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Freedom or Bust

Leave everything on the field.

October 21, 2020  0
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Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

There are less than two weeks to go for the future of America. Period. And that is no exaggeration.

It's actually an understatement because what will happen across the globe if Trump loses will be a total crushing of any burgeoning movements of freedom in other nations.

When Trump won in 2016, it awoke a sense of anti-globalism across the planet. People enslaved to elitist one-world-government legislation plucked up the courage to combat it, inspired by a renewed American desire for freedom and patriotism.

This one is for all the marbles. And don't think for a moment that the Luciferian Party of Death doesn't know that. They are pulling out every stop they can to sink Trump. But we know all that.

That's why Antifa mobs attacked a freedom protest in San Francisco last weekend — physically assaulting not only the organizer of the protest, knocking out two of his teeth and also sending three San Francisco police officers to the hospital.

The people around President Trump have been very concerned over the past few years about the threat of tyranny slowly descending on the world — communism rising.

Catholics are born for combat.

Matt Schlapp is a trusted confidant of President Trump as well as a devout, faithful Catholic. As a Catholic whose vision is not limited to just the natural world, he brings an uncommon point of view (but actually the only legitimate one) to the whole scene.

It's taken a methodical, slow march by the Marxists through the institutions — predominantly education and media — but we've now arrived at the point where they are within a whisker of pulling off making America a socialist nation.

Schlapp shared with us that he (and pretty much every Catholic he knows who understands the larger picture) is storming Heaven with prayers for the protection of the country from the communist scourge.

It's a key point that too many people, even including Catholics who count themselves as faithful, have simply been out to lunch on all this.

They are the typical example of what Our Lord said about people being asleep when the enemy came and sowed weeds in the garden. If Our Lady grants us a reprieve one more time, we must not only pray for that, but promise, here and now, right this minute, that we will not be content with the status quo.

The Church's hierarchy is a cesspool of corruption, and too many Catholics have done nothing, even knowing it. Complacency has morphed into indifference — a greater concern for leisure than fighting, for comfort than fighting for victory.

Pope Benedict said to us, "You were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness." The very principle of the Church Militant fighting evil in this world has been cast aside.

If Biden and the communists win, the lazy, indifferent Catholics, the ones who don't actually go to Mass and believe the Faith, those Catholics who did not fight when there was a fight to engage in, they will get everything they deserve.

How dare anyone who regards himself a loyal son of the Church or counts himself as faithful have sat by these past years and done nothing or next to nothing? What did you do about the McCarrick revelations (which revealed much more than just a twisted old pervert assaulting hundreds of seminarians)?

It shed light on the whole corrupt network that allowed him to function for decades. It revealed the liars in miters — like Cdl. Wuerl and Cdl. Farrell, who both rushed to do interviews saying they were "shocked."

A true Catholic believes in faith and works.

Did you organize other Catholics in your parish or social circles? Did you schedule an appointment with your pastor and/or bishop and say until the full truth is exposed, they are cut off from your funds?

Did you organize protests at the chancery? Did you demand a full public release of your bishop's financials? Did you demand to know exactly what the faculty at seminaries are teaching? Did you look at the required reading?

Did you review the credentials and ideological leanings of the seminary faculty? Did you demand that your bishop denounce the wicked Fr. James Martin, who reaches Catholics in your diocese via social media? Did you challenge and protest any diocesan conferences where the speakers are anything but orthodox?

If this has not become your life's mission (to the extent your station in life permits it), then you need to get on your knees and not only pray for America to be spared, but commit to doing everything you can do to right this ship.

These evil politicians, many of whom are Catholic, have made such great strides because of the failures and cooperation with evil of the hierarchy. Do not pray to spare America if you aren't willing to step up in a period of grace and actually do something with the time given. A true Catholic believes in faith and works.

Church Militant's full interview with Matt Schlapp will air, as one last push for Catholic voters, on Nov. 1 — two days before the election. It will be a free Mic'd Up episode titled "Catholics for Trump."

We need to work like crazy in these last few days. But if we are able to win, then the real hard work begins. As Pope Leo XIII so correctly said, Catholics are born for combat.

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