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The Marxist March

They just move forward.

March 21, 2023  0


There is a commonly held expression, at least in political circles, that a conservative is nothing more than a liberal, just five years behind — true. When it comes to the great battles of our day, we need to realize that those driving the bus are the commies, the Marxists. They have almost total control of everything, including large parts of the Church. How have they accomplished this?

In a word, they are extremely aggressive and relentless. They never stop pushing forward. It's what you could call a Marxist march. Through a combination of understanding so-called conservatives' mindset, human nature in general and excessive cunning, they have gotten most (meaning, nearly all) of the culture to accept varying degrees of their agenda.

Once a person comes to accept part of their agenda, they generally move on to accept all of the agenda. Not every single person — but then again, they don't need every person — just enough of them. You don't need to win the game by five touchdowns; a field goal works just fine. A win is a win.

In the meantime, so-called conservatives have offered next to nothing in the way of resistance, pushback or even much of a fighting spirit. A few, certainly, but, then again, nowhere near enough. Apparently, it is the nature of these conservatives to be little else than beta males.

A conservative is nothing more than a liberal, just five years behind.

They have little to no vision, no forethought, nothing beyond an ideal of what they want or think the world should be — but pitifully little ambition to make it happen. They also seem to be all but completely oblivious to the forward march and even doubling down of the Marxists, even seeming to go along with parts of it.

In the area of sexual morality, for example, where the commies have made their greatest strides, virtually every conservative, or at least sufficient hordes of them, accept the narrative of sexual license, that what happens in the privacy of the bedroom is somehow totally unconnected to the common good. Take, for example, this startling video of Dave Rubin, hailed as some kind of liberal turned conservative.

Rubin and his gay partner (civil "husband") — because all of that is now OK in conservative circles — he and his man killed a number of embryos in order to get their rent-a-womb pair of embryos through in vitro fertilization — also accepted and embraced by conservatives. Notice the trend here.

But what's very alarming here is his reason for making the video — to defend Ron DeSantis against charges of gay hate because — wait for it — the conservative Ron DeSantis is completely accepting of Rubin, his shack-up buddy, their having a family and the method involving the killing of embryos. DeSantis and his wife even sent the gay couple onesies for the babies. Did you catch that?

[Transcript unavailable]

One clue that the path of transformation always flows from conservative to turning into a leftist is what pro-lifers have seen on the Supreme Court for decades. Never has there been anyone sitting around pondering why justices who were liberal when appointed became conservative — it never happens. It's always the other way, in every single case. Why is this? Why is it always so-called conservatives who are always in the process of being transformed and almost never the other way around?

Even in the case of someone like Dave Rubin, it's never any kind of transformation of significance; it's only economic policies or some archaic constitutional principle with no real day-to-day impact on the life of the nation. All of this was the underlying unrest about Kevin McCarthy being elected Speaker of the House. A handful of moderate conservatives didn't believe he wouldn't transform himself when the rubber hit the road.

Conservatives will claim they are too busy just leading their daily lives, raising their families, going to work, acting as though the framework of American life is still Leave It to Beaver. What they don't realize is they are being picked off, one by one — taken out, a man or a family at a time. The Marxists are winning — big-time — and it's because enough good men are doing nothing of serious import, and there aren't actually that many good men.

Absolute purity is the only way to combat taint of any kind.

Then there's all the talk and chatter of a "national divorce." Really? Just what would that look like? You can't do anything geographically. The red state–blue state dichotomy isn't really a dichotomy at all. Red is just the color you temporarily are before eventually turning blue, or, at least, some shade of blue.

Is there a state in America ready to secede — declare no-fault divorce and divorce and remarriage illegal, ban contraception, forbid abortion, make gay "marriage" illegal, get rid of porn; and kick out those who do support all this? Because you've got to kick them out.

If not, they will sit there, slowly poisoning the well just like they did previously. In short, not one state in America is prepared to abide by and enforce the natural moral law, so all this talk of a national divorce is pie in the sky because it's not based on reality.

Remember, a conservative who accepts any part of that agenda today is nothing more than tomorrow's Marxist and joins in their march. Total, absolute purity is the only way to combat taint of any kind. Conservatism in the culture and the Church was long ago diluted. And without a massive resistance to it — and soon — pretending it's going to be different sometime down the road is fool's gold.

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