, from Noah, to instructing the wine stewards in Cana, that He wants man actively involved in the work of salvation.

"Build the ark"; "Fill the jars with water"; "Go out and baptize all nations" — and on and on.

It's always been the same war, even if the circumstances and particulars vary from age to age. Human nature, fallen as it is, is trapped between the higher calling and struggle of God and the attraction to hedonism.

"The more things change," as they say. But there is a new wrinkle these days: communism, disguised, as it is, as globalism, socialism, the "new" gospel, love, freedom; all giving rise to an almost Christian complexion of care for the environment, the poor, the downtrodden.

Communism presents itself as the answer to being a victim, and there is no shortage of "victims" these days. And as all that is going on, Catholicism is painted as the enemy of the victim, the poor, the marginalized, the downtrodden. James Martin makes a living off doing that. Liberation theology based its entire existence on that.

The entire social justice apparatus of the United States Conference of Communist Bishops, grabbing billions of government money in the process, is based on all that. The truth is it's the Hitlerian big lie.

Communism is the oppressor, not the savior, of the world.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, while communism and all that goes with it is the true oppressor. And it is the big picture, for them, the big lie, that the commies never fail to advance. It's their lifeblood, the propaganda that they are the saviors of the little man.

We here at Church Militant fight like the dickens to expose that lie.

But we have truth and the human mind is hardwired for truth.

That's why we are asking you to help us by signing up for our "Dollar a Day" campaign — just $30 per month to keep this invaluable work going.

We chose to be in electronic media, visual media, because we know that it is the single most important driver in the culture, just as the communists do. Please commit to just a dollar a day to help us keep informing as many people as possible.

If you want an example of how your helping us makes a difference, look no further than last month's press conference in D.C., where we and our coalition partners shined a much-needed spotlight on the bishops aiding and abetting the collapse of America by getting billions in funding to undermine border security.

A month later, those efforts have produced more than 25 million impressions in social media through the reporting of political conservative outlets — 25 million impressions that would have not been there except for our labors.

So, please, today, help us inform the public by donating just a dollar a day, which you can do by clicking on the provided link.

Thank you in advance for keeping Church Militant the tip of the spear in fighting communism, in and out of the Church.

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