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Our Lady Is the Ultimate Ally in Overthrowing Communism

The greatest battle of all time.

September 5, 2023  0


As we pointed out last week, the No. 1 enemy of the Faith on the world stage right now is communism. It operates under various movements: climate alarmism, globalism and so forth. And each of those movements spawns insidious consequences of its own.

One especially urgent issue striking at the very heart of Western civilization is communism's push for cancel culture. Communism is a cancer that is plaguing humanity, leaving a trail of destruction, death, and despair wherever it takes root.

And now, we're witnessing a disturbing trend right here in America — the power of cancel culture, which is a throwback to the oppressive tactics employed by communist regimes of the past.

Cancel culture seeks to silence dissenting voices, erase history and impose a narrow, ideologically driven narrative on society. It's a dangerous force that tramples on the principles of free speech and open discourse, principles that are the bedrock of any free and just society.

Way too many Catholics do nothing except pray.

It's precisely why our 2021 rally against the bishops was shut down by the city of Baltimore and we had to go to court just to win back our First Amendment rights, but not without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get that victory.

Many of you are, of course, already clued into the tactics of the commies. So the question is, What can we do in the face of these daunting challenges?

In addition to action (political and cultural) in the natural realm, we must also especially concentrate efforts in the supernatural realm as well. Both are needed. On the one hand, way too many Catholics do nothing except pray, a kind of retreat from the spiritual war into piety.

That's not good enough; it's faith and good works. That means becoming involved — on the streets, in politics and so forth. On the other hand, the "activist" Catholics too often get absorbed and even lost in the "works" part and too often neglect (or downplay the importance of) the supernatural.

Again, both are needed. We are a composite of body and soul: the natural, material order and the supernatural order. Both areas, both dynamics, must be fully engaged in the war.

On the spiritual side, the answer lies in our unwavering devotion to the Rosary and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady, in her various apparitions, has consistently called for prayer, penance and a return to God's truth.

And of course, when it comes to communism, the last approved apparition of the Queen of Heaven, Fatima, spoke directly to its dangers. Just as communism was making its ascent in Russia, the Heavenly Queen came almost at the exact same moment, on the opposite side of Europe, to warn about its dangers.

It's faith and good works.

The Rosary is not just a set of beads, but a powerful spiritual weapon that can cut through the lies and deception propagated by communist ideologies and cancel culture. Through its mysteries, we meditate on the life of Christ and the guidance of Our Lady, finding strength to stand up against the forces that seek to silence us.

But let's not forget that beyond communism and cancel culture, the world needs a guiding light to overcome these challenges. Catholicism, the One True Faith, is the beacon of truth that can illuminate the darkness engulfing our culture.

The teachings of the Catholic Church provide the moral compass that can steer us away from the destructive paths of communism and cancel culture.

It's Catholicism that upholds the dignity of the individual, defends free speech, and champions the sanctity of life from conception to natural death — in short, everything communism seeks to destroy.

So all this week, which concludes on Friday the 8th on the birthday of our Blessed Mother, we are offering a Rosary bundle in our Church Militant store. The bundle includes the Rosary on CD together with the first edition of The Weapon, while stocks last.

It's a $35 value for only $25! Get all four sets of mysteries of the Rosary available to play in your car or at home so you can pray along with the meditations. And, of course, the first edition of The Weapon casts the Rosary as precisely what it is — a weapon.

While meditating on the mysteries might occasionally produce a warm and fuzzy feeling, that's just a happy side effect, here and there. The Rosary was given to us by Heaven not so much for feeling good and having a little spiritual high, but to fight, to become spiritually disciplined, and increase in that discipline and grow in spiritual strength.

We get into the war aspects of the Rosary in the book. So here is an opportunity to delve deeply into the Rosary's mysteries, understand the story of the life of Jesus and Mary beyond the superficial, and come to appreciate this simple-yet-profound prayer, all the more.

Just click on the provided link to take a look and place your order, again, while supplies last. It's not just about the natural order fight, which, again, must be engaged in, but also the supernatural preparation and discipline.

If the Son of God walked the dual path of prayer and works, which He did, then that's the same path we must follow.

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