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The Truth About Protestant Christians’ Faith

It began as a lie, remains a lie and will forever be a lie.

June 9, 2023  0


Time is running out on the country. Correction — time may have already run out. We're just waiting for the impact.

But regardless of whether there is something left to salvage and the ability and desire to push back against the culture-destroying forces of communism, one thing is clear, as it always has been: Without Catholicism, specifically Catholicism, the country is gone.

And we aren't talking about individual (likely Hell-bound) Catholics like Joe and Nancy. We are talking about the actual Faith — the teachings, the ones that lot deny while still being allowed to claim the mantle of "Catholic" by an even larger, more revolting crowd of bishops who allow it.

Protestantism does not equip one for salvation.

The Catholic Church, the human dimension, has been overrun by the Protestant heresy. When we talk about the Church of Nice, that's actually what we are talking about — that large group of Catholics who have joined themselves to the lie that is Protestantism.

Protestantism is a lie because it is a heresy. And heresies, like schisms, lead to Hell for the unrepentant. Both heresy and schism deny certain truths of the divinely established Catholic Church, and in the case of Protestantism, it does so kinda subtly.

See, Protestants, shifting away from the system to actual individuals, Protestants do have some truths of the Catholic faith. Normal ones believe in the Trinity; they accept the divinity of Jesus Christ; they accept something about baptism at least (just not the fullness of it); they believe in the Final Judgment, the resurrection of the body on the Last Day; they believe Scriptures are inspired.

But here's the rub: Every single last one of those beliefs they get from Catholicism. Period. They didn't come up with those on their own. When Martin Luther and his heretical cohort were walking out of the Church, they took a few things with them, those beliefs among them.

And then, over the centuries, Luther's followers have taken those Catholic treasures and distorted them almost beyond recognition. In the area of theology, for example, Protestants don't have a clue about Sacred Scripture, although they all dance about like they do.

They interpret it for themselves and fill in the blanks as they go along, essentially making it up. What it creates is an environment where instead of being instructed by Scripture, you instruct it. Protestants impose their personal beliefs on the texts and twist them to mean whatever they like the most.

That principle is the major reason why there are 40,000 different branches. When they disagree with what this verse or that passage means, some dude just goes off and starts his own congregation. And notice, we say "congregation," not "church." There is only one church. Christ called it, not them, His "Church" (not "churches").

Even calling themselves a church is a lie. They are not a church. They are normally nothing more than a non-profit organization that meets once or twice a week and occasionally gets something correct in Scripture, but which most of the time makes a shipwreck of the sacred texts because they have denied the authority of the Catholic Church, who gave the world the Bible.

And then, having denied the authority of the Church to correctly interpret it, even though the Church produced it, they then claim a right that they do not possess — the ability to interpret Scripture. They have no such right and they have no such ability. They are in error. Whether they are aware of their error or not is not the point. That will be for God to decide and mete out judgment or mercy accordingly.

But here on earth, note this very well, every single Protestant, every last one is being led to Hell because of those errors. Might some be preserved somehow, some way? Again. That is for God's inscrutable ways.

But no one gets to Heaven, enters into the beatific vision because he subscribed to and followed error. Not a chance in hell he gets to Heaven.

Protestantism is a lie. It denies true worship of God, the way God Himself directed it to be done. It denies the authority of the Church as Christ Himself invested it. It denies the need for apostolic succession, being able to trace directly back to the Apostles themselves. It denies the history of Sacred Scripture. It denies the efficacy of the sacraments, most especially the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It twists and distorts Sacred Scripture in the egotistical air of telling congregations what they want to hear.

Protestantism does not deal in truth, even if like most heresy, there is some truth present. It's a lie. It lies about divorce and remarriage. It lies about birth control. It lies about fornication. It lies about adultery. It, again like all heresy, corrupts all that is good that comes into contact with it. Its sole purpose is to destroy. It destroys the intellect and the will.

Its leading spokesmen put up roadblocks and lay obstacles for their followers who actually do want to know the truth.

No Protestant minister, no Protestant so-called bishop, has any more authority for preaching or interpreting scripture than any other man on earth. He is nothing but a layman. Where would his authority come from? He rejects the Church, which traces its line back to the Apostles themselves.

So who says he is right or has a shred of authority to lead souls? No one but himself, that's who. So big deal — he went to a seminary founded on heresy that may have awarded him a diploma to go add to the heresy? That's not authority. That's further distortion.

Now if that all sounds rough, well, good. That means something inside you, your conscience is disturbed. Follow that. This evil heresy, perhaps more so than others because of its vast reach, has been permitted to flood into great portions of Christ's Church by the very men charged with protecting the sheep — not exposing them to the wolves.

The bishops will pay a very heavy price in the next life for not combating this evil, by pretending that we are essentially all the same. We are not essentially all the same, in essence. They deny the Church, and he who denies the Church denies Christ Himself.

You will frequently hear Protestants refer to "the church," and what they mean by that is anyone at all who claims to believe in Christ. That's not the Church, not even close. Protestants subscribe to heresy — knowingly or not (God's judgment). But it is a heresy nonetheless. A lie, even if they have imported some tidbits of Catholic truth here or there.

Protestants subscribe to heresy.

It does not equip one for salvation; it equips one for self-delusion. And that Catholic bishops would permit this evil, this lie, and even push it, means they will be held the most accountable. No bishop can allow, or even cooperate in, the damnation of his own flock and somehow think he won't be damned.

Catholic laity must cease immediately with coddling this lie, varnishing over it with some pretense that they don't want to offend and all religions are basically the same and there are many ways to God. Such responses are the very core of the Protestant lie, a rejection of true authority and assuming unto one's self an authority they do not possess.

Not a single book of the Bible claims itself to be inspired. Not one. Yet Protestants go on and on about the Bible being inspired. Well, since the Bible itself doesn't even claim that, then why do they believe it?

There's a very simple answer to that question, but we're going to let it hang there, just like that. Why believe something about the Bible that the Bible itself doesn't even claim?

There's only one correct answer and here's a hint: You won't find it in the lie of the Protestant heresy.

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