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Cast him out!

March 3, 2023  0


In a recent article in the publication First Things, Bp. Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, absolutely blitzed Cdl. Robert McElroy of San Diego. Bishop Paprocki actually wrote the article (a commentary, actually), and it had the trappings of an ecclesiastical firing squad, destroying McElroy for his phony-baloney pretense and false teachings about the Holy Eucharist.

Paprocki, in a theological jiujitsu, absolutely leveled McElroy when he said he's a heretic who has excommunicated himself for his preachings and beliefs. Bam! While it is a point of order that the bishop never actually identified the cardinal by name, he did identify him by his words. Paprocki begins by politely presenting the case as a hypothetical — well, sort of:

Imagine if a cardinal of the Catholic Church were to publish an article in which he condemned "a theology of eucharistic coherence that multiplies barriers to the grace and gift of the eucharist" and stated that "unworthiness cannot be the prism of accompaniment for disciples of the God of grace and mercy." Or what if a cardinal of the Catholic Church were to state publicly that homosexual acts are not sinful and same-sex unions should be blessed by the Church?

Well, you don't have to imagine it or speak of it as a hypothetical — because it's actually real. The words Bp. Paprocki lifted to describe the "imaginary" cardinal were directly taken from pro-gay Cdl. McElroy himself. In a January article in the pro-gay magazine, America, published by the pro-gay Jesuits, the pro-gay cardinal said exactly those pro-gay words (attributed to the "hypothetical" and "imaginary" cardinal).

McElroy deserves to be stripped of his office.

Talk about a big dash of Paprocki "paprika" sprinkled liberally all over McElroy's pro-gay, anti-Catholic heresy about the Eucharist. Bam! But in the final takedown and crushing move, Paprocki says, quite directly, showcasing various relevant sections of canon law, that McElroy's beliefs have rendered him excommunicated, and, therefore, he should be nowhere near the next conclave to elect the next pope. Why? Because he's no longer in the Church. Bam!

That's pretty much the operating definition of excommunicated: "ex" as in, out of, "communicated," the community — out of the Church. Bam! McElroy, who is publicly on record here with his heresy about Holy Communion, has a history of not treating the Eucharist with reverence or faith. Back in August, the week before he was made cardinal, Church Militant released our Special Report on McElroy.

He reinstated a priest in his diocese of San Diego, a priest he knew had desecrated the Holy Eucharist with a woman in a Black Mass ritual. While it's true the event did not happen while McElroy was the bishop there, he was the bishop when it came time to decide the priest's fate, and he put the man back in parish life — and then lied to everyone within earshot, repeatedly.

Of course, as a formal investigation continued, the truth came out: The priest admitted it was true. The dicoese, under McElroy, then threw him under the bus, and the man is now out of the priesthood. But McElroy, in this whole sordid affair, never had a concern for the integrity of the Blessed Sacrament or the man's soul nor the victim in all this. Not a shred of compassion from the likely self-excommunicated prelate who should be asking if you want fries with that burger, not heading to the next conclave.

The article that McElroy penned for the pro-gay social justice rag that James Martin is an editor at large for — the article is a piece of crap — and that's being beyond charitable. The loser cardinal directly defies Catholic teaching across the board, saying, in essence, sexual acts don't really matter; sleep with whomever the hell you want and do whatever the hell you want and then come up to the Lord's table and receive.

And, as usual, the heretical claptrap from the pro–anal sex crowd in robes is rife with woke social justice vocabulary. Inclusion, big-tent dialogue, radical inclusion, cultures of exclusion, discernment, pilgrimage and so on, until you reach for the vomit bag. These types are always saying how much we need to "reimagine" and "dialogue" and "understand things in a new and radical way," but somehow their strategy never seems to apply to themselves.

Yo, Cardinal, go "reimagine" your own damn heresy, for once. Of course, what McElroy filth would be complete without the whole sodomy-cheering portion? And right on cue, His Hereticalness gets down to business with, first, the blasting of Church teaching about sexual sins and, second, using that to bless sodomy as, well, just not that big of a deal (you know, like sex was procreation or something and reserved for married couples actually capable of procreating).

The cardinal directly defies Catholic teaching.

McElroy deserves to be stripped of his office, then his priesthood, then his participation in the life of the Church — including the sacraments — and just be left to count his blessings that he didn't live in former times when being executed would have come along with that list of punishments. Is it cases like this why, all of a sudden, the death penalty is out of fashion in Rome?

The nutcases in miters (and, yes, that is perfectly acceptable language, for the soft and squeamish out there, and, truth be told, it doesn't go anywhere near far enough), these "men," need to be expunged from the life of the Church. They need to be protested, mocked, jeered and humbled into stepping down.

As you've heard us say many times here at Church Militant, except for their baptisms, just like Joe Biden, they aren't Catholic — robes or no robes. People should go to McElroy's Mass in the cathedral and shout him down at the top of their lungs before he even gets to the sanctuary. He has no business around the Blessed Sacrament, except to repent publicly.

But until such a time, he needs to be cast out, challenged at every turn on everything. He is a cancer in the Church, he and his whole cohort, with their modernist filth and corruption. Bishop Paprocki has opened the door on this. Let's see how many other bishops in the United States have the "you-know-whats" to walk through it with him and denounce this demonic corrupter. This is life in the Church in the 21st century, a hundred years after Pope St. Pius X warned us all of the heresy of modernism.

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