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The Abortion Advance

Pro-life movement caught flat-footed — again.

March 14, 2023  0


This massive conference has become the premiere event in the pro-life world, with more than 1,000 attendees present. And it is altogether fitting that it is being held in Ohio because of what's appearing on a statewide ballot this coming November. It's a child-killing amendment to the state constitution that would allow abortion right through to the moment of birth — and nothing could ever be legislated against it because it would be in the state constitution.

Since the fall of Roe, the child killers have figured out their strategy whereby abortion would be legal, state by state, in all 50 states. They are working diligently — again, on a state-by-state level — to actually create an environment worse and more devastating than had been the case under Roe.

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Just as in honest presidential elections, whatever way Ohio goes is an almost automatic win for the candidate. It really is a bellwether state. So if you win here, it's pretty clear that you'll win overall, and that reality has propelled Ohio into the pole position — ground zero — in the abortion wars.

The child killers have figured out their strategy.

For all the celebration over the shooting down of Roe, it could turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory and end up locking down abortion as a state constitutional "right" in all 50 states and turn out to be a boon for the child-killing machine and actually be installed by the voters themselves. In short, the end of Roe is turning out to be the greatest win the pro-aborts could ever have had.

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Peter Range, who is Catholic, is the chief executive officer of Ohio Right to Life and is leading the charge of a coalition of pro-life groups statewide against the ballot measure.

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The heart of the problem here is this: Time may have already run out. Roe was so set in the minds of Americans as a thing — abortion was just part of the fabric of American life for so long — that, in state after state, most voters are resistant to end it.

So far, since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe in the Dobbs decision, the pro-life movement is 0-6, having lost every time at the ballot box when the question of abortion (yes or no?) was put to voters straight up.

Too many in the pro-life movement were simply unprepared for the child killers to get back up off the mat with such ferocity, again being caught flat-footed, either being too naive or too exhausted to look into the abyss of darkness that is child murder and realize that Satan never rests and never gives up.

This naive belief or lack of awareness is and has been the Achilles heel of the movement. The movement is going to have to come to terms — and come to terms fast — with the reality that it has been waging the wrong war for half a century.

For all the legal maneuvering and political posturing and strategizing to get the "right" justices on the Court and chipping away at Roe on the state level, that has ultimately proved to be a very costly battle, as well as, perhaps, the ticket to lock in abortion as a foundational "right" in every state in America.

Satan never rests.

The battle plan simply took too long to unfold. Like every single issue where sin is involved, it is always a battle between good vs. evil — and that means the battle needed to be fought along the lines of natural moral law.

[Transcript unavailable]

Trump won Ohio both in 2016 and 2020 by sizable margins as the Buckeye State turned more and more red. The question, this November, will be, will that red be the color of victory or yet another state awash in the blood of infants? To watch the entire interview with Peter Range, please click the provided link.

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