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A Big Party

And not a moment too late.

February 23, 2018  0
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There is nothing better in this world than to be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Faith — nothing! Hear that Modernist Church of Nice clerics and prelates — nothing! The reason is quite simple because being Catholic in this world, affording the opportunity of necessarily dying in a state of grace, is the guarantee of everlasting life in the next world. If the Church of Nice clergy won't say that then we have to because it's true.

Saying this truth out loud really ticks off the Church of Nice crowd, and we mean really. In fact, it was the official reason given the first time Church Militant was officially banned from speaking on Church property and for the record that was by homosexualist Bp. Joseph Bambera of Scranton. He said saying the Truth was offensive to other religions so Church Militant wasn't welcome to come and speak on Church property. But this is just it — it is the truth. And anyone who has questions about it or isn't clear why it is the truth and wants to have an honest open discussion why it is the truth is certainly welcome to engage with us on it. In fact, we do quite frequently in private phone calls and emails and many of those engagements turn into conversions. That's how it's supposed to work, bishops. You are supposed to engage, you know, meet people where they're at and bring them to the Truth.

Some people might take offense — so what? As long as the intent is not to give offense for its own sake then no big deal. Do you really think what Our Lord said didn't offend some or many of his hearers? In fact, in the 13th chapter of Matthew's Gospel, it says exactly that: "They took offense at Him."  Why? Because for someone who does not want to conform their lives to the Truth, the truth is offensive and blaming the person is just what a weak man or woman does so as to try and avoid the demands the Truth places on them.

If you are sexually active for example with a boyfriend or girlfriend or cheating on your spouse, of course, you are going to object to the Catholic Church and take offense. But all of this is neither here nor there for this Vortex. Here, we want to talk about the glories of the Faith — the graces that flow to you both in this life, as well as the next.

People begin their hell, here on earth. It just becomes complete once they die. The same is true of those who are saved — that process begins here on earth — and is just completed when you die. So while the glories of the Catholic faith are fully realized in Heaven, they are begun to be realized while we are still in the flesh.

The glories of the Faith is the subject of this year's Retreat at Sea — our sixth annual Retreat at Sea, yes, hard to believe, but it's true — six years. All the details are available by clicking on the link but just a quick summary, it's being held from L.A. to Vancouver over Easter week which is the perfect time to talk on the Glories of the Faith. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy spending a week with like-minded faithful Catholics from all over.

Sick of the Church of Nice nuttiness? Bored with bad bishops and weak men who refuse to announce the Truth and glories of the Faith? Come spend a week with a couple hundred other Catholics on board a nice ship, going to talks, having Mass, sharing stories with one another, having great laughs and deep moments.

Things are pretty bad in the Church these days. This is the way to get away from it all if only for a week and let your Catholic hair down and just enjoy the party and have fun being Catholic. Remember when we used to do that?

We set sail Easter Monday and look forward to seeing you on board. Again, just click on the link.

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