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Why ‘Conservatives’ Never Defeat the Evil Commies

Don't compromise on the spiritual battle.

September 7, 2023  0


Patriots, conservatives, the Right — whatever the group and no matter how much they may overlap — have to come to terms with a reality that many have only sort of intuited: The current war with the forces of darkness (e.g., communism) does not have just a political solution. The communists have too much control of the political machinery to simply "trust the process" (the political process).

Church Militant is always pounding the drum that we humans are a composite of body and soul, that we live in two side-by-side realities, the material world and the spiritual world, the natural and, at the same time, the supernatural order. Evil also operates in these spheres, simultaneously. When the spiritual order is overrun, the material order will disintegrate.

Too late to the game in realizing this has the "conservative" side been. Politics cannot save us. Properly ordered and run political systems are what you have when the people are moral, meaning spiritually healthy. Politics is downstream from culture, and when culture goes off, politics follows.

In a republic, political leaders mount to heights of power based on the people's choices, their votes. Those votes are based on their worldviews, their philosophies of life. So what the communists set out to do a century ago was alter people's, the citizens', philosophies of life. That would require ultimately seizing control of institutions that helped people form their worldviews.

Education was the target, both formal and news media. Institutions had to be overrun so that young minds could begin to have their intellects corrupted. The communists played the long game, their strategy even being dubbed by them the "long march through the institutions."

When the spiritual order is overrun, the material order will disintegrate.  

Once a generation or two or three was sufficiently impacted intellectually, future ones would follow naturally, because human nature is fallen. This is what we are now seeing, with a sufficient number of the population having their minds poisoned, that the scales have tipped and there really is no "going back," not through mere politics.

Let's be very clear: In no way is Church Militant suggesting the political fight be abandoned. Not at all. As most of you know, each election and campaign cycle, Church Militant pours tons of resources into coverage of the vote. We will continue to do that.

What we are saying is that the other part of the equation, the spiritual side, has been way too neglected for way too long. The enemy ultimately is Satan, of course, the red dragon that makes war on the sons of the Woman.

But he makes that war in large part through politics, through the State. True, he is pure spirit, but he must operate in and through the material world, and he does.

It has to begin and end with a spiritual battle plan, which is why all this week, which concludes on Friday the 8th, the birthday of Our Blessed Mother, we are offering a Rosary bundle in our Church Militant store.
The bundle includes the Rosary on CD, together with the first edition of The Weapon, while stocks last.  It's a $35 value for only $25! Get all four sets of mysteries of the Rosary available to play in your car or at home so you can pray along with the meditations. And, of course, the first edition of The Weapon casts the Rosary as precisely what it is, a weapon.

While meditating on the mysteries might occasionally produce a warm and fuzzy, that's just a happy side effect here and there. The Rosary was given to us by Heaven not so much for feeling good and having a little spiritual high but to fight, to become spiritually disciplined and increase in that discipline and grow in spiritual strength.

We get into the "war" aspects of the Rosary in the book. So here is an opportunity to delve deeply into the Rosary's mysteries, understanding the story of the life of Jesus and Mary beyond the superficial and coming to appreciate this simple, yet profound, prayer all the more.

Just click on the provided link to take a look and place your order, again, while supplies last.

It's not just about the natural order fight, which again must be engaged in, but also the supernatural preparation and discipline. If the Son of God walked the dual path of prayer and works, which He did, then that's the same path we must follow.

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