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15 Years!

Thanking God and His Holy Mother.

May 10, 2021  0


This past Saturday, May 8, was the 15th anniversary of this apostolate. So to all our supporters, we'd like to share our joy and gratitude with you. And on this past Friday at lunch, yes, there was a cake — two actually (more on that in a moment). They were ice cream cakes because, if you're going to do it, well, then for the love of all that is holy, do it right!

While the Church does teach to make Friday a day of penance (all of us here, for example, give up meat in keeping with the long-standing practice in the Church), thank goodness no one in the last 2,000 years taught against ice cream cake on Fridays. We dodged a bullet there.

Our Blessed Lord, Our Lady and St. Michael have been embarrassingly good to us and our work here. We know many of you have not been with us from the beginning, which, for the record, was May 2006. That was when we dedicated this apostolate to St. Michael the Archangel. This dedication is why our official name is St. Michael's Media, which is, of course, spelled out on the plaque in our front entranceway. It is also why we have a giant bronze statue of St. Michael overlooking the media center, where we do a good chunk of our work each day, trying to bring the truth of the Catholic faith to as many as possible and expose the corruption that blots out that truth for so many, denying them access.

It occurred to me that such lies and blasphemies were able to be swallowed with such ease because no one really knows the Faith well enough.

It's not really possible for us to review 15 years in a short Vortex episode, but many who have joined with us in the last three years or so have asked about our beginnings and how we got where we are.

Well, after my reversion to the Faith, owing to my mother's prayers to bring me back from a life of sin (and which she eventually offered up her cancer suffering and life for), I told my father I wanted to do something for the Church. That was in 2004.

After about a year and a half or so, the Da Vinci Code book and movie were all the rage, and I decided I would produce a documentary exposing their lies and blasphemies. But very soon after I sat down to try and tackle that, it occurred to me that such lies and blasphemies were able to be swallowed with such ease because no one really knows the Faith well enough.

So, talking with my dad, I revised the plan of a single, one-off documentary and committed to producing a weekly show about the Faith and paying for it to be on local television here in Detroit. And that is the earthly history of how the apostolate came into being. After six months of planning and building, we opened the doors to our original building, brought in a studio audience and began taping The One True Faith.

The One True Faith is the original — and still flagship — show, available with a Premium subscription. We produced over 100 episodes, and it was in the middle of that period, from 2006–2009, that the archdiocese of Detroit kept trying to sabotage our work here, culminating in saying we couldn't call ourselves Catholic. Based on what we have managed to dig up and expose about the evil at that chancery, you can see why they didn't like us then and still continue to not like us now. Oh well.

May of 2009 became a watershed moment for us when Obama went to Notre Dame and was draped with honors by the unfaithful, phony Catholic administration there. It was a watershed moment for us because we realized, based on the pathetic response of the U.S. hierarchy to that evil, that something was desperately wrong in the Church — that the backstabbing and smear campaign launched against us by the archdiocese of Detroit wasn't just something isolated to us.

The leadership of the Church had actually thrown its lot in with the world. It had become a harlot willing to sacrifice the truth of Catholicism and souls in the process. The drive back from South Bend, after Obama soiled the campus of Our Lady, became a turning point for us.

While we continued teaching the Faith, as we do even now and always will, we expanded our mission to expose this corruption within the hierarchy. From roughly 2010–2018, we began increasingly reporting on the evils within the Church, owing to wicked men and delusional leaders who seemed to be lacking any real charity for souls and love for the Faith. Certainly not all of it, but a sizable portion of it, we traced back to the presence of homosexual men in the priesthood and episcopate, as well as their brother clergy sympathetic to or afraid of them.

People by the boatloads called us crazy, over the top, off the hook, divisive, sensational, the "TMZ of the Church." But we ignored them because we knew the truth. And we knew the truth because victims were talking with us. Smart, holy men who arrived at these same conclusions long before we did were helping us.

Then 2018 happened. Theodore McCarrick's decades of evil came to light, and suddenly Church Militant was vindicated on everything we had been reporting. McCarrick was able to not just succeed but actually flourish because other wicked men around him lied and covered up his evil, bullied victims and made secret backroom deals with them to keep everything out of the public. They were men like Donald Wuerl, Kevin Farrell, Wilton Gregory, Blase Cupich, Joseph Tobin and a host of others — all of whom stood to gain by keeping quiet and allowing McCarrick to devour bodies and souls.

It all made sense. This is why there was such silence from the vast majority of the bishops when Obama was honored at Notre Dame. Many were not just cowards but were actually complicit. They knew the game and how to play it. They lied to the laity, stole their money, sold their parishes, demolished the Church and hijacked the Faith to spread a political and earthbound gospel of social justice.

It was their constant harping on social justice and constant siding with the Democrats that inspired us to add political coverage (from a Catholic perspective) to our repertoire in 2016, during the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton campaign.

The addition of meaningful political coverage began to grow our base as we continued to show the connections and overlap between bishops and the more politically liberal agenda, which has now been proven to be nothing short of socialist and communist.

So as we were being blessed with more eyeballs during the 2016 election season, our other investigative reporting on the evils in the Church was also getting much more attention. And, as we said, when 2018 happened with McCarrick, it exploded as more and more faithful Catholics came to be "red-pilled" and understand just how corrupt the hierarchy is.

Likewise, the combination of McCarrick and the intense political climate also brought us many non-Catholic viewers as well, and we made the decision that we needed to expand what we're doing. Despite all the accompanying headaches and hard work that it would require, this is what we were supposed to do because this is what the cultural and theological crisis demanded as a response.

So we started construction work, expanded the physical plant, beefed up equipment and added staff to transform Church Militant/St. Michael's Media into the most trustworthy, authentic Catholic media organization on the planet. We have high standards for both production and content and will never sacrifice those standards in either area.

We aren't perfect, but we strive to be because, frankly, the world is descending into the depths of great evil and too many, especially leaders in the Church (ordained and lay), are simply too comfortable letting it all happen.

Of course, with everything we do, we have attracted many enemies. But my father, God rest his soul, would say to me when I was talking to him about the number and intensity of the hate we experience, "Michael, Our Lord won't ask you for a list of your friends when you are before Him at your Judgment Day. He'll ask for a list of your enemies. Make sure you have the right enemies on that list."

On that score, through your prayers, contributions and support, we feel pretty confident in saying: Mission accomplished.

Evil rushes in when good goes on vacation. Someone must stand up to it, challenge it and confront it.

So that brings us to this day. Back in 2006, we had a full-time and part-time staff of six. Today we have 60! Sixty people dedicated to the work of being used to save souls and fighting multiple battles along the way. We begin and end each workday with prayer, which we livestream, if you are able to join us. We work hard here, very hard, because that is what the times require.

We don't want praise for that. We only say it to inspire you, to call upon you to do the same thing in your orbit. The world is falling apart because the dedication and tenacity of evil have not been matched, stride for stride, by people of faith. Evil rushes in when good goes on vacation. Someone must stand up to it, challenge it and confront it — and only because of the power of God — defeat it.

Thank you for all you have done for us, however big or small, old or new, to help us in this work. As we say frequently, it is your apostolate, the work of the Church. We just keep the gears going each day.

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