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Globalists Are Now Planning Their Next Global Terror

A ruthless strategy that will likely go viral.

August 29, 2023  0

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The communist Left is at it again. In case you missed it, the initial rollout of COVID-panic 2.0 is underway. Right here, in the dog days of summer, it's all being ginned up again, from masks to shots — just in time for election season.

The machinery is once again being uncovered, dusted off, oiled up and being put through the paces. That means two things: You are going to start hearing more and more about "the deadliest virus in the history of humanity" and censorship of "misinformation" along with the dramatic need to make sure that all of it is squashed — all in the name of preserving your health, of course.

Lionsgate movies tried mandating masks on their sets, quickly removing it after public backlash, claiming the so-called "outbreak is contained." A number of the Marxist colleges and universities are psyching up their moronic beta male and aggressive female student bodies as well.

Marxists are hell-bent on world domination.

The total ineffectiveness of masks and the enormous number of side effects from the last round of jabs are, of course, ignored and poo-pooed by the Marxist media. And when it becomes evident that it's all true, out come the "experts" to lie to you.

So a question for the U.S. bishops: Are they going to start with their Marxist go-along antics this time around as well? Masks at Mass. Yellow tape on every other pew. A football field between each of the congregants. Bathing in hand sanitizer instead of holy water. And, of course, all leading up to shutting down the parishes. You already know the answer.

These bishops who feed at the money trough of the Democrat Marxists are not going to bite the hand that fattens their coffers. Bishop-approved Biden — and yes, they approve of him — is already already gearing up to sign off on another jab.

It's all about power for commies — inside the Church as well as outside — and a commie Catholic in the Oval Office makes their job even easier.

The problem for too many faithful Catholics and political conservatives is they simply fail to recognize this, in and out of the Church. Marxists are hell-bent on world domination. Karl Marx made no bones about that. Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, made no bones about it, as well as publicly stating the need to destroy the Catholic Church to gain that dominance. 

The communist parties in Europe (Poland, for example) as well as the United States set about to invade the Church's hierarchy, successfully. In South America, the KGB's creation of so-called Liberation Theology was successfully installed to wipe out Catholicism on that continent —mission largely accomplished.

And the destruction of the culture in the West, from the invasion of the U.S. government going as far back as at least the 1950s, has succeeded beyond anything the KGB and Joe Stalin might have ever dreamed.

Faithful Catholics and political conservatives either don't get all this or are just too busy trying to lead a "normal life" while the commies, in and out of the Church, are gobbling up huge chunks of cultural real estate. Soon, there won't be any place to live those "normal lives." The lack of willingness to recognize and fight against this is shocking.

And the underlying problem is an inability to intellectually accept that there are people out there — world leaders, industry leaders, Church leaders — who want you submissive, or dead. Period.

By analogy, almost no one goes past a playground, sees kids playing and starts plotting how they can snatch the weak one, molest him and then dispose of the body. But the reality is that there are people like that, and until you start thinking like that, getting in the minds of these monsters, it will continue happening.

It's one thing to accept in general terms that there is evil in the world and some bad people who do bad things. But it is entirely different to accept and then reorder your life around this truth.

Conservative Catholics and political conservatives have been unwilling to do this sufficiently, and as a result, the entire world is being ripped apart by communists, who have been very public for over a century that world domination is their goal.  

When the Soviet Union fell, enormous numbers of us celebrated the fall of communism. Man, were we premature. The Soviet Union fell, yes. The host organism was killed. But the contagion of communism simply grew in other host countries that it had spread to from the Soviets.

Communism in the culture, and especially in the Church, is a deadly virus that is in sore need of a vaccine. That's what we need immunization against. Unfortunately, the commies are a century ahead of us, and it all began not with education, but first, it was just information.

Taking over the media and the university system followed after poisoning the world of information. For them, that was a hundred years ago. For us, that's where we are right now, just at the beginning. Who knows if we will ever make it to the end. They have an enormous head start.

Too few Catholics and political conservatives understand even the most rudimentary truths of all this. So there can never be a serious, well-thought-out plan to battle against it, to seize back what has been taken, by whatever means, if people just don't know all this.

Church Militant has been sounding the alarm on all this for years. In fact, in the world of Catholic media, no one has poured the time and resources into this work that we have. No one. Heck, while the liturgical wars rage in the Church, the commies advance.

The real reason the Catholic establishment hates Church Militant isn't because we shine a spotlight on the sexual abuse of teenage boys, their financial rot, the dominance of the James Martin types everywhere in the Church and so forth. No. The real reason they hate us is because we connect all those dots and more for you and point the finger straight at what it is: the collapse of the Church under modernism/Marxism that Pope St. Pius X warned about at the turn of the last century.

The Marxists in the Church are termites, billions of them, eating away at everything. No one termite does all the damage and makes the house collapse. 

And to focus too narrowly on one thing — the Traditional Latin Mass or gay priests or the theft of billions from the laity or the cooperation with the destruction of the country or the wiping out of vocations or the destruction of religious orders or the blowing up of Catholic education, to zero in on just one of those — misses the big picture. And it is the big picture that the commies never take their eyes off.

We here at Church Militant highlight every one of those but also tie them all together for you, connect the dots like no one else does. That's why we are asking you to help us by signing up for our Dollar a Day Campaign, just $30 a month to keep this invaluable work going.

We chose to be in electronic media, the visual media, because we know that it is the single most important driver in the culture. That's why the Marxists raced to it to seize control. They understood its power. Hapless, bumbling Catholic leaders did not and largely still do not. Meanwhile, the Marxist march continues unabated.

The lack of willingness to recognize and fight against this is shocking.

Please commit to just a dollar a day to help us keep informing as many people as possible.

If you want an example of how your help makes a difference, look no further than last month's press conference in D.C. where we and our coalition partners shined a much-needed spotlight on the bishops aiding and abetting the collapse of America by getting billions in funding to undermine border security.

A month later, those efforts have produced more than 25 million impressions on social media through the reporting of politically conservative outlets. That's 25 million impressions that would not have been there except for our effort.

So please, today, help us inform the public by donating just a dollar a day, which you can do by clicking on the provided link above.

Thank you in advance for keeping Church Militant the tip of the spear in fighting communism, in and out of the Church.

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