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More to the Maryland Sex Abuse Report: Abp. Lori Knows

The list keeps growing.

May 15, 2023  0


With the recent announcement by the diocese of Oakland, California, that it too would now join the growing list of bankrupt dioceses in the United States, the number now stands at 30 out of approximately 180. That's more than 15% of all dioceses in the country. However, there is a monster case, a very likely bankruptcy that is sitting out there in the wings, very likely to be filed sooner rather than later.

Church Militant broke the news a couple of weeks ago of the release of the state of Maryland attorney general's report nailing the archdiocese of Baltimore in its complicity in covering up hundreds of sex abuse cases. Baltimore is massively important because of its symbolic value to the Church here in the United States, being the first diocese erected in the new nation and therefore having pride of place.

For the past few decades, the archdiocese, it turns out, has been a cesspool of cover-up, secret payouts, shifting and/or hiding culprit clergy and doling out huge sums of parshioners' money to lawyers to keep it all under wraps. Church Militant has been all over this story for quite some time now, even before the A.G. report, and joining me on set for this Vortex is our producer/reporter Nick Wylie, who has been looking deeply into all this for us. 

To watch our discussion with Nick, please click on the video for today's Vortex. 

Archbishop Lori is part of the senior clergy class in the United States, those clerics who rose to the rank of bishop after having been essentially malformed in seminary in the late 1960s through the mid-1970s. They chose the path of "corporate" Church instead of the faithful Church, and now, after decades, it's coming back to plague them and the faithful in their final years. Quite the legacy.

Archbishop Lori just turned 72, and he will very soon be joining the ranks of that entire group moving off the scene. The fact that all of them will spend their remaining months huddled more with attorneys than the faithful says everything you need to know.

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