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10,000 Jabs!

10,000 jabs were administered at Napa.

July 28, 2022  0


I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Napa, California, where the annual Napa Institute is held each year and hosted by Catholic money-man Tim Busch at his lavish Meritage Resort and Spa in the heart of California wine country — where 10,000 COVID jabs were administered. You heard right. More on all that in a moment.

You will recall that we attended this event last year courtesy of a donor who paid for us to attend. Thank you again.

While here, we filed a number of neutral reports neither praising nor condemning the affair, just reporting on it — what we saw and heard, and comments from other attendees who came up to us.

Tim Busch didn't seem to have a problem with any of that, because he invited me to meet with him privately, which I did for more than an hour — in that building right over there.

This year, the same donor had paid for us to return and do the same thing. Then Tim Busch suddenly ripped the rug out from under us and forbade us from attending. The truthful notice came via a voicemail to the donor's assistant, from Jean Jacoby.

No one ever contacted us, even though assurances had been given to the donor that they would. 

Tim Busch suddenly ripped the rug out from under us.

John Meyer, the executive director, specifically lied about that to the donor and, in all likelihood, with the consent of Tim Busch.

They never said what controversy. Did a bishop (or bishops) express his displeasure at Church Militant's being here, at which point Busch became their little waterboy?

What changed, Tim? Because something did. Father Altman was also being paid for by the donor, and he too got whacked — again, with no personal call saying why, as the donor had been promised. Lie number two.

All that background is relevant to explain why we are here today. Busch's resort has a public road cutting right through it, Bordeaux Way, and anyone is allowed to park here and stand on this public sidewalk where Church Militant has set up camp.

So, to mangle a phrase from the pagans, if Muhammad is refused entry to the mountain, then Muhammad will just go stand next to the mountain and try and talk with various mountain-goers as they cross back and forth over the boulevard.

Perhaps the most disturbing things about affairs like this, aside from the dirty tactics and underhanded way they conduct their affairs, is the air of respectability it gives to the whole Church of Nice and its establishment types.

While the facade of faithfulness is projected (and, of course, all that imports), much of it is just that — a facade. For some of the bigger names, as well as the organizers that attend, this tracks right alongside a Republican RINO event.

In fact, there's even a major degree of crossover. Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is slated to give the Saturday night keynote — a RINO if there ever was one.

Barr, you will recall, refused to investigate Joe Biden and the whole China/Laptop/Hunter/Biden-crime-family case.

And while refusing to do that, he has attacked President Trump left and right. Yet here and the Catholic RINO crossover event, he gets the red carpet rolled out for him. But there is something else actually, very disturbing, involving that mix of faux conservative politics and faux Catholicism, the COVID issue and the vax.

Last year, Tim Busch opened up to be the central distribution center in Napa Valley for the administering of the abortion-tainted vax. In fact, 10,000 jabs were given here, on this very property, where, just a few feet away, the Body and Blood of Our Lord lay in repose.

Imagine, in one building, a vaccine produced through the use of cell lines derived from children murdered in the womb, their tiny bodies hacked to pieces, and then, a few feet away, the Body of Christ. You'd be hard-pressed to come up with another more egregious display of theological hypocrisy.

The Bay Area ABC affiliate even came out and was granted permission to do a full-blown news report on the entire issue. Not a mention from anyone here that the experimental gene therapy was derived from murdered children.

Perhaps Tim Busch sees no problem with that. We wonder how many attendees here knew about that. The very room they will be sitting in for major conferences was used a little over a year ago to shoot 10,000 citizens with an abortion-tainted serum.

What's more, Church Militant has learned that employees here may have been mandated to get the vax. This is deep blue California, after all. It doesn't seem like anyone would have as much as batted an eyelid if Busch gave that order or allowed that order to be given.

I texted Busch personally asking him that very question on Thursday, June 23 at 12:28 p.m. ET and still, a month later, have heard nothing. I told him in my text I would be reporting his answer (or non-answer). It seems, in the face of his silence, perhaps some of the attendees here might want to know that answer.

After all, overall, they each laid out about five grand for these four days. It doesn't seem unreasonable to know if your host forced his employees to get the jab. Likewise, another reasonable question: How did the whole vax-distribution-center deal come about?

Did Busch approach the city or county, or did they approach him? Did they pay to rent the facilities to administer the abortion-tainted jab, or did Busch just offer it up for free? Either way that goes has its own Catholic moral questions.

And on the question of the employees, Busch may not have had any pangs of conscience over the moral question involved, but could he say the same for his workers here? Were they allowed a religious exemption from the man who touts his work here as "fighting the culture"?

Many Catholics had grave misgivings about the jab. Many. They refused to take it for two reasons: the obvious moral connection to abortion and the potential health concerns, which are only now really beginning to surface.

Surely Busch and his crew here, the ones who deemed Church Militant "too controversial" to be allowed on the property, had to be aware of that actual controversy.

How did they respond? Were workers forced? Were they cajoled? Were exceptions allowed if they were forced?

But more to the point, how does a very public figure like Tim Busch, and he is a public figure, stand in front of a crowd of about 800 Catholics with a crew of so-called good bishops in tow and talk about pushing back against the evil in the culture, giving "formation" (Napa's official word), and deal so freely with the death merchants? How does he do this with the Body and Blood of Our Lord a few feet away?

This year's conference is entitled "The Way, the Truth and the Life." That's extraordinarily ironical given these revelations. The way that was shown to 10,000 residents was an innoculation derived from murdered children, was the way into the lecture hall where the shot was administered. The full truth of how and what went on is yet to be revealed.

And the life, or lives, are those of murdered children who were never even mentioned anywhere, just used to push the Culture of Death on this campus, promoted as a retreat and formation center to fight the culture. That's not fighting the culture, not even close. In fact, it's teaming up with the culture.

And if Busch's resort received government funds for all this, then you can add profiteering to playing ball. The hallmark of the Catholic establishment is hypocrisy, perhaps the most detestable trait one can encounter in the religious world.

Tim Busch opened up to be the central distribution center in Napa Valley for the abortion-tainted vax.

And among the wealthy establishment types, there is always a ready, politically correct rationalization at hand. In fact, rationalization is the stock and trade of the establishment, whether political or religious.

Many of the actual attendees are people of simple faith, humble faith, and are unaware of these types of things higher up the establishment food chain. One might even say that they are unaware they are being played. 

There's a lot of money here at the Napa Institute, but also a lot of ignorance. So Church Militant is here to help dispel whatever ignorance we can. We are not allowed on the property, but we do have a right to be on this sidewalk, and on this sidewalk we will be — available for any attendees who wish to come up to us and speak privately or on camera.

It's not the culture out there that needs fighting. It's the culture in the Church; the culture of hypocrisy, secrecy, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, cover-up, theft and lies.

The culture out there got to be that way because of the culture in here.

We'll see if Tim himself will venture over and engage with us. We ask you, what question have we proposed that even smacks of being unreasonable? We'll be here all week. Enjoy the buffet.

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