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The Lies of Communists Have Been Here a Long Time

How Marx won control of the United States.

September 28, 2023  0



I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from onboard Church Militant's autumn Retreat at Sea off the New England coast.

From the country's founding following the War of Independence (and really before), this entire region was the most anti-Catholic in all the colonies. Laws on the books made it essentially illegal to be Catholic or made daily conditions so bad that good numbers of Catholics (the very few there were) went to the southern colonies.

It was only when the waves of Catholic immigrants began arriving here, first as a result of the Irish potato famine beginning in 1845, that the demographics began to shift. Interestingly, however, just as the Irish started coming off the boats on foot, so did Karl Marx arrive, in his written contributions to the New York Daily Tribune.

Both he and Engels, but especially Marx, were anxious to gain communism a foothold in the developing nation, so their editorials were a means to do that.

So involved were they and anxious to see the relatively new country, less than a hundred years old, adopt communism, that they even wrote commentaries on the U.S. Civil War.

New England was the power center of the country, at least intellectually and culturally, as it had been the original geographical nexus.

New York was the locus, with its burgeoning media influence, and Marx recognized that.

New York was the locus, with its burgeoning media influence, and Marx recognized that and started pumping his communist propaganda into the infant nation's bloodstream.

Important to note, his doctrines hadn't even really made it onto the Church's radar in any significant fashion at this point. He had about a 40-year head start and was able to lay the groundwork before the Church even really knew about him.

As the first waves of Irish began to arrive and crowded in tenements and ghettos in New York and New England, they were heavily discriminated against by the supermajority Protestants.

Jobs were hard to come by, wages were incredibly low and scratching out a living proved to be tough.

Many fanned out to other growing urban areas (Chicago, for example) and slowly formed a hard-working labor class. As the Industrial Revolution picked up steam, the demand for cheap labor increased, and largely Catholic immigrants filled those jobs.

It was the unofficial birth of the labor movement and provided Marx a platform to spew his communist propaganda about the need for class warfare between the "haves" and the "have nots."

That Karl Marx was being published in New York media even before the U.S. Civil War speaks volumes. The groundwork was being laid, right here in New England, for what has turned out to be yet another wave — even more dangerous in fact — of discrimination against faithful Catholics.

Back then, it was based on the nutty notion that the pope was somehow going to take control of America. However, today, it is based on the threat that Catholicism poses to the results of the sexual revolution, wielded by Marxists to destroy the family and, ultimately, undo the republic.

Marx (or at least his ideas) weren't able to seize control in the middle of the 19th century, but as we hurtle toward the middle of the 21st century, his goals of making America communist sure look like they are being achieved.

What couldn't be done through class warfare is being achieved through warfare against morality, and, interestingly, as Marx so well intuited, the media has the dominant role in carrying on the communist revolution.

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