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The Emerging and Unexpected Link Between MAGA and Catholicism

Perhaps more than a slight overlap.

September 22, 2023  0



There is a pretty close connection between the MAGA movement and what might also be termed "Make Catholicism Great Again."

While the latter is certainly not a movement as typically understood, it is a real thing among many faithful Catholics. There exists an overlap — the famous Venn diagram perspective, where a certain relationship exists when overlapping concerns are shared.

Obviously, MAGA and MCGA do not share everything; if they did, they would be identical, not just overlapping. That said, the overlap is not insignificant.

And if you doubt that, just ask Biden's FBI why they infiltrated catholic parishes around the country, lying to Congress that they had not, and then cast their actions as monitoring supposed domestic terror and violence threats, the same charges they hurl at MAGA types.

Also if you doubt this, just check with the Vatican-approved journal that published an article in 2017 saying essentially the exact same thing, warning the world that conservative pro-Trump Catholics are a "threat."

What do both of these reports have in common? What's their overlap?

Easy. Church Militant.

The Vatican-approved document pointed to Church Militant by name, long before Biden's corrupt FBI did. Likewise, the FBI report also did, right there on page four.

What on earth would both the Vatican and the FBI see in this little ol' apostolate that they would each name us so explicitly and clearly?

Again, simple.

They understand that we understand the intimate link between the Catholic Church and America. Forces in each organization want both the Church and the republic transformed, paved over, to make way for worldwide communism, trafficking today under the euphemism of "globalism."

We understand the intimate link between the Catholic Church and America.

However you slice it and dice it, it's all about world domination. Of course it is. What else would it be about?

From the very beginning of all this, the only Catholic apostolate that got all this was us, here at Church Militant. Wicked government and Church forces identified the work we do and singled it out especially, to draw attention to us to target us.

While certainly imperfect as a political movement (but then again, which one is perfect?) MAGA touches on some of the very same themes as Catholic social teaching. And Catholic social teaching is not to be confused with the Marxists in the Church who never stop blabbing on about social justice.

Authentic Catholic social teaching isn't centrally focused on social justice. Idolization of the latter is communist and Saul Alinsky–inspired.

The other is Christ-focused and promoted by saints. They have nothing in common at all, except the use of the word "social." And that's where it ends.

Church Militant has been hunting and tracking this communist dog, in and out of the Church, for going on a decade, even when most others in the Catholic world didn't know it or didn't think it was important enough.

In the spiritual realm, Satan is the enemy. In the temporal realm, communism is his weapon of choice, in and out of the Church.

So we'd like to ask you to express your support for our longstanding work, as well as help us continue fighting this evil, by making a donation to our anti-communist campaign which you can do by just clicking on the provided link.

Remember as you are thinking about that, only Church Militant has been expressly named by nefarious forces in the Vatican as well as called out by the FBI. Just us.

We know. They know we know. And we know they know we know. Please support our vital work pushing back against communism, both in the Church and America.

There's quite the overlap here.

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