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Disastrous Eucharistic Revival: A Shrewd Swindle?

There are better options for learning the Faith.

May 12, 2023  0


In case you haven't heard, the U.S. bishops launched a national Eucharistic revival campaign, which will culminate next summer (July, specifically) in Indianapolis. They are concerned now, not decades ago, with a decided lack of belief in the real presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist. Recent polls continue to show most Catholics either don't know that teaching or do know it and reject it.

That's what 60 years of talking about social justice and moving the tabernacle out of the center and having old ladies in their finest jeans and T-shirts distribute Holy Communion accomplishes. It's also what allowing hundreds and, over the years, thousands of supposedly Catholic politicians who support killing children to receive does. Why believe something when practically everyone, including the leaders, doesn't?

Let's get into the plan of the bishops a little bit here for perspective, a plan being billed as the reigniting of belief in the Eucharist. Remember, this whole thing came up because faithful Catholics were demanding the bishops do something and take a stand and stop allowing Joe Biden, as well as many others, to receive Holy Communion.

Faithful Catholics were demanding the bishops do something.

That was the entire impetus for this entire initiative. It came about at the November 2021 bishops' meeting, a meeting where the entire media was looking to see if they would indeed forbid him and Nancy and all the rest. Of course, they didn't. What they did instead was dream up this whole thing with a gigantic price tag of tens of millions as a way to placate the masses, the mob with torches and pitchforks.

Since the meeting, one of the bishops even stood up and said it was scandalous (his word) to try and raise that kind of money for this. The bishops and their teams have since scaled back a bit. However, a clamor has begun among the faithful that the cost to attend in Indy next summer is simply out of touch.

It's hundreds of dollars for a full ticket for admission, and that does not take into account any travel, food and hotel for those who are not nearby. The average family would drop between one and two thousand dollars to attend the weekend, and that reality, in these days of Bidenomics, is giving great pause. They're planning on 80 thousand attendees from around the country. But with that anticipated layout, it's pretty definite the national revival will be largely regional. 

So the whole event is something of a mystery, born out of a desire to quell the angry mob, put up some front (however ineffective) to combat Biden's sacrilege, throw together an initial budget of almost 30 million, then scale that back and then charge families hundreds and hundreds of dollars simply to get in the doors.

It's way too costly, nowhere near robust enough and still watered down, so it's insufficient. And when everyone goes home from Indy, Joe Biden will still be receiving. So really, what's the point?

There are just too many mixed signals: "Look, we really believe this!" Well, yeah, but not enough to prevent sacrilege. Not enough to actually obey canon 212, which says people like Biden are not allowed to receive, but the bishops just ignore that. So to whatever degree they believe, it's pretty darn clear it's not enough.

Nothing will change at the parish level, which is where it needs to happen. Tabernacles won't be moved back. Communion in the hand will stay in place. Biden will still be admitted. So-called Eucharistic ministers will still swarm the sanctuary. So what's the point?

This is the proverbial "fix by committee" what could be done much more simply and cost effectively. For example, years and years ago, Church Militant had already clued into the crisis of belief in the Real Presence. And no, it didn't take a genius to figure it out. It just took working eyeballs.

Nothing will change at the parish level.

That's why the single most produced programming topic we cover, all the way back to our inception in 2006, has been the Eucharist. The fourth season of The One True Faith is all that — 13 hours. We have an entire 6-hour apologetics class on it and multiple Vortex episodes out of the nearly four thousand we have produced.

And then, to go even further, we produced this documentary a couple of years ago, complete with its own booklet. And we also produced this really important collection called Where Did the Bible Come From? to stress the importance of the scriptural foundation of all Catholic teaching. 

So we aren't saying don't go to the bishops' Indy revival next summer. But we realize from reading hundreds of comments that most simply cannot afford it. What we are saying is whether you attend or not, this combo package is certainly going to bolster your knowledge and faith in the Real Presence. That's the entire reason we spent over a hundred hours producing them both. So please click on the provided link to place your order today.

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