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Blowing up Justice

It's not even close to justice.

March 6, 2023  0

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If you didn't see the fireworks in the U.S. Senate hearings last Wednesday when Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley tore into Attorney General Merrick Garland, you missed one of the most epic scenes ever on Capitol Hill and  — the heart of the matter — the anti-Catholicism of the U.S. Attorney General and his unjust Justice Department.

Garland sat there like a petulant little child who'd been busted (which he had) and then pretended to not really know about anything. Hawley was having none of it. The seven-minute mauling by the Missouri senator was over two specific issues. 

The first, the unjust prosecution of faithful Catholic Mark Houck, whom Garland's Department of Justice sent a couple dozen FBI SWAT troopers to arrest at his house — completely out of line. Houck had already volunteered to turn himself in to face the trumped-up charges, but anti-Catholic Garland staged the law enforcement assault anyway, in the early morning hours. For the record, so preposterous was the case that the jury came back with a "not guilty" verdict in just one hour.

But the other part of Hawley's questions (attack, really) centered on the now infamous FBI report where Church Militant was discussed on Page 4. The dossier associated faithful Catholics who attend the Latin Mass with domestic terror organizations and White nationalists and anything else you can imagine. The Catholic-hater Attorney General dodged and weaved and pretended to denounce the FBI dossier, but, of course, all of this was only after it was leaked to the press.

We will not be bullied by Catholic-hating interlopers.

Before that, despite insisting that the feds never go after a person or group because of their First Amendment expression, the FBI was going after groups like us here at Church Militant because of our First Amendment expressions. You'll remember that we had to sue the city of Baltimore to exercise our First Amendment rights back in 2021 at the Bishops: Enough is Enough rally.

While the city is not the feds, they all come from the same political, ideological toilet. They hate Catholicism — faithful, authentic Catholicism — and they seem to have taken a certain shine to us here at Church Militant because we talk and report a lot about the great intersection of religion and politics.

Make no mistake, despite Garland's claims about the dossier being pulled and condemned, any reasonable mind would immediately conclude correctly that it's only because they got busted. And now Garland has to sit in front of Congress and lie and play the fool to cover it all up. We see where this is all going, we have for a while. That's why we spent over $350,000 to go after Baltimore and win that suit — to set a legal precedent, which we did.

After the city got rocked by the trial judge's 87-page ruling (tearing them a new one), the city then appealed to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — one step below the U.S. Supreme Court — and they got blown out of the water there, as well. Church Militant: 2, commies: 0!

Church Militant is the one fighting these battles — leading the charge — establishing legal precedents for the protection of religious liberty. Apparently, the commies in Washington, D.C., don't like that — too bad. That's why today we are announcing a new campaign called "A Dollar a Day," where you can make your voice heard and support this apostolate in its fight against these anti-God, anti-Catholic commies.

Our dollar-a-day campaign — $30 a month — asks you to step up and pledge just $1 a day for our invaluable work here. In the last approximately 18 months, Church Militant has spent close to $1 million to fight against this communist leviathan, both in federal court as well as setting up our very own server farm in a hidden location before we could get canceled on that front.

No other apostolate, not a single one, is as well-positioned as Church Militant to lead the assault against the communists as we are. "Locked and loaded," as they say, and we will not be bullied and threatened and forced to the margins of our own nation by Catholic-hating interlopers.

Years ago, Mother Angelica (on Eternal Word Television Network) used to ask people to put their donations to her network right in between their gas and electric bills and donate $25 a month. That was nearly 20 years ago, and in today's dollars, that would be $50.

But in today's dollars, we're only asking for $30, just $1 a day, so you can join us in this fight. Become an activist right along with us and let the commie feds know we aren't going anywhere, Merrick. It's you who need to get out, you anti-American, anti-Catholic bigot.

It costs a lot of money to run this apostolate, and we are calling on you. Even in the tough economy — we know, we get it.  Everyone here goes grocery shopping as well, and we have to put gas in our cars. But remember, the very reason the economy is in the toilet is because of these commie bastards. This hasn't happened by accident.

This apostolate will not sit by and do nothing.

In the space of just a few weeks of taking office, Biden sent the middle class into a tailspin, and we are still in it. But most importantly, on the spiritual front, their father is the Devil, and it's Catholicism they are coming after.

In fact, this whole thing, the phony religious displays of Biden, the national media running cover for him, the bishops sitting by cashing in on the immigration scheme to destroy the borders — all of this, Church Militant has been and continues to be the one hammering on each of these, as well as showing how they are all connected.

We've been exposing this all the way back to the 2016 campaign. That's why we call it a leviathan — because it is. It is the marriage of Marxism and modernism. And this apostolate will not sit by and do nothing and remain silent, especially when we are personally named in an FBI report. Don't forget, all of this is being done by them in the name of "justice."

Well, that form of "justice" needs to be blown up in the collective consciousness and exposed for what it really is: religious persecution. So we are asking you to please click the provided link right now and show your support for us in our fight to defeat these wicked leaders. It's just $1 a day, and collectively, your dollars can go a long way. So thank you in advance — and let's give these commie losers a punch right in the kisser.

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