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Catholic Bishops Exploit Faith To Promote Woke Christianity

Woke bishops like Abp. Gustavo García-Siller aren't really shepherds at all.

May 9, 2023  0


There are fewer things in the Church more revolting to listen to or see than woke bishops. They are just the latest evolution in the class of men who began as social justice warriors and simply morphed into the next phase.

Take, for example, the archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, Gustavo García-Siller, a poster boy for the woke crap we see everywhere. And before we get into specifics about him, consider that all of these terms are nothing other than dog whistles for communism: woke, social justice, socialism, equity and any other substitute word that comes to mind. It's communism, plain and simple.

And communists create and use and deploy every imaginable weapon they can in their attempt to gain global domination. It's done through a combination of seizing on naturally occurring events, like the weather, and then insisting that global domination must be exerted to gain control of the climate.

It's communism, plain and simple.

Then there are the other types of events that have actually been engineered by them and then immediately exploited — things like street violence, illegal immigration and decrying a lack of gun control.

And since the communists control the major media outlets, they have almost complete control of the narrative, labeling anything that exposes them as "disinformation," which, of course, must then be censored. The major media outlets are all liars and are the major component, the single driving force that makes the destruction of a nation possible.

Turning now, specifically, to the case of the archbishop of San Antonio, the past few days have been troubling for the state of Texas with mass shootings. The media, of course, are pumping out headlines that "white supremacy" is at fault, despite the fact that one of the killers is a four-time deported Mexican national.

But, of course, that doesn't matter to the media or, apparently, the archbishop. For García-Siller, the culprit is the guns, not the illegal immigrants and potential gang members gunning down white people.

Over the weekend, in one 24-hour window, García-Siller tweeted 14 tweets decrying a lack of gun control, blaming guns, not the person holding and firing the guns, for all the violence and killing.

At one point, in likely his most revealing tweet, he said, "Who approves guns and therefore killings? Who? Who? We have had enough! For some, it is not! There are some that do not mind. May our political leaders do something to improve the killing today. Let us ask them: How are you stopping killing today? How?"

Aside from the patent absurdity of his comment, it's also massively insulting. The association of those who simply approve of guns with an approval of killing? Seriously? So in this nut job's mind, if you approve of (and presumably own) guns, you therefore automatically approve of mass shootings and killings? What? He underscores his madness, doubling down on it and saying, "There are some who do not mind."

Hey, bishop, get this through your woke skull: Law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who have guns are not the reason for mass shootings. Woke policies that you support, cloaking them in religiosity, are the reason. Americans have had guns since forever — and lots of them. They don't go around shooting people in malls and blowing away innocent bystanders and victims. Wake up.

Either the archbishop is a moron, or he's so emotional over the obvious tragic shootings, or he is part of the problem — a willing participant in the ideology that has brought America to its knees. How come mass shootings have increased so much? Because there are more guns?

No! It's because there are more fanatics being created by woke policies. Some of them are legal; others are illegal. If you seriously want to end the violence and killings where guns are being used, archbishop, then you would agree to policies that reduce the number of fanatics, not the number of guns.

The Nashville shootings, for example. That wasn't some nice white American with a gun. It was a wild-eyed transactivist who wrote a lengthy manifesto about hating Christianity — a manifesto that law enforcement refuses to release because they're still "investigating."

And of course, the media, as part of "operation cover-up," has completely moved on. In virtually every one of these cases of mass shooting, the killers turn out to be either illegal or violent criminals that prosecutors refused to prosecute or deviants so sick in their political beliefs that they justify mass killings. It's never some normal dude with a family just making a living.

Yet these are who García-Siller demonizes as part of the problem. The murderous fanatics who are actually doing the shootings are created by woke policies because communism does not care about people; it cares about power and control. That a bishop in the Church refuses to see this and goes on continually coming out in favor of more wokeness tells you everything you need to know about the state of the world.

García-Siller, who is so concerned with justice, is also the same bishop who kicked a small group of faithful nuns out of his archdiocese as revenge for losing a battle in Rome over control of the parish where they had been stationed for nine years and collecting donations to build a convent and monastery. To finance themselves, the good sisters embarked on a soap-making business — terrific smelling soaps that we sell in our Church Militant store to help them.

Communism does not care about people; it cares about power and control.

They were well on their way to establishing their monastery on a donated piece of land of 300 acres, which they gave us a tour of, until archbishop "justice" ripped the rug out from under them and ordered them out of his archdiocese — again, because he's so into justice and concern for victims.

We scrolled back quite a ways on his Twitter page and could not find a single tweet decrying abortion — which claims thousands of victims every day — and certainly not 14 in a single 24-hour window. So if you are a baby or a sweet little nun, to hell with you. If you are an honest citizen who poses no threat of going on a mass shooting spree, to hell with you too.

Ah, but if you are a wokester who wants to get rid of guns in an effort to help usher in communism, then, by all means, step to the front of the line, and we will mourn together at the current level of injustice. Beware these woke bishops, every one of them, and that includes their brother bishops who remain silent about their propaganda.

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