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Tip of the Spear

Someone has to be it.

March 9, 2023  0

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In war, someone (some unit) must be "the tip of the spear," the first ones off the landing craft — the first to charge over the hill right into the teeth of enemy fire. They are the ones who clear the way for the entire rest of the assault force, which hopefully follows right behind them. In the war over truth, raging right now in the Church, Church Militant has been that tip of the spear.

We were the ones, and remain the ones, challenging evil upon evil by exposing the deeds of darkness  — the financial corruption, along with the sexual, liturgical and theological corruption. Why do we do this? Because in war, there is no way to actually vanquish the enemy without attacking him — a full-on assault. Defense never wins; it only stalls the inevitable loss.

This is a lesson that so-called conservatives, in their desire to simply conserve and never actually advance, have never learned. The most aggressive always wins the war. No military geniuses went down in history because of their ability to defend.

The conservative movement, such as it is in the Church, is comprised of soft men, weak men, who are every bit as responsible for the loss of tens of millions of souls because of their complicity by their silence. It's not so much that there are evil men in the Church — there certainly are — but that they are unchallenged, even by those who should be challenging them and reporting on them.

No military geniuses went down in history because of their ability to defend.

It's fine for the Catholic establishment media to report official things happening in the Church, essentially recycling the bishops' press releases; or for the "mad, rad, trad" media to never stop talking about Francis because it's clickbait; but where's the actual journalism, the actual duty to tell the whole truth? Francis didn't walk off an alien spaceship or drop out of the sky. He emerged from the ecclesiastical swamp of bishops worldwide who are hapless at best and largely malformed in the Faith.

The Catholic establishment media won't report on that because they are in the bishops' pocket, and the "mad, rad, trad" internet guys can't because they possess no journalistic skills beyond raging commentary. The wicked men in the Church are not the majority, but they are given majority power when the actual majority simply hands it over to them. We see it nonstop in the political arena as well.

The combination of evil and cowardice creates a condition so cataclysmic in the Church, as well as the culture, that there really are no words to describe it. An empire of evil gets constructed inside the Church — and that empire must be assaulted. 

That empire is made up of many parts: a profitable establishment that has no desire to rock the boat, the heretics and schismatics themselves who bring about the destruction, various media and celebrity types who engineer one deflection after another — with all of that aimed at the bored, indifferent Catholic who was never formed in the authentic Faith. As such, they are sitting ducks for Satan.

Every army, no matter how small, must be able to sustain itself in even the worst conditions. No one has led the charge against all of this evil more publicly and effectively than Church Militant, which is why we are so despised — from Rome to our home diocese, to the U.S. bishops' conference, to even the halls of the FBI — because we fight the leviathan, we have for many years.

All that matters is truth, no matter who is offended by it. And check it out, anyone who is offended by the truth is not on the side of authentic Catholicism because the Church possesses the fullness of the truth. The Catholic Church is a weapon, a battering ram, meant to smash through the gates of Hell and defeat that evil in every soul that picks up this weapon.

But as we said, every fighting force needs backing, support, assistance. Church Militant, like every other honest group, is not immune to the economic peril of the communists in Washington, D.C., and their middle class–crushing politics.

Every day, tens of thousands of people watch our material (Vortex, Evening News, Headlines and timely specials, as well as Red Top Report) and, of course, read our articles as well. And while some donate or are premium members, this economy has taken its toll on us, just like many others. So we are asking that those of you (who watch our programs) who haven't donated financially, please begin doing so now.

We make all of this available to you for free to help you understand the gigantic peril the world is in and encourage you to step up and get in that fight, but it isn't free to produce. In fact, it's quite costly — millions of dollars a year. This is why we launched our dollar-a-day campaign, $30 a month, asking you to now pledge a dollar a day for our work.

The most aggressive always wins the war.

Years ago, Mother Angelica on Eternal Word Television Network used to ask people to put them right in between their gas and electric bills and donate $25 a month. That was nearly 20 years ago. All we're asking for is just $5 more than that — not much at all.

Of the tens of thousands who tune in and watch some or all of the programming we provide and have not yet seen the need to contribute, may we ask you this direct question: Do you not think this all is worth $1 a day? The work of defending the Church and attacking on behalf of the Faith is not cheap, yet many Catholics seem to believe that since it's "religious," it doesn't somehow come with a financial cost attached.

Of course it does. While the emphasis can never be on money while doing the work of the Church, money is not nothing. It's critical, in fact. We know that people are feeling the pinch — in some cases, much more than a pinch — and that limits their ability to support. But we also know that many more people, while, yes, dealing with the effects of Bidenomics, do have enough for a few bucks a month, but simply have never done it.

So we're asking you now to do it. We'll ask again, especially those who have watched much of our content and donated little or nothing in years past: Do you not think the work we do here at Church Militant is worth $1 a day? We know the internet is viewed as "free" and depending on what you click on, much of it is "free" — but not really. We don't take advertising, we don't share or sell your emails, we don't have annoying ads pop up all over the place on the site — every bit of support we get is from you.

What we're asking now is for more of you to step up and keep us being the tip of the spear for authentic Catholicism, both in the Church as well as the secular realm. Simple question: Do you think the Catholic world is better off with or without Church Militant? If you think it's better, all we're asking for is your vote of confidence in the form of a dollar a day. So please click on the link below and cast your vote for us and our work — a work of the Church.

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