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15 Years of Exposing Marxists Through ‘The Vortex’

The real Catholic media vs. Church and State communists.

August 31, 2023  0

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This Labor Day weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the Vortex, which means almost 4,000 individual episodes have been produced and aired and viewed tens of millions of times.

The very first episode aired this weekend in 2008 and focused on Oprah Winfrey and her ridiculous little guest Eckhart Tolle, who collectively have misled millions spiritually.

Originally, Vortex was not supposed to air until Jan. 1, 2009, but, because of the Obama campaign, we decided to pull it ahead a few months in hopes of influencing at least some Catholics to not vote for him. It was a good effort but obviously didn't stop Obama from getting elected.

At one point, considering Obama's lack of any real experience (or qualifications) to be president, I actually threw my hat in the ring as well. Throughout roughly the first eight or nine months of Vortex, we dedicated it to covering Obama and his slightly hidden anti-religion, anti-God agenda.

But in May 2009, it came home like a thunderbolt as the child-killer-in-chief strode across the stage at Notre Dame's commencement, and practically every bishop in America said nothing. Fewer than 90 out of more than 300 were content to remain silent in one of the greatest displays of shame in U.S. Catholic history.

The child-killer-in-chief strode across the stage at Notre Dame's commencement.

But for us, that was a turning point — a wake-up call that something was deeply wrong in the Church, and the bishops were the cause.

So we started focusing on bad bishops, their corruption — moral, financial, liturgical, doctrinal and so forth. Of course, they didn't like that and started operating behind the scenes, once we started shining the spotlight on them, to destroy us.

Our own archbishop here in Detroit, Allen Vigneron, who launched a great injustice against one of his very solid priests (and who hands in his resignation this October), pursued the path of pretending we couldn't use the name Catholic in our title, as in "RealCatholicTV."

For the record, that's not what happened (read the actual press release), but he and his henchmen in the Detroit chancery carefully worded the document in such a way to make it sound like that was what happened. It didn't.

Anyway, it turned out well because we changed the name to "Church Militant," and the rest is history.

Likewise, Abp. Charles Chaput came after us because he didn't like the idea that lay people criticize the evils of the hierarchy. He privately emailed me with some of the most condescending language I've ever received in response to our report and Vortex on how Saul Alinsky had been so influential in corrupting the hierarchy and helping start up the social justice apparatus of the Church.

When I responded to him that he was wrong and being high-handed, the very next day he called some diocesan TV stations who were airing our One True Faith programs (namely Fresno and Brooklyn) and ordered it off the air. They complied, of course.

That story should be a warning to everyone that just because a given bishop generally speaks orthodoxy, doesn't necessarily mean he's a stand-up guy. Not at all.

Many of these men, even the technically orthodox ones, can be petty and vindictive and steeped in pride.

And thus began the hierarchy's campaign against Church Militant. 

It's gone so far because of the hard blows we deliver in Vortex, that multiple seminarians have told us that, while applying to various seminaries, they are asked if they follow Church Militant. That's a screen-them-out question.

As the years passed, with thousands of Vortex episodes being aired, we began to see the intimate connection between the bishops and politics (U.S. politics) and how the greed and desire for power of some has helped bring about the crash of the culture.

Of course, it takes two to tango, and what has become very apparent in the past seven or so years is that the Democratic Party, which is who the bishops favor and carry an agenda for, is actually the communist party in the United States.

As affairs, events and developments have unfolded in light of the Trump 2016 campaign, his subsequent presidency and the undermining of it by Obama holdovers, and the Biden administration's assaults against Catholics and political conservatives, it is now clear that too many of the bishops are in league with all this.

Such bishops are the greatest enemy to the U.S. republic that you never knew you had. Perhaps one could refer to the USCCB collectively as the "United States Conference of Communist Bishops."

The USCCB is beholden to the communist Democrats for billions of dollars in U.S. tax dollars.

Many members obviously have no supernatural faith — many actually reject the notion of the Deposit of Faith. Some have no regard for the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Faithless shepherds are awash in the blood of innocents, the unborn as well as tens of thousands of teenage male victims of the clerics that bishops have covered up for (and still do; see New Orleans' Abp. Aymond, for example).

Bishops have bankrupted going on three dozen dioceses to halt all lawsuits by the victims. They have stashed away billions in assets in their secret holdings like Catholic Mutual in Omaha. They are sitting atop vast fortunes in their diocesan endowments. They stole billions from the PPP funds at the beginning of COVID. The list of their crimes would make Hell blush with shame.

They have, in fact, overseen the greatest meltdown of the Faith in Church history. One out of every eight Americans walking around is a former Catholic.

A point, however, that is worth noting (very important): While some Catholics, more and more, are coming to know all this, most still don't.

The bishops have developed their own media apparatus to insulate them from the truth. You will never see a story in the mainstream Catholic media about the bishops getting billions from the U.S. government and using that money to foster illegal immigration. You will never see a story in the mainstream Catholic media highlighting any of these.

In fact, from sources inside those circles, we know they have been instructed to never even mention the name "Church Militant." That's likely a leftover directive from Abp. Chaput who, before his retirement, had managed to put his seal on that whole enterprise.

But whether he is the brains behind the campaign against CM or just one of its implementers, the reality remains. For 15 years and thousands and thousands of Vortex episodes, we have struck out at episcopal evil, complicity and cowardice, and they don't like it.

Many bishops bless James Martin (the homosexualist Jesuit undermining the Church's teaching at every turn), they endorse his books, allow him to speak practically anywhere, develop a social media following of hundreds of thousands, never denounce him, and yet Church Militant is labeled the enemy! Do seminaries ask potential recruits if they watch and listen to James Martin?

For the record, being viewed as the "enemy" by a group of communist bishops is actually a badge of honor. The Vortex's emphasis on politics and the link between the hierarchy and communism even got us publicly denounced, by name, in an official Vatican publication a few years back.

Church Militant has been in the vanguard really shaping the narrative on all this for years now. Actually, the tip of the spear.

Cooperation between Church leaders and communism is the single biggest threat to the Faith; meaning, at the end of the day, the damnation of millions — and it must be confronted and fought against.

Are you mad? Good. You should be. If you can't get mad about this, you aren't breathing. But what are you going to do about it? You need to commit to fighting it, being armed with information and spreading that information.

Information is king, which is why bad bishops and communists do everything they can to stymie information getting out.

Do seminaries ask potential recruits if they watch and listen to James Martin?

That's why we are asking you to help us by signing up for our Dollar a Day Campaign — it's just $30 a month to keep this invaluable work going.

We chose to be in electronic media, visual media, because we know that it is the single most important driver in the culture, just as the communists do. Please commit to just a dollar a day to help us keep informing as many people as possible.

If you want an example of how your helping us makes a difference, look no further than last month's press conference in D.C., where we and our coalition partners shined a much-needed spotlight on the bishops aiding and abetting the collapse of America by getting billions in funding to undermine border security.

A month later, those efforts have produced more than 25 million impressions in social media through the reporting of political conservative outlets — 25 million impressions that would have not been there except for our labors.

So, please, today, help us inform the public by donating just a dollar a day, which you can do by clicking on the provided link.

Thank you in advance for keeping Church Militant the tip of the spear in fighting communism, in and out of the Church.

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