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Brazil’s Cultural Transformation Under the Law

From Catholic majority to minority.

August 28, 2023  0


In the largest Catholic country in the world, it is now officially against the law to utter an anti-homosexual slur. Yes — against the law.

Last week, Brazil's Supreme Court, in a 9–1 decision, handed down the ruling, building on a 2019 ruling that said discrimination against the alphabet gang constitutes "racism," therefore saying something against them constitutes a racial slur.

And just so you know, you can go to prison for two to five years for that crime now. If more than one of you say something, the sentence is doubled — so there goes any kind of rally, demonstration or so forth.

How it might apply inside a Church, during a homily, for example, is unclear.

When John Paul went to Brazil in 1980, more than 90% of Brazil was Catholic. This year, just 43 years later, it's now 50%. For the first time in centuries, Catholics are about to lose the majority status in what is still the largest Catholic country (in terms of population) in the world.

What took hundreds of years to build has been wiped out in two generations.

And when that happens, it's a guarantee that the natural moral law will be jettisoned and the political–cultural system will follow suit, producing rulings like last week's. All of this is a result of a communist plan launched almost a century ago to destroy the West by destroying the Catholic Church by destroying morals and what those morals protect — the family, society's basic building block.

Once families are no longer intact, individuals become dependent on the State, which serves to increase its power. Once that road is set upon, it's never going to end well because the State assumes the powers of God and abuses those powers.

Church Militant has been pounding, and will continue to pound, the theme of anti-communism because communism is ultimately godless tyranny. It is a system built on the belief that the State is God.

We've produced quite a few programs relating to this and have more planned, but in the meantime, we are happy to reach into our video vault and re-present to many of you who have not seen it this episode of Marian Moments where we review the message of Fatima and the urgency of Our Lady's call.

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