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Long Time Coming

And now it is arriving.

March 7, 2023  0

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The attacks by American communists against religion, in general, and Catholicism, in particular, have been a long time coming. But they are now beginning to arrive in full force with more, obviously, to come. The leaked FBI dossier is just part of the larger tapestry that the Marxists have been weaving together for quite a while now.

But with each passing moment or setting, they get bolder. One of the big "ta-da" moments was a speech given by two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton back in 2015. It was to the annual Women in the World Conference where thousands of women — many of whom have killed their children — get together to make sure the killing goes on and women everywhere can be proud about it.

And remember the context of the speech; it was Obama's final year in office. Hillary had been his secretary of state for all of his first term, and she was already on the campaign trail, having announced her White House run just a week earlier. So it's extremely important to note that a person who wants to be president of the United States feels completely at home saying this publicly:

[Transcript unavailable]

Allow us to focus your attention, in case you missed that: "Religious beliefs have to be changed." Remember the moment — the context is critical. This woman was seen as the presumptive Democratic nominee and, more importantly, the next president of the United States.

Trump wouldn't announce his own 2016 run for two more months. And after each won their respective nominations, Hillary was the odds-on favorite. Even going into Election Night coverage, Hillary was expected to win. The New York Times tracker started the night with her at a 91% chance of winning.

The leviathan is taking aim at us here at Church Militant.

But as the night wore on for team Clinton, the mood soured, and reporter gossip said after it was clear she was going to lose, a drunken Hillary let her rage out on top campaign staffers, belting them across their faces and smashing a very expensive bottle of champagne into an even more expensive giant monitor in their campaign returns room.

Drunk with booze and rage, she sent campaign director John Podesta down to the now-depressed crowd waiting downstairs in the Javits Center in Manhattan to tell everyone to go home. Podesta, you might remember, was the traitor Catholic who had been busted for his emails during the WikiLeaks dump showing he was actively trying to subvert the Catholic vote.

But true to form, team evil got back up quickly off the mat and set about thwarting everything, not just to limit Trump to one unsuccessful term and hamper him every step of the way, but to ensure a level of deceit against the American electorate so that no Republican could ever win again (even if he did). What came about in the aftermath of the 2016 shock was a plan to so cripple the opposition as to render it incapable of ever fighting back efficiently.

Since the government cannot directly impede the First Amendment rights of citizens, the Marxists in Washington, D.C. and K Street began a collusion with corporate America chieftains, especially in Big Tech and the media to completely censor free speech, labeling it "disinformation."

The government can't censor you, but those First Amendment protections only protect you from the government, not private corporations. So the canceling began in earnest. It was in this time frame that we, here at Church Militant, began drawing attention from national media outlets and were labeled extremists, alt-right, White nationalists, etc.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical extremist hate group if there ever was one (but operated by the Left), put Church Militant on its hate group list. As a result, as well as the general anti-Catholic animus present in the dominant culture, our hosting providers and other digital services began canceling us. These attacks by the Marxists necessitated us creating our own digital ecosystem independent of Big Tech — and yes, that cost us a small fortune.

The combination of that designation as a hate group plus the canceling and the lying, fake news reports about us is what got us into that FBI dossier where we are discussed on Page 4. Even in the Church, lies and propaganda were launched against our work on behalf of the Faith by multiple leftist bishops and their cowardly cooperators in the Catholic establishment.

The leviathan of modernism and Marxism has and is taking dead aim at us here at Church Militant, which is why we are asking you to join us and make your support (for what we do here) known. We have launched our dollar-a-day campaign, asking you to help us stay the leading Catholic force in attacking all this.

Eternal Word Television Network's Mother Angelica used to ask their supporters to carve out a dedicated $25-a-month donation and place it right in between their gas and electric bills. As quite a few people have observed and told us, Church Militant is the heir to Mother and her network, which the bishops wrested away from her with their scheming, led by that snake, Los Angeles Cdl. Roger Mahony.

Cognizant of that recognition, years ago we even named our control room after Mother, as you can see right here, proudly displayed across the door. When Mother was making that financial appeal more than 20 years ago, $25 dollars was akin to 50 bucks in today's dollars — such is the cost of inflation.

We will not back down.

We're only asking for you to step up and commit to $30 — just $1 a day — so you can join us in this fight. Become an activist right along with us and let the Marxist-modernist hydra know we will not be defeated in this war. We know times are tough, but the price of not fighting back, not attacking, will cost a lot more than just another buck or two per gallon each time we fill up.

Hillary and her crowd have said exactly what they intend to do, and it doesn't really matter who their leader is — they all spring from the same anti-Catholic, anti-American source. And it is now abundantly clear that they understand Church Militant plays a vital role and must be taken out.

This is why we are asking for your strong support, your sacrifice, to send them a loud and clear message: We will not back down; we will not go away. We will not bend the knee to your tyrannical, anti-Catholic atheism. A religious persecution is trying to be whipped up, and we will be fighting it every step of the way.

Only Church Militant has been at the forefront of this battle — the great intersection between Church and politics, for years now. You have turned to us by the millions since Hillary spoke those evil words, right up to that leaked FBI report — and now we are turning to you.

So please click the provided link right now and show your support for us in our fight to defeat these wicked leaders. It's just a dollar a day, and, collectively, your dollars can go a long way. So thank you in advance, and let's give these commie losers a punch right in the kisser.

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