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Pro-Infanticide Bishops

Judgment is coming.

January 25, 2023  0


When Democrats in the U.S. House banded together and voted to deny life-saving measures to babies who survived abortion, much was revealed. New York's Jerry Nadler said it would be an awful thing to transport such a baby to a hospital because he might die on the way — seriously. But something else was revealed as well: the total silence of multiple U.S. bishops in all this.

Biden and Pelosi, because of their high profiles, have gotten all the press, but 64 — count them, 64 — "Catholic" Democrats in the U.S. House voted in favor of killing babies who survived abortion. Church Militant did a little research here and looked into the overlap between those Democrats' congressional districts and their home dioceses — meaning, who are the bishops of these Democrats?

What we found was this: More than 40 U.S. bishops are the local bishops for those 64 Democrats. Some of the bishops (for example, José Gomez of Los Angeles) have multiple congressmen in their archdioceses, which is, of course, to be expected because the size of the archdiocese overlaps with various congressional districts. Nonetheless, by Church Militant's count, 46 U.S. bishops are the local ordinaries for these 64 supposedly Catholic congressmen, and we can nowhere locate a single one of these bishops calling out and condemning by name their local congressmen for their vote.

'Catholic' Democrats voted to deny life-saving measures to babies who survived abortion.

If 64 Catholic congressmen had voted to direct taxpayer dollars to the Ku Klux Klan, would the bishops have said nothing? If 64 Catholic congressmen had voted to fund gas chambers in their home districts, would the bishops have said nothing? If 64 Catholic congressmen had voted to deny housing to their constituents based on the color of their skin, would the bishops have said nothing? If 64 Catholic congressmen had voted to open up a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case against the Church for sex abuse cover-up and create a federal law to toss them in jail for their participation, would the bishops have said nothing?

Yet here we have 64 "Catholic" congressmen voting to kill (or let die) children outside the womb who survived abortion, and yet they say nothing to them or about their direct vote. These are their congressmen — souls they are directly responsible to and for. And yet these bishops say not a word. The bishops are complicit in not only abortion but also now infanticide.

They won't shut their mouths about illegal immigration — supporting it because they reap hundreds of millions each year from the federal government in helping to destroy the nation's borders — but on a question literally of life and death of a baby outside the womb, not a word. Without any further commentary, Church Militant presents to you the list of bishops complicit in infanticide — meaning they have at least one "Catholic" U.S. congressman in their diocese who voted for this monstrous evil and have said nothing about it:

  • Dolan of Phoenix
  • Weisenburger of Tucson
  • Vasa of Santa Rosa
  • Barber of Oakland
  • Cordileone of San Francisco (and not for Nancy Pelosi but for Kevin Mullin)
  • Cantú of San Jose
  • Garcia of Monterey
  • Brennan of Fresno
  • Gomez of Los Angeles
  • Rojas of San Bernardino
  • Vann of Orange
  • McElroy of San Diego
  • Aquila of Denver
  • Blair of Hartford
  • Cote of Norwich
  • Noonan of Orlando
  • Cupich of Chicago
  • McClory of Gary, Indiana
  • Byrne of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • McManus of Worcester
  • O'Malley of Boston
  • da Cunha of Fall River
  • Boyea of Lansing
  • Vigneron of Detroit
  • Hebda of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
  • Thomas of Las Vegas
  • Cecchio of Metuchen
  • Tobin of Newark
  • Sweeney of Paterson
  • Baldacchino of Las Cruces
  • Wester of Santa Fe
  • Brennan of Brooklyn
  • Dolan of New York
  • Scharfenberger of Albany
  • Matano of Rochester
  • Fisher of Buffalo
  • Thomas of Toledo
  • Sample of Portland
  • Perez of Philadelphia
  • Bambera of Scranton
  • Zubik of Pittsburgh
  • Seitz of El Paso
  • García-Siller of San Antonio
  • DiNardo of Galveston-Houston
  • Vásquez of Austin
  • Burbidge of Arlington
Not one of these bishops offered a public rebuke of the 'Catholic' congressmen.

As far as Church Militant can determine, not one of these bishops offered a public rebuke or condemnation of the "Catholic" congressmen in their dioceses for their support of infanticide. It simply cannot be that difficult to issue a public statement condemning child killing and then announcing that their respective congressmen are to be denied Holy Communion.

It seems easy enough to accept hundreds of millions for the destruction of the border in the name of "justice." Meanwhile, Fr. Fidelis Moscinski continues to be dragged from abortion chambers, arrested and jailed for his work on behalf of the victims of abortion. For one thing or another, many U.S. bishops should be behind bars as well.

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