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It’s Here: GOP Turns on the Liberal Bishops

A long road back.

July 28, 2023  0


For the first time, perhaps ever, the U.S. bishops are finding themselves in a dogfight on Capitol Hill when it comes to them getting and using your tax dollars to destabilize the border.

The press conference in Washington, D.C., last week (which Church Militant covered at length) spoke about the need to end the unfettered, unaccountable access the bishops have to these funds and their use of them. That was, in fact, the entire point of the press conference.

It turns out that segues right into an effort by a conservative congressman to also cut off the flow of some of those dollars, and the bishops are none too happy about that.

The leader of the move is Texas congressman Lance Gooden, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee. He has written a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying Biden is "allowing non-governmental organizations ... the freedom to aid and abet illegal aliens." The letter was also signed by Congressman Jake Ellzey of Texas and Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin.

The Church leaders are quick to portray their work at the border as 'living out the gospel.'

Then, in May, Gooden fired off another letter — this time to other members of Congress — charging non-governmental organizations (also known as NGOs) of abusing their tax-exempt status by "play[ing] a disturbing role in the inflow and spread of illegal immigration throughout the country."

Included on his list, you guessed it, Catholic Charities — which, of course, it should be, since it is the largest recipient of your tax dollars going to support the destruction of the U.S. southern border.

There is now a growing number of conservative "America first" congressmen taking action on this front.

Ohio's Jim Jordan has gotten in on the deal, as has Rep. Tom McClintock of California.

In a separate letter, they accuse Catholic Charities and other NGOs of manufacturing what they termed an "incentive" for illegal immigration. That letter was directed to DHS secretary Alexander Mayorkas.

Movement has begun in the nation's capital, that's the bottom line here, and the main culprit from an NGO viewpoint has been identified — and as Church Militant has been reporting for years, it's the U.S. bishops and their Marxist-minded outfit, Catholic Charities.

Now all of this detail only makes sense if it's couched in the larger picture of the penetration of the Church by Freemasonry and their shock troops, worldwide communism. The Church leaders are quick to portray their work at the border as "living out the gospel" or some other spiritual-sounding crap. Well, of course they have to paint it like that. They aren't going to go put up billboards that say "Give us your tax money so we can weaken the republic."

But if you fail to understand the connection between America, at least traditionally, being an enemy of worldwide communism, also known as "globalism," and the need for America to be toppled to advance this ideology, then you have failed to grasp the big picture, and all these little details won't make any sense.

In a war, there is the dominant aspect of the war. But the war itself is never directly fought as a "thing" in itself. It is fought in a thousand different battles, each of which has its own hundreds of little skirmishes. All of that feeds into the outcome of the war, but the war as it is in itself doesn't actually exist, just its outcome.

That's what's going on here and has been for more than a century. 

The undermining and eventual transformation of both the Church and the republic are each linked to this, and the Marxist leaders in the Church and the government each understand this completely.

Why does it matter if the republic survives intact? Because for all its many horrible evils and problems, America still has, on the books at least, the foundational principle that man is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore has an inherent dignity that governments may not trample.

Does the United States do this perfectly? Absolutely not, not even close. In fact, at this point of the cultural deterioration, those words seem to be more lip service than reality. That said, they do still exist and must be defended and advanced because they express in political terms a fundamental truth of the universe — that God is real and has created us in His divine image.

Tax dollars are going to the U.S. bishops, who use that money to side with anti-American ideologies.

That is what communism/globalism agitates against and wants to overthrow, and even if America is something of a paper tiger, or even hypocritical in its application of that truth, it is still out there. If it didn't matter, global communism would not be fighting so hard to extinguish it. It does matter. And it matters because it's the truth.

Tax dollars going to the U.S. bishops who use that money to side with anti-American ideologies (not to mention anti-Catholic) must be opposed, and, therefore, this becomes one of those many battles in the larger war. Patriots and Catholics have lost way too many battles in the last few decades, and it's time to at least begin to turn the tide.

That's what the D.C. presser was all about last week.

The defense of the republic, even with all its evils and imperfections, matters because it provides a "nest" for the advancement of the Catholic faith.

It just so happens that we find ourselves in a two-front war, fighting Marxists in the Church and Marxists in the government. Once you get that, everything becomes very clear and you begin to recognize the importance of each individual battle.

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