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Biden’s Military Abortions

One more nail in the bishops' coffin.

February 21, 2023  0


Late last week, Biden's Pentagon released a shocking update for military personnel, greatly expanding access to abortion for active-duty soldiers as well as their dependents. The new policy provides for fully paid travel expenses for troops who have to go out of state to obtain an abortion and up to three weeks of leave, including to accompany a dependent or spouse.

What's more, Biden ordered all branches of the military to have the policy operational within 30 days. There is also, contained within its pages, a warning to any commander who might try to slow down the process in hopes of getting the women to reconsider — for example, by speaking to a chaplain or seeking further medical counsel.

According to the Military Times, a senior defense official said,

"We wrote the policy for the 95% of commanders that are going to do the right thing. ... We're going to have to go after those commanders who do the bad thing, just like we go after toxic commanders. And so we'll have to rely on current policy and procedures in those situations." 

'We're going after those commanders who do the bad thing.'

The policy says it was issued to negate any impact of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade for women stationed at military installations in states with pro-life laws now on the books. Monstrous — there is no other term for this.

The existing military policy had said a woman in the service could get an abortion for certain limited reasons at a military facility, but if the facility did not provide abortions, things might get a little difficult depending on what part of the world she might be stationed in.

This new policy allows a woman and her spouse to hop on a plane and go anywhere they can kill their child and take up to three weeks to do it — and you foot the bill. The same applies to a dependent child who is pregnant. The parent or parents can go wherever with her and get an abortion. This new policy, by the way, was issued by the same Pentagon that couldn't figure out what do about Chinese spy balloons flying over America.

So here we have yet another case staring the U.S. bishops dead in the face: the most abortion-loving president in U.S. history — even more than Obama, and that's saying something — who also happens to be a baptized Catholic.

And what is their response? "Ah, give him Holy Communion. Come on, man, old Joe ain't that bad. Who are you to judge? Jesus ate with sinners." What happens when a CO (commanding officer) is Catholic and is now put in the moral quandary of having to sign off on one of his subordinates going to kill her child, and he knows about it and signs the order of permission?

He can't say anything to her or even recommend she talk with someone else or even suggest he or others might help her in some way. If so, the Pentagon labels him "toxic" and will go after him as they promise in the new policy.

We got to this point because of the cowardice of many bishops.

Looking back over the past 50 years or so, it's important to understand that we got to this point as a nation because of the cowardice of many bishops and the downright evil of some. Almost all looked the other way, and some even encouraged the sexual revolution for their own ends.

That sexual revolution rushed into Catholic colleges and schools, and those institutions began churning out the Joe Bidens and Nancy Pelosis and John Kerrys and the whole sorry lot. And even though that group is now in their 80s, the damage they have caused will long outlive them. And given the current state of the once great American nation, it looks like their damage will outlive the country as well.

Remember, when it comes time to bury America, it will be a Catholic funeral presided over by a cohort of wicked men who never cared for anything or anyone except themselves. The pain of Hell these men will undergo is beyond description — bishops and their political children.

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