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LGBTQ ‘Catholic’ Liars

How can they face the truth?

November 30, 2022  0


There is a massive lie within the gay community (among many) that within the Church, homosexual priests are not the problem when it comes to clerical sex abuse. That is an enormous lie, a Joseph Goebbels–sized lie.

Consider this one simple reality, a known fact: More than four out of every five sex abuse victims were postpubescent boys. That is the very definition of homosexual.

Those numbers, for the record, are from the U.S. bishops' own report they commissioned through the college of John Jay in 2004. But two years before that report, Wilton Gregory, who was president of the bishops' conference at the time, admitted that it was a homosexual problem.

Remember the timeline here: The Boston Globe dropped its first bombshell report on the clerical sex abuse crisis in January 2002. The paper kept rolling out investigative report after investigative report showing massive sex abuse and cover-up by bishops.

Three months later — April 23, 2002 — then-Bp. Wilton Gregory stood in front of a crowded press office in the Vatican and publicly stated the following: "It is an ongoing struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men." His comments came directly in reference to the sex abuse crisis.

Likewise, in that exact same context and international press conference, Pope John Paul's spokesman, Joaquín Navarro-Valls said, "People with these inclinations just can't be ordained."

As further proof, Church Militant has obtained a secret 12-page email sent to all the nation's bishops in June 2002. It's from the Catholic Medical Association and reveals the full scope of not only the tragedy, but that bishops were informed by their own professionals that this was indeed a homosexual crisis.

Bishops were informed that this was a homosexual crisis.

Some excerpts: 

  • "We believe that our particular expertise and those of our colleagues in the Catholic Medical Association may be of help to the American bishops as they seek to create effective long-term strategies"
  • "It has become increasingly clear that almost all of the victims are adolescent males, not prepubescent boys"
  • "Priests should be screened for homosexuality by their bishops or religious superiors prior to being considered for a position of responsibility in a diocese, religious community, or in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops"
  • "The previous attitude of 'winking' at homosexuality in priests must end"
  • "The Church should not take the moral risk of allowing someone with SSA (same-sex attraction) to enter the seminary"

Yet, with all that and much more, the bishops themselves completely dodged the issue and still do, to this very day. That detailed email was sent to them in 2002 and authored by some of the most knowledgeable, faithful Catholic men (in the field of psychiatry) from the Catholic Medical Association.

Yet just two years later, the bishops permitted the John Jay College study to publish its report detailing, on the one hand, that four out of five victims were adolescent males, and yet, on the other hand, explicitly denying the crisis had anything to do with homosexuality.

Of course, it had to do with homosexuality. The vast majority of abusers were adult homosexual males attacking and victimizing postpubescent males.

However, turning our attention back to the dominant lie within the Church, the organization "Outreach" (an LGBTQ "Catholic" resource and a favorite source for James Martin) lies through its official teeth, with online deceptions like this article: "Jesuit psychologist: Gay priests are not the cause of clergy sex abuse."

It is a clever deception which conflates findings of various studies, cross-tabulating unrelated data points to deliberately declare unsupported conclusions like, "LGBTQ people were not and are not the problem of the clergy sexual abuse. Numerous international studies actually determined there were more heterosexuals who offended in the Church."

Notice the deceptive arrangement of those statements. Take the first one: "LGBTQ people were not and are not the problem of the clergy sexual abuse." Well, of course LGBTQ people are not the cause or the problem. How many lesbian Catholic priests do you know? How about bisexual or transgender priests?

This is called creating a straw man; no one has made that claim. The claim and fact is, the homosexual priests are the problem, not lesbian or transgender priests, which, of course, don't exist.

Then, the even more irrelevant statement: "Numerous international studies actually determined there were more heterosexuals who offended in the church." This is another lie. 

First, of course, you would expect there to be more heterosexual abusers because there are more heterosexuals, period. The question isn't whether there are more cases among heterosexuals than homosexuals. The question is how to explain the preponderance of cases which relate back to homosexual priests.

The gates of Hell shall not prevail.

Are there coaches and teachers and janitors who are heterosexual and abuse young girls? Of course, there are, but even given the much larger number of heterosexuals in the Church, a whopping 80% of adolescent abuse victims were boys and their abusers were homosexual men.

These radical homosexuals in the Church, including the bishops who shield them, are absolutely the cause of the sex abuse crisis — and let's go even a step further — the cause of the demise of the Church itself.

These men not only rape and pillage bodies; they also, even more so, rape and pillage souls. They cannot communicate the truth of the gospel because they do not live it or believe it, and no one can give what he does not have.

This is the reality of the Church in the 21st century. Until this evil is expunged — and men like James Martin are driven from its ranks, New Ways Ministry is completely condemned and Outreach is excommunicated — nothing will change because the skeleton, the bones are not there. 

The heart, the soul is, of course, because that belongs to Christ.  But as for the rest of the body, the corruption is so complete, so institutionalized, that nothing less than a radical intervention will save Her.

Whether that comes directly from God or from God through human agents is really the only question. But it will come because God is always faithful to His promise — and the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

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