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The Old Liberal Bishops’ Scary ‘America Last’ Agenda

Defund the US bishops.

June 29, 2023  0


Two steps — that's all it takes to jump backward from the collapse of America to the Democratic Party. The step in between is the U.S. bishops; the biggest, most hidden enemy of the republic you never knew you had.

Call them the "America last" bishops. They are both the largest promoters of the Democratic Party agenda talking points and policy issues, as well as the largest recipients of government largesse.

Understand the connection?

The same group of leaders responsible for so much damage in the Church is, at the same time, the same group of men responsible for so much of the destruction of America.

Allow us to explain.

Aside from their utter and devastating silence on the destruction of the family caused by divorce and remarriage, abortion and contraception (again – all Democratic Party highlights), they have also promoted other major Marxist agenda items like abolishing the Second Amendment, destroying the nation's borders, pushing the phony narrative of man-made climate change and going along with the attack on freedom of religious speech. Might as well throw in the lockstep approach to the COVID lockdowns for good measure, not to mention refusing to even consider the questions surrounding the results of the 2020 vote.

There is zero sunlight between the U.S. bishops and the great big blue donkey.

They rushed Los Angeles Abp. Gómez's congratulatory note towards Biden's "win" so fast, it was biblical. So in three cases, they stay mum. On four items, they pull out the pom-poms.

Let's focus, shall we, on the four, mostly because the other three, and their complicity in them, have been so well-documented.

America is becoming less and less of a country every day. In fact, it's becoming difficult to even envision America as an actual country, as we once understood it. First, there is no country when there is no border. Yet the bishops have gone along with and gotten paid billions of dollars to help keep the border as nonexistent as possible.

It is largely official Catholic efforts that spirit illegals around the country by the millions and dump them in thousands of mostly conservative communities, upsetting the natural balance of life and straining local resources. They do it, of course, in the name of "charity," but they are really doing it for that fat wad of cash they get from D.C. year after year.

Half the U.S. bishops' annual budget comes from the Democratic Marxists who run the federal government. Let that sink in for a minute.

Moving on, when Cdl. Timothy Dolan and Cdl. Cupich and Cdl. Tobin all came out very recently in favor of Americans giving up their guns, essentially gutting the Second Amendment, it told you all you need to know.

First, each one of those men walks around with an armed escort or quickly has access to them. Yet they want you to hand in your guns.

Might as well just put a donkey in a chasuble, and we don't mean the donkey Our Lady rode or that Our Lord rode. Imagine the gall of American hierarchs telling Americans to abandon the Second Amendment. Let that sink in for a moment as well.

Then we shift to the ridiculous claim that man is causing changes in the climate when the only "consensus" on that subject is among scientists whose research is funded by the same government that pays them to reach that conclusion. If you reach any other conclusion, you're cut off from the "academic community."

It's exactly the same as when toothpaste manufacturers tell you 9 out of 10 dentists say blah blah blah, when those dentists were on expensive luxury vacations, junkets, paid for by the same toothpaste companies conducting the survey.

The 1 out of 10 dentists who didn't agree — well, he and his wife don't get invited to Fiji next year.

That "science" has been coopted as just another Marxist institution is pretty well established at this point, especially between 2020 and 2022. "Follow the science" means nothing more than "follow the money."

And of course, there is the growing assault on religious free speech, like what we covered yesterday going on in Michigan, that the bishops realize if they speak out against, the money dries up. But then again, that presupposes the bishops actually believe religion at all, much less Catholicism. So why would they speak up?

There is absolutely zero sunlight between the U.S. bishops and the great big blue donkey. They are indistinguishable.

You don't believe in the Church anyway, so why not cash in on your office?

But if you're a Marxist, it's a great investment: You get the blessing of the supposedly holy crowd on your anti-God agenda. And if you're a hireling bishop, you don't believe in the Church anyway, so why not cash in on your office?

We'd venture to say it's a marriage made in Heaven, but neither camp really believes in Heaven. The U.S. bishops need to lose their tax-exempt status. While they don't directly campaign for or against a particular candidate, they absolutely partake in partisan politics for one single party.

In election years, they are out there with their ridiculous mushmouth voter's guide, which says nothing. And in off years, they are continuing to work with the Party of Death to kill off America. The "America last" bishops, that's all they are. Silent on intrinsic evils; bullhorns and pom poms for all the rest.

It's time for a defund-the-bishops movement.

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