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Catholic Bishops and Democrats: The Marxist Connection

Bad theology and bad politics.

July 5, 2023  0


One ingredient related to the Church's leadership, especially in America, that is common to the collapse of both the Church as well as the nation is the current of Marxism so prevalent within the U.S. hierarchy. When Stalin came to power in 1922, he took direct aim at the Catholic Church and set about an immediate campaign to destabilize Her.

While it all does seem to smack of conspiracy theory-type stuff, remember that many of the so-called conspiracy theories over the past few years have proven to be much more than a theory. The same is true here. But since so much of this is "inside Catholic baseball," it has gone largely unnoticed by most conservative secular media.

It is the biggest story not told in modern American history.

While it is true that some of this has played out as what appears to be strictly Catholic civil wars, there is another dynamic much less obvious, which is no less present than the theological battles. The culture wars in the United States, it could be argued, really began first inside the Catholic Church, as Marxist notions and applications of socialism began to take root alongside theological errors.

One need look no further than the evil of Liberation Theology in South America, imported from the Kremlin to shake the dominant Catholic influence throughout the entire continent. The same sort of thing happened in the United States as a direct result of Marxist philosophy being embraced by key players throughout the U.S. Church from the 1930s to the 1950s.

That generation set the stage for what would become, in the Catholic Church in America, a broad-based movement and coalition of like-minded fellow travelers intent on not just destabilizing the Church but also the country. It was the incubator in which the likes of Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin would be produced.

Likewise, the nation's Catholic universities, like their secular counterparts, were also invaded and overtaken by Marxist ideology. This Marxist takeover happened in many smaller, almost unknown or little-remembered skirmishes.

Barack Obama, for example, long before he became the community organizer in chief, learned those skills in the same incubator that his future Capitol Hill Catholic allies were nurtured in. Saul Alinksy partnered up with the Catholic Church in Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s and began the entire campaign of so-called community organizing.

It was under the auspices of Catholic training in "social justice" seminars, begun by Alinsky, that Barack Obama got his training — even having the Chicago archdiocese foot the bill for it.

The entire Marxist invasion of the U.S. Church was done under the phony guise of social justice. And from its inception in 1969, it fit neatly in line with the agenda of the Democratic Party, which made the same appeal politically about justice that corrupt Catholic leaders were making theologically.

Couple these new efforts by U.S. bishops with the historic alliance between Catholic immigrants and Democrats, and a powerful machine was created to change the course of a nation, with Church leaders baptizing the Democratic agenda and Democratic leaders, many of whom were Catholic, brandishing the blessing of the Church to advance their plans.

It was a tapestry, and still is, of historic cooperation between Church and State in a nation that seems to never tire of pointing at the infamous wall separating Church and State. But in this case, it was only part of the state, the party of the Democrats, whose agenda has been almost entirely embraced by the U.S. hierarchy.

It was only the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 that threw a monkey wrench into the works. And of course, the Marxist bishops denounced abortion here and there to appease conservative Catholics, but they never did anything substantial to fight it.

Not only did they refuse to follow the Church's canon law 915 and deny Holy Communion to pro-abort Catholic politicians, but they also have, to this day, never once in hundreds and hundreds of national collections, ever taken up one pro-life collection. The U.S. Church establishment is in a neck-and-neck race with the Republican Party establishment to see who can talk the biggest game about abortion but never actually do anything about it.

The culture wars in the United States really began inside the Catholic Church. 

And moreover, for another example, it was the bishops' national conference that came out publicly swinging for the fences in favor of Obamacare. It was Catholic Sen. Susan Collins, another product of the incubator, who voted the legislation out of committee and got it to the Senate floor for a final vote. It was her single vote that ensured Obamacare became law. Obamacare should really be called "BishopCare." 

Obama proposed it, but the bishops, alongside their theologically corrupt politician sheep, are the ones who brought it to birth. The America we are witnessing before us today has the fingerprints of three generations of bishops and corrupt clergy all over it. It is the biggest story not told in modern American history.

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