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The Secret Email

What you were never supposed to see.

December 1, 2022  0


As we showed you in yesterday's Vortex, Church Militant has come into possession of a secret email sent to all the U.S. bishops more than 20 years ago. It's from the Catholic Medical Association, and it outlines the serious, grave issue of homosexuality within the clergy and how it is the cause of the sex abuse crisis.

We are making the email available to you for your own viewing, downloading, printing and general distribution. Just click on the provided link. It details not only the homosexual nature of the sex abuse crisis but goes on to make a very serious case against ordaining men with same-sex attraction.

It goes into incredible detail, from a psychiatric perspective, of the dangers of these men in the clergy. At one point, a very telling line says, "Priests should be screened for homosexuality by their bishops or religious superiors prior to being considered for a position of responsibility in a diocese, religious community, or in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops."

That conclusion raises the very serious question of just how Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill is now the pastor of a La Crosse, Wisconsin, parish. He was just made pastor by his bishop, William Callahan. Callahan is the same bishop who kicked out Fr. James Altman for saying Democrats can't be voted for because they kill children, and the pandemic was a scam.

Priests should be screened for homosexuality.

Burrill, a priest who had been elevated to secretary of the bishops' national conference, was an active homosexual who got busted/outed more than a year ago for hundreds of contacts on the gay-hookup phone app Grindr, earning him the name "Msgr. Grindr."

Of course, the gay-friendly bishops, many of whom are more than just friendly about it, circled the wagons around him when the news broke and allowed him to slip out of Dodge, unscathed. Then, as is usual, they let him slip back into town — where Callahan quietly gave him a remote-post assignment for a couple of months, where, this past week, he raised him to the level of pastor.

Yup, nothing to see here, folks. All this gay clergy stuff, this was all decades and decades ago, not a thing to talk about. Move along. Move on.

Since when does Callahan, or any bishop, think he gets to skirt sound psychiatric advice?

After all, back when the scandal broke in 2002, they all pointed the finger at professionals who told them everything was OK, and the priests could go back into service. That was a lie then, and this is a lie now. Burrill spent vast sums of money — originating from faithful Catholics' donations — to have sex with other men, all on the dime of the USCCB.

The phone he used belonged to the U.S. bishops. The hotels he stayed in across the country were paid for by the U.S. bishops. The airfares were paid for by Catholics. Yet in the midst of all this, not a word from the bishops other than to promote him.

When that email was sent to bishops 20 years ago, the authors were unaware that many of the bishops themselves were gay. Of course they were and still are. Reliable estimates place the percentage of homosexual men in the priesthood at well over 50%.

Since that is the pool from which bishops are drawn, how could it not be the case that a large percentage of bishops are also gay? I even personally had it told to me, to my face, in a private conversation with a bishop (considered a good one) that he "knows a number of gay men who are bishops, and they're fine men." Really?

Since when does any bishop think he gets to skirt sound psychiatric advice?

Let's talk about Callahan, for example. He has offered no serious explanation for why he thinks it's perfectly fine to install a known, practicing homosexual as pastor. For the crowd always going on about dialogue and prudence, wouldn't it be prudent to have an interview and explain himself here?

And yes, he does owe an explanation. Just because he is practically unaccountable does not mean he doesn't have to give an account. The faithful are sick to death of all this, and as a result, the number of the faithful keeps dwindling. Some are going into schism; others are embracing heresy by joining socially conservative Protestant groups.

In either case, the gay and gay-friendly bishops have created a gay and gay-friendly Church. They ignore the evil because they embrace the evil. Consider if Msgr. Grindr had not been outed; he'd still be climbing the ladder and might even be a bishop by now, or would be in the near future.

But if you think Msgr. Grindr is the only one like him, you're crazy. Just read the secret email for yourself. The bishops did, and then they lied to you.

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