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Catholic Colonization Was Miraculous, Not Evil

Don't let communist academia deceive you.

May 24, 2023  0


Ever notice how the commie bastards take something from history, distort it or lie about it, manufacture some altered version of it, create a new vocabulary about it, fabricate an entire narrative about it, produce a list of erroneous and incomplete talking points, push that through the media and educational institutions, and, when it's all said and done, they have rewritten history?

They are the most creative human beings in history. You've got to give 'em that. Of course, the inquiring mind would, well, inquire, "What's the point of all that?" 

And the answer to that question is what lays bear the real intentions of the commies (also known as "the Left," "socialists," and "Democrats" — all the same thing). It's not that they are so much anti-American (although that is certainly true). They are anti-Catholic, anti-God. Heck, Marx even said so when he called religion the "opium of the people."

When Europeans came to the West, they found other civilizations built on brutality.

While he would have — in theory, anyway — extended his definition of religion to all religion, remember that his experience of religion, what he saw every day, was Christianity. I'm pretty sure he wasn't really concerned with Pygmy tribes worshipping trees in some far-off forest somewhere.

The religion he saw as a holdback to the creation of his utopia was Christianity, shorthand for Catholicism.

It was, and remains the case, that Catholicism built Western civilization — a political and social structure predicated on the dignity of man owing to the single fact that he is made in the image and likeness of God.

That is the North Star of Western civilization. And while, yes, there have been many individual examples of leaders and followers betraying that compass point through the ages, it remains the case that human dignity is the starting point for all of this, a dignity conferred by God.

And remember the significance of that dignity — so overwhelming that it caused many of the angels to fall, so enraged were they that a creature made of clay would surpass them in majesty that their pride could not assimilate that, so they rebelled.

Likewise, human dignity so far surpasses the angels that the Eternal Logos took on our nature to redeem and restore it. Those theological truths are the starting points of Catholicism, and all of Western civilization is predicated on them.

Culture, coming from the word "cult," is built on religious principles; it always has been for all of history, no matter what empire or civilization you encounter or study. This brings us to a theme that drives the commies nuts in their attempt to subvert the Christian order.

All civilizations cannot be equal, cannot have the same worth, because they have different starting points based on their guiding principles, their North Stars. Only Catholic civilization can claim to be superior, and that's because it is.

That's why the Church set out to bring the gospel to different lands and civilizations — because it is not just superior, but primary.

It's true that the Church's missionaries rode along on the coattails of European powers, whose greater interests were likely political and financial, but that doesn't negate or wipe away the intentions of the actual missionaries.

This dual reality is what gets lumped together in the communist analysis and rewrite of history. That's why "colonization" has emerged as a dirty word in the Marxist lexicon. After all, how dare one civilization think it is superior to another (bypassing the screamingly obvious point that they believe their civilization is superior, which is why they are attempting to overthrow Catholic civilization)?

So laying aside the clear hypocrisy, the question has been asked and answered: Is one civilization superior to another? Yes. And not just yes, but glaringly so.

Despite the Marxist talking points of historical revision, when Europeans came to the western hemisphere, they found other civilizations built on brutality, child sacrifice, slavery, ritualized murder and people's hearts torn out from them when they were still alive.

But, of course, none of that ever gets presented by the commies. They fancy the presentation that these "empires" were sweet people sitting around charting the stars and quietly inhabiting the land. Creating a victim class goes back very far with the commies because victims are victims, after all, because of their oppressors. 

So the good guy versus bad guy dichotomy is instantly created — and guess who the "bad guys" are: European powers who also happened to have Catholic missionaries in tow.

It is true that there were various atrocities and so forth committed by the governmental powers (note that we never see the commies admitting that every civilization or empire engaged in the same types of acts). That said, since the European colonial powers had been tempered by Christianity, they were nowhere near as brutal and subjugating as previous empires of history.

They did not wipe these people from the face of the earth; they allowed the Church to baptize them. And therein is the sticking point for the commies, the one they are loath to actually admit: They don't really care about the idea of military conquest or the subjugation of one civilization by another.

Communists understand completely that their ultimate enemy is religion.

All you need to do is look to Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong to see that. When commies are the oppressors, well, it's just the natural flow taking its course. They will, of course, pretend that this is the real issue, but it's not. Communists understand completely, even more so than most Christians, that their ultimate enemy is religion, and not just religion in some general sense, but Catholicism, in particular.

So they set up a facade that it is the colonial powers, meaning the monarchies, that are the enemy, when the reality is that it was and is the spread of the gospel, based on that pesky little God-given dignity of man — that's the real bee in their bonnet.

When Catholic missionaries came ashore, within hours, the cross was planted in the earth and Mass was offered, and the spiritual welfare of the people was almost immediately begun being tended to.

I'm pretty sure that's not what Caesar did, or Stalin or Chairman Mao. They just killed and created slave populations. Colonization, in the lexicon of communism, secretly refers to the evangelization of the nations, not the conquest of one empire by another. That last part is just the lie to smuggle in their atheism and make it have an air of respectability.

A point to always keep in mind: Any political or cultural system that denies the dignity of man based on being made in the image and likeness of God is antithetical to the Faith and must be confronted and defeated.

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