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Catholic Charities’ Years of Funding Illegal Immigration

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

August 3, 2023  0


If you needed any proof that the money-racket machine the U.S. bishops are running is decidedly Marxist and they have no intentions of reforming, just look at what happened recently at Catholic Charities.

For the record, Catholic Charities is the bishop-run group that collects enormous sums of taxpayer money to destabilize the southern border of the United States by spiriting in illegal aliens by the millions, and then shipping them all over the country with your tax dollars.

In fact, the anti-American leftist organization is so corrupt in its anti-American activities that it's become the target of a congressional investigation by Republicans in the U.S. House — that's bad.

In a letter to Catholic Charities, the congressmen said,

We write to express our deep concerns with the growing role non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in fueling the drastic increase in illegal aliens crossing the southern border. While Americans suffer the consequences of the unprecedented chaos at the border, NGOs continue to profit off of exploiting our immigration laws. ...

Next Congress, we will continue to investigate your organization's role in facilitating the border crisis, your potential violations of federal law, and your misuse of taxpayer funds. We are notifying you that Catholic Charities is required to preserve all information related to any expenditures submitted for reimbursement from the federal government related to migrants encountered at the southern border.  

This was not the first letter they had sent to Catholic Charities.

We will continue to investigate your role in facilitating the border crisis.

Taking their cue from how the U.S. bishops sit back like they are accountable to no one (even God), they simply ignored that first letter. That prompted the House members to lower the boom in another letter, saying, "Catholic Charities failed to respond to a letter you received previously from my office on February 9, 2022. As a reminder, your organization could be subject to prosecution for violating Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a), which defines several distinct offenses related to aliens."

The USCCB is a political lobby outfit that lobbies for legislation and then funding for itself, to push Marxist causes. Period. End of story. That's it.

At the end of the month, the Marxist nun who ran Catholic Charities for the bishops, Sr. Donna Markham will step down and be replaced by another equally minded, considerably younger Marxist woman by the name of Kerry Alys Robinson.

The entire establishment of the Catholic Inc., is run by these types of individuals who are all tied up in the elitist crowd of the Church — and in Washington, D.C., that almost always revolves around Georgetown.

True to form, the nun was deeply associated with Georgetown and used that platform as a means to insulate her radical agenda under the guise of it being "Catholic," because, after all, you know, she's a nun and, well, Georgetown.

In D.C., that's all part of the swamp, regardless of the label of "Catholic." Ain't nothin' Catholic about it.

Of course, Robinson is a cog in the wheel of Catholic Inc., as well, being a Georgetown grad as well as Yale Divinity School, which, by the way, ain't Catholic, but is liberal as hell. Of course it is. She will be picking up where the old nun left off, directing an organization to petition for hundreds of millions of dollars each year in tax money, that the lobby at the USCCB will have helped to make available by pushing congressmen to support passage of certain bills.

It's a giant machine, where even if you change the people, the drama keeps being played out. It's living proof of the old maxim "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Catholic Inc., long ago abandoned the Faith. They have held onto the institutions and offices and labels because they are helpful, but make no mistake, this has zero to do with saving souls and everything to do with keeping the machinery well-oiled.

So Church Militant cheers the efforts of various congressmen to choke off this money and hold Catholic Charities' feet to the fire.

It's time to defund the U.S. bishops.

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