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The FBI & Church Militant

Can the trains be far behind?

February 13, 2023  0


A few days ago, an internal FBI report was leaked, drawing an association between what it calls "Radical, Traditional Catholics" (RTC, for short) and what the bureau says is "racist, bigoted, white nationalist political views." The name of the eight-page dossier is "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in 'Radical-Traditionalist Catholics' or 'RTCs.'"

Church Militant is named directly on Page 4 of that FBI report and, on scanning through it, is the only media group mentioned by name. The eight-page dossier strains to make any coherent argument that believing, practicing Catholics hate Jews, Blacks, gays and immigrants — a subject treated almost as a throwaway assumption, like it's just a given.

The FBI dossier then moves from its incorrect connection between these "attitudes" — which, again, do not exist — and the threat of actual violence against pro-abortion people. Without the slightest justification, much less actual proof, the unidentified writer of the dossier swings wildly between theological issues and political issues, making connections that just don’t exist.

Since Church Militant is mentioned by name and singly, we are going to take this moment to respond officially to this reckless pack of lies, misinformation and obvious political targeting by an increasingly woke and leftist-leaning FBI. First, let's talk about the theological idiocy the FBI report contains.

Why is the FBI so intent on monitoring Catholics?

The entire argument hinges on the fact that Church Militant is what the report implies is a "Radical Traditional Catholic" operation, or RTC for short. RTC is new in the FBI lexicon when it comes to identifying potential violent groups or domestic terror threats — but here we are.

The FBI writer explains that RTCs reject Vatican II and, to one degree or another, reject Pope Francis’ legitimacy as well as other popes going back to 1958 — in other words, they are schismatics — groups like the SSPX and the sedevcantists.

It is especially hilarious, not to mention completely off base, that CM could even come close to being lumped in with the schismatic crowd, especially since we just spent two straight weeks warning Catholics to avoid those groups like the plague. The FBI writer/investigator clearly has zero understanding of the internecine wars within the Church — completely zero.

That said, while there are certain elements within a small, limited number of tiny groups in that schismatic world who do display some anti-woman, anti-Jew sentiments, they are extremely rare and certainly do not in any way, shape or form pose some threat of violence (or even potential violence) to pro-aborts or anyone else for that matter. And yes, you just heard Church Militant coming to the defense of schismatics, not for their errant theology but for their politics.

It's outrageous that a government agency, especially one that has the powers of the FBI, could take its extremely poor understanding of Catholic theology and theological arguments within the Church and then transport that horrible understanding into the political realm and conclude that schismatic groups pose a physical threat of violence. Who knows, maybe we'll all end up in federal prison, and we can shout at each other through the bars about whether Vatican II was a legit council of the Church.

Underscoring again just how shaky this FBI analysis is, Church Militant is in an ideological tussle with schismatics, begging them to end their schism and return to the Church. To lump us in with the schismatic crowd as one of them — and apparently, according to the FBI, among the most dangerous since they single us out — is preposterous.

To restate, CM believes what the Church holds forth for our belief. Vatican II was a legitimate council of the Church — not heretical — and all the popes up to and including Pope Francis have been and are the legitimate popes. You talk about a clown world. But why, you may ask, is the FBI so intent on monitoring Catholics and making an imaginary link to the issue of potential violence?

Well, because as the appendix to the report indicates, the Southern Poverty Law Center says so, that's why. Toss in a couple of articles from the leftist rag, Salon, as well as The Atlantic and voila — three anti-Catholic organizations simply can't be wrong. Since they have declared we are domestic terror threats and pose a potential for violence against so-called abortion rights, then it must be so, and the full power of the federal government must be called in and applied against believing Catholics.

This is beginning to have a sniff of ancient Rome under Nero. But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves just a bit. The report presents the horribly reasoned case that Catholic theology, at least as it exists in these schismatic circles, which again Church Militant is just lumped into by the FBI's "Department of Theological Analysis," also hates Jews, Blacks, gays, women and immigrants.

Those hatreds, which don't exist, then create some kind of natural bridge, according to the FBI, to White nationalists in the political realm. And therefore, the FBI deems it a high priority to keep an eye on Catholics. These bad assumptions and crazy connections and flat-out stupid conclusions, again based on equally retarded press accounts from the Left, show just how unhinged the government has become, and its powers weaponized against faithful Catholics.

This is beginning to have a sniff of ancient Rome under Nero.

When the Jews were being rounded up in Nazi-occupied territories, the Germans weren't much into distinctions about what type of Jew this one was compared to that one. Whether they were atheist Jews or observant Jews or even Jews married to German spouses, in the end, they all got shoved on the trains. That's what all this has a ring of.

Trumped-up charges based on faulty analysis, which clearly is politically motivated to fight the pro-life cause that is spearheaded by Catholics — that's what this is all about, and it's brought to you by the phony Catholic sitting in the Oval Office and his DOJ. Then again, Hitler was also a baptized Catholic. It's not precisely clear at the moment where all this is heading, but it is clear it's not going to go in reverse. 

The political forces in control of this nation worship at the altar of atheistic communism and it is Catholicism that is squarely in their sights — authentic Catholicism — and they make no distinction between schismatic and orthodox Catholicism because like the Nazis with the Jews, they don't care. It's all the same to them.

At the end of the day, they'll just shove us all on the trains. If you needed any further proof that these schisms need to be healed, well, here it is. We all need to die as good and faithful Catholics in complete communion with the Church.

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