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Communion and the Crooked Cardinal

Nothing is as innocent as it seems.

February 3, 2021  0



One of the many travesties and tragedies exposed in the past decades involving corruption in the Church is the distribution and reception of Holy Communion in the hand. Marxist-minded clerics in the Church decades ago decided that, in order to weaken faith in the Church, they needed to weaken and eventually destroy faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Well, they've been successful.

Today, only 30% — less than one out of every three Catholics — believe in the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist. So from a Marxist point of view, mission accomplished. But as we said, this is the end result of a long-term strategy by Judas clergy who wanted the Church and her teachings leveled to clear the way for a one-world government and a one-world religion.

Reception of Holy Communion in the hand, seen in this light, is a direct affront to Almighty God. How this came to be was revealed in a series of Church Militant programs a number of years ago, but given the urgency of the need to get all things back in their proper order, we want to highlight some of our Premium programming that explains all this.

Reception of Holy Communion in the hand, seen in this light, is a direct affront to Almighty God.

One of the programs is Case Files, where Simon Rafe gets deep into all of this. The background on all this dates back to a wicked cardinal, Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, who, in addition to pushing Communion in the hand, was also responsible for flooding the American hierarchy with practicing homosexuals and others sympathetic to it.

He was elevated to his high role in the U.S. Church by his mentor, Cdl. John Dearden of Detroit, a sinister figure who laid the groundwork for the collapse of the Church when he came back from Vatican II in the mid-1960s.

After pulling the altars off the back walls, having the priest face the people and turn his back to Christ in the tabernacle and tearing out the Communion rails, he left it to Bernardin to deliver the final blow to destroy faith in the Real Presence — reception in the hand.

It's unsurprising that Bernardin would actually rig the vote and then lie about it to his fellow bishops to achieve his wicked ends. This, after all, is the same bishop who pushed the phony social justice narrative in the Church, termed the "seamless garment," where the slaughter of millions of preborn innocents would be counted as equal to losing your job.

That Marxist narrative has been spun by liars and killers like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi for years now, with many saying, "I'm personally opposed to abortion, but." Communion in the hand was never approved by Vatican II, but its proponents are constantly using Vatican II as the excuse. They are either ignorant or liars.

This is just a small sample of the material you will find here on Church Militant as a Premium member. The world is in its current condition because of the lack of conviction of Catholics in addition to the ignorance of men of goodwill who have never encountered the fullness of Christ in His Catholic Church.

Please sign up today and become a Premium member here at Church Militant. Channel the justified anger you have at the current political and cultural scene in shoring up your spirituality and theological knowledge.

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All this week, we'll be spotlighting just a small sampling of Premium programs we have — thousands of episodes — in the hopes that you will sign up and watch them. And if you are a Premium member, then take this as a gentle reminder to view them anew. There is a great cultural war raging, and at its heart is a spiritual conflict — the war for souls launched in Eden and existing in every single man's heart.

No man can win that war without being grounded in truth as a first priority. So please sign up today: Help us help you while you help us to evangelize the world. 

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